Monday, April 11, 2016

Can't Breathe

Story time.

So, here's the thing. I love my gym. LOVE. We belong to our local YMCA, and it's exactly what I pictured a YMCA would be in my head. And I mean that in the good and bad way. It's small and everyone knows everyone. It has a real community feel and I LOVE that. The childcare workers know and love B and that is so, so important. It's also the crappiest, smallest gym I've ever belonged to. And, again, I love my gym. It's just your quintessential YMCA-- it's dated and the options are limited. There are FOUR treadmills. Total. Maybe 6 ellipticals. No indoor pool. No track.

Why does any of this matter? I've been gym-ing 5ish days a week pretty consistently. Walking on an incline on the treadmill, ellipticalling, and rowing.


Lately, if I go at 9am there's a man there. Ok, there are several men there. However, there is ONE man there that I just can't even handle. He smells and I mean REAKS of smoke. He pours sweat and the more he sweats the more it smells. I have literally had to move machines because it's literally hard to breathe next to him. It just smells so bad.

I try HARD to support all gym go-ers. GO YOU! YOU'RE WORKING OUT! THAT'S AWESOME!! GO YOU!! But, guys. I just can't. And lately, because the gym is small, I can't even move machines because it's too crowded and there are no other options.

So, lately I've been working out in a cloud of smoke and trying my very hardest not to breathe while working out. So, that's been fun.

In other news, B's got allergies or a little cold. Poor Peanut Butter. But, don't worry... that doesn't stop her from demolishing some ice cream. Girl is completely obsessed.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Life Lately

Life is crazy right now. Crazy and stressful. I hope to be back a bit more soon, but right now, things are just all over the place.

Still gyming, though have fallen off the running wagon.

B's still as cute as ever and has recently completely fallen in love with Snapchat (I'm still undecided).

Seriously-- want to entertain a kid, turn on the Snapchat face filter thing. Girl is obsessed.

I'm currently re-watching Gilmore Girls. Yes, again. And, no you can never watch this show too many times.

Anyway- life is life. Things are busy (are they ever not?). More later. Sometime. Eventually.