Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday does not equal Friday

I mean... seriously. Is it Friday yet??

I am so beyond ready for the weekend. I legit thought yesterday was Thursday ALL DAY yesterday, which makes no sense as I knew we had obedience school for Sadie last night which I also know is on Wednesday's. No sense. Regardless, when it finally clicked that yesterday was Wednesday, thus making today Thursday and NOT Friday like I thought-- I was pisssssed. BLEAH.

Speaking of Sadie's obedience school. Girl just does not wanna listen! Plus, she doesn't have any interest in treats. How do you train a dog that could care less about treats?

Yup- I googled it. Didn't really help. Turns out there are some realllly dumb people who respond to discussion boards. Who knew. Anyway-- she's a good dog, but sometimes it feels like we're not making much training progress. Leash pulling is the one big thing we wanted to work on and we covered that in class yesterday and girl was having NOTHING to do with it. She tends to do better at home, as there are less distractions there, so we'll practice a lot at home this week and see.

And, yes. Yes I did just talk about my dog and her obedience school for pretty much this entire post. You're welcome. Hey, at least she's cute.
Other than dog training and getting days confused (that whole calendar thing gets me every time!), not a lot has been going on. Wednesday I went to my 5:30am Spinning class, did 2.5 speed miles (8:03 average pace!) on the treadmill right after class, and then did another 4.5 sloooower miles during my lunch hour.

Told you it was slower. Like 90+ seconds/mile slower.
We got some crazy weather last night so I decided to skip the AM gym session (and the crazy icy 5am not-yet-salted roads). I'm hoping to get a run in during my lunch today. I'm still not really "in training" for anything at the moment so my workouts are very scattered, unstructured and kinda all over the place. I'm OK with it. I do have to kinda start deciding just how I'm going to "train" for my upcoming half and 25K. Do I try to focus on speed and forgo loooong long runs? Do I just keep doing what I'm doing? I could certainly go out and run a half right now so it's not like I need to "train". Meh. We'll see.

I'll leave you with a little good news: I checked... ok, double checked... TOMORROW is actually Friday. And then, the weekend is here. Promise. I looked on a calendar and everything.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIAW - Pretzels and Nutter Butters!

It's WEDNESDAY!!! Am I the only one who's thinking "FINALLY?!?!?!?" This week has been loooooong. But, at least we're half way through! 

Anyway, Wednesday means What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)! As a reminder, WIAW was this girls baby. The concept is to share one days meals/snacks/etc. in its entirety. It's a great way to reflect on what you're REALLY eating in a day to ensure you're eating enough, not eating too much, and all that jazz. Alright, let's hop to it!

Breakfast: 8:30am
Coffee (in a snowman mug!) with sugar free creamer and a Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna bar. I had a 8:30am meeting, so I needed something quick and easy (and discrete) to eat during it. I only ended up eating about 1/2 the bar over the course of an hour... I love that flavor, but it was still just a little too much PROTEIN bar for me.

Snack 1: 11am
After the lighter than usual breakfast, I was HUNGRY when the meeting got out and knew I wouldn't make it through my afternoon "lunch hour" run and to lunch without a little snack. Bag of pretzels for the win.

Lunch: 1:30pm
Crock pot shredded buffalo chicken (SOOOO easy! Just put raw chicken breast and Franks hot sauce in your crock pot. Cover and cook on low for 5-6 hours. Shred chicken. SO GOOD.) made into a sandwich on that low-fat bun. Apple. Carrots. I had a Greek yogurt too, but didn't end up eating it.

Snack 2: 4:30pm
We keep snacks in my office and I saw one of my student workers eating these and couldn't stop thinking about them. I finally broke down and had a bag. It's only like 130 calories or something, so not terrible and just enough to satisfy a PB/sweet tooth craving.

Dinner: 6:45pm
The Hubs and I made Italian Beef in the crock pot this weekend. It wasn't the best I've ever had. Meh. Anyway, I had left overs with brown rice, all topped with Siracha.

Dessert: 8pm
Far too many spoonfuls of <unpictured> homemade ice cream. So good.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Before & After

This is what I looked and felt like BEFORE my workout this morning.
Yup. You read right. This MORNING. I got up at 5am (WITHOUT an alarm, I'll add! Eck!! Good thing I happened to wake up right then!) and got to the gym just in time to take the 5:30am Signature Strength class. And, I felt good! I was awake and alert and feeling good.
Class was brutal, as usual. The obligatory "warm up" was 15 good-mornings (using 15 lb-body bar), 30 alternate lunges with weights in hands (I used 10 lb) and then 30 push ups. Repeat. Again- SO NOT A WARM UP, but honestly it was better than most, so I didn't complain (not that I ever do... at least not out loud).
While the warm up wasn't that bad... the rest of class was. Walk out push ups, rows, clean presses, bicep curls, push ups galore, lots of sit ups/crunches/core work, overhead tricep extensions... and more. I can't even remember. All I know is that I felt like DEATH by the end. Ex-freaking-hausted. But, I told myself just to TRY for a quick run and that if I wasn't feeling it .1 mile in, I could stop.
Well, I still was definitely NOT feeling it after .1, but managed to convenience myself not to stop. I only had time for 2 miles instead my usual 2.5 because class ran over (and because I have my morning routine down to the SECOND and even just 4.5 more minutes on the TM would have made me late to work). They weren't 2 fast miles. They weren't 2 pretty miles. But, they were 2 miles. Done and done.
By the end of class and the quick run, this is what I felt/looked like AFTER my workout...
No, that is not a mis-print photo. I felt like a SLEEPY DOG. I was freaking BEAT and just all around WORN OUT and felt CRUMMY. Just not my workout.
Which leads me to a small tangent... this weekend my girlfriends and I were talking about how sometimes social media/blogs/etc. can actually be REALLY mentally draining/damaging. Seeing/reading all these other people talk about how GREAT they are and how great their lives are when our lives don't seem to measure up can be hard sometimes.
There are some bloggers or "friends" on facebook who always seem to have everything together. Always the perfect workout and the perfectly balanced diet (about 9 times out of 10 including something that she "swear tastes so good" but looks like ASS. Or a green smoothie. Every freaking time.). They always seem so perfect.
Sometimes, we can't help but compare ourselves to these people who are supposed to be out "peers". We can't help but think "She ran 10 miles on the treadmill this morning, so I should at least be able to run 10. She did!" We know better, but we still compare.
After we compare, we try to live up to them. We run farther than we're ready to. We ignore injuries. We eat WAY too little food because she only ate like 1,000 calories today AND she ran 8 miles, went to a spinning class and did a 45 minute strength circuit. That she made up. On a Tuesday. We end up making extremely poor life choices to try to live up to her.
Then, the inevitable happens. We don't live up to their impossible-to-maintain standard of perfection, we feel BAD. Really bad. We feel like failures. We feel like she's better than us. We feel like crap.
Here's a thought... STOP READING THOSE. And, who is this she? Who is she really? We have NO idea who whoever this persons blog is REALLY is. Some blogs (or facebook profiles or whatever) don't portray very accurate images of themselves. And, even worse, some blogs do and they are EXTREMELY UNHEALTHY. If a blogger never seems to have bad days or bad workouts or never eats a single freaking cupcake (made with FLOUR not freaking black beans or something)... they are NOT healthy. EVERYONE feels like a freaking sleepy dog sometimes. I guarantee it. If a blogger isn't saying it-- they're only showing you one side of themselves. And, fine-- it's their blog. But, if you feel bad about yourself after reading a blog, DON'T READ THAT BLOG ANYMORE. Seriously. If you find yourself thinking "I should be more like XXX" too often, STOP READING THEIR BLOG.

Be you. Don't let something that you do for FUN and for a HOBBY (like reading blogs or facebooking) be a source of stress. Please believe I'm talking to myself right now as much as to you. I just deleted 5 blogs off my favorites tab and plan to tackle my facebook friends list next. Life's too short.


Monday, January 28, 2013



I'm actually feeling pretty good today. It's warmer (albeit rainy and gross) and today's an active-recovery day, so no 5am alarm! WIN.

This weekend went by in a flash! I can't believe how quickly the weekends fly by.

Friday night was what has now become the norm: dinner at home and then grocery shopping with the Hubs. The night did end with a little TV with my favorite girl.

Saturday I was up EARLY to work. I was proctoring a pre-ACT test.

I was set to read trashy magazines and read lots of blogs via the good ol' iPad. Easy money. I will say-- those poor kids who had to take the test! I had a room full of 3-6 graders who were SO NERVOUS! One girl even raised her hand to ask me "I have a tissue in my pocket, is it ok if I use it to blow my nose?" YESSSSS!!!! They were adorable. The exam went by super quick and I was outta there by 11. PLENTY of time for a quick workout.

I did an official speed workout: Yasso 800's. Sorta.

When I first got there my favorite TM was taken (c'mon... you have a favorite too), so I started with a .5 mile (unpictured) warm-up in a 9:30 pace. My favorite 'mill became free so I quickly scooted over to it and started the workout. I couldn't follow the idea of Yasso 800s exactly, but I think I was pretty close...
4 minutes (.5 mile) at a 8:00 pace
4 minutes, 9:30pace
4 minutes, 7:53 pace
4 minutes, 9:22 pace
4 minutes, 7:47 pace 
4 minutes, 9:22 pace
4 minutes, 7:41 pace
4 minutes, 9:31 pace
4 minutes, 7:30 pace
4 minutes, 9:22 pace
4 minutes, 7:30 pace
Then I just kinda played around randomly with the speed for the last .75 miles or so to make it an even 6 miles for the day.
So, I finished the workout with 6 miles in 50:55 for a 8:29 average pace. 8:29 doesn't sound that fast... but, those 7:XX intervals were KILLER. I was DYING by the last one. I ended up doing 6 intervals. The idea is that if you do 10 800's at your goal hour/minute marathon time in a minute/second pace, consistently through a training cycle, you'll be ready to do a marathon in that time. So, for example, if I could do 10 800's with each one being in 4 min 00 sec, I could do a 4 hr 00 sec marathon. Does that make sense? Prob not. Google "Yasso 800s". There's a million explanations way better than mine.
Anyway, after a quick shower I met up with some girlfriends (including this girl) for a girls night including a paint-your-own pottery place and pizza. PERFECTION.
Sunday I woke up early and somehow convinced myself to go on a long run. I think the key is to get out the door within 10 minutes of waking up so your mind doesn't know what your body is doing. No time to think or talk yourself out of it.
It was COLD out there! See that FEELS LIKE 13*?? That's COLD! And, it was WINDY and there is still a crap-ton of snow on the ground here.
I was fully expecting my pace to be around a 9:45/mile, since my legs were SO TIRED and stiff from the speed work the day before and because it was so windy and I was drudging through snow a lot of the time.
Imagine my surprise when I stopped to pee and saw that I was on pace to do a sub 2:00 half!

I sped up a bit to break the 2:00 mark, with my last mile clocking in at 8:30, but I did it! 13.1 miles at a 9:08/mile average pace!
Felt GREAT! HUGE runner's high for the rest of the day, although I was BEAT. Long runs didn't used to take quite so much out of me, but MAN! I was dragging ass for the rest of the day. Maybe it was a combo of the Saturday speed work and Sunday long run? Either way, the rest of the day I was laaaaazy. The Hubs and I went to brunch (best buffet evvvver!) and then to see Argo. GREAT movie. Go see it. SOOOO good! I ended the night and weekend in the best possible way.
Feet up, Sadie next to me, One Tree Hill on Netflix Instant, the Hubs on his computer behind the couch making fun of One Tree Hill, a delicious beer, and blogs on the iPad. Absolutely perfection.

Weekly Workout Recap (1/21-1/27)

Pinned Image

Weekly Workout Recap (1/21-1/27):
Monday, 1.21.13: 60 minute signature strength class
Tuesday, 1.22.13: Rest Day
Wednesday, 1.23.13: 7 miles
Thursday, 1.24.13: 7.25 miles
Friday, 1.25.13: 60 minute spinning class & 2.5 miles & 5.25 miles
Saturday, 1.26.13: 6 miles (speed work- Yasso 800s)
Sunday, 1.27.13: 13.1 mile LR

Totals for Week (1/21-1/27):
41.1 Miles Run
1 Spinning Class
1 Signature Strength Classes
0 minutes of elliptical
1 Rest Day

Over 40 miles??? Woaaaah! For someone who thought the week was turning out like a lame-sauce step-back week, that's a pleasant surprise! And-- legit, pre-planned and actually-executed SPEED WORK? Woah. I don't even know who I am anymore. Best part of the week? 0 minutes of elliptical. Best. Week. Ever.

Friday, January 25, 2013

15 Thing Friday

1. I DID IT! Woah. I really shouldn't be THAT excited about this-- but, whatever. I am! I DID IT! I got up this morning and dragged my ass outta bed and got to the gym for the 5:30am Spinning class. AND I did 2.5 miles after. Take that, bad week!

2. Speaking of bad weeks... am I the only one who feels like THIS this week?

All I want is candy. And more candy. And more and more candy. It's been a BAD week (and not just for all the reasons I bitched about listed yesterday) eating wise. I'm not really all that sorry either.

2. Guess who registered for their next race?? This kid did!!
I'm now officially registered for the Fifth Third 25K River Bank Run. I did this race last year and LOVED it, so I'm pumped to do it again this year. Last year I finished in 2:27:22, so I hope to beat that time and average closer to a 9:15/mile pace. We'll see.

3. Oh! And, that's not the only race/running news! I registered for ANOTHER race this week too! My runnaversary race: the Sunburst. 
At the Sunburst last year. CLEARLY beyond ready to be done.

I did this race (as the half) last year, and finished with a half marathon PR of 2:06:55. 
 And, now I am done! THANK GOODNESS!!!

I love this race. It's local. I can pretty much WALK to the start line and home from the finish line now. The finish is on the Notre Dame 50 yard line which is pretty cool. I did NOT love that last year I did much worse than I was hoping. This year, I got plans. And a plan. Sub 2:00 plans, to be exact (assuming weather isn't a hot, sweaty bitch... it is a race on June 1 after all). Bring it, Sunburst. Bring it.

4. I just re-read my post on the Sunburst re-cap from last year (see post here) and OMG I was a whiney B. Seriously. Can't believe how seriously I took myself. Worst part... I'll be even WORSE this year if it goes the same way. Consider yourself warned.

5. I own none of these. Apparently I am not a "serious chef". What??? You mean making the same pepper and onion stir fry at LEAST twice a week doesn't qualify me?? Blasphemy!

6. WTF are these pants?? Seriously. What are those stripes? And, they cost $70??? Seriously. Who would buy this??

7. I'm currently not "training" for anything and feel all outta sorts. How long am I supposed to run today? I need a plan to tell me! A nice, neat OCD excel sheet that breaks it down nice and clear. I'm no good at this no-plan thing. Speaking of running and no plan-- I very likely won't have time for a long run this weekend. And, I didn't do one last weekend. WTF, Meagan? Who are you? Shouldn't I be freaking out right now that all my endurance is gonna go to shit? Somehow, I'm surprisingly OK with it.

8. So, there's this guy in Florida who just moved all his shit into a vacant mansion and now the cops can't kick him out because it's not illegal. In fact, he's 100% within his legal rights to be squatting there. I'm sorry.... say what??? Why am I paying rent right now then?

9. Continuing on my bad week (even though it has gotten better), I managed to completely break our snow shovel while trying to clear a path to our door. Like, totally 100% non-fixable break. 
That'll teach me to every try to shovel snow again. Hubs, you're officially on all snow-related duties. Lucky duck.

10. I have an 8:30am appointment with a student to talk about their resume today and a 4pm appointment with a student today to talk about their major (among many other appointments and meetings scattered throughout the day). Who are these students? 8:30am?? Why are you awake so early?? And, 4pm on a FRIDAY? Are you crazy???
Yes, I felt the need to bitch about it via social media. Duh.

11. My Illini haven't been doing so hot lately. And, Purdue lost last night. It hasn't been a happy household.

12. Seriously, JLo. WTF aer you thinking lately? Who told you this was an appropriate outfit for you to wear? Everything about it looks trashy. Fire your stylist. Please.
13. Read this quote on a friends (love you, K!) Twitter today as a RT from Real Simple Magazine, loved it, so thought I'd share: "Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking together in the same direction." —Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry

14. I want to make these. YUM. They just look so good!! Thank you, Pinterest, for yet another delicious looking recipe I'll probably actually never make.

15. For a 4 day week, this week's been SO LONG. Beyond happy it's Friday. I have big plans for the weekend--- working a SAT tomorrow morning, then meeting up with some amazing girlfriends for a girls night. Sunday, maybe a run and then errands and a movie with the Hubs. TGIfreakingF.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

This has not been my week.

This has not been my week. 

First, I broke my headphones. Not just any headphones. The "best" made-for-athletes headphones. The supposedly sweat and idiot proof headphones. But, I manage to defy the odds and break them. Of COURSE.

What's that? It doesn't look broken? Tue, but trust me-- they are. I had to start holding them in EXAAAACTLY the right place in my iPod or computer or iPad to get ANY sound out of them and even then, it was staticy. Best part? I JUST bought them right before Christmas. WTF?? I swear, I break headphones like no one's business. 

LUCKILY, they have a year warranty, so I email the company (yurbuds)and they are FABULOUS and email back within hours and say send the headphones to them with the warranty form they attached and the receipt. EASY. Yeaaaah. Except I lost the receipt. Because I'm dumb. Obviously. Thank goodness the wonderful people at yurbuds freaking ROCK and let me return them without the receipt. Now, you know I can't go totally headphoneless til I get the new ones from yurbuds, so I do what any ration person would do: go to Dollartree and buy some really uncomfortable, shitty $1 headphones. 

Why else has my week been shitty... well, I dropped my phone in the toilet yesterday and now keep randomly getting this message:

What does that mean, Apple??? What accessory? Toliet water?? Yeah, I'd most def say THAT is NOT optimized for this iPhone.

I also haven't woke up for my 5:30am gym class evvvven once this week.

I have no idea what's wrong with me. Usually, I'm all about it. This week, BLEAAAAH. Maybe I'm getting sick (even though I feel fine)? Maybe I'm going through a spurt of burn out (even though I'm not training for anything)? Who knows. I did get a workout in on Monday (Signature Strength) and yesterday (7 miles) (Note: Tuesday was a rest day) and plan to run on my lunch hour today, so I'm trying not to beat myself up about it. I mean-- are two-a-days really necessary? NO. No they are not. So, the fact that I've worked out 2 of the 3 days thus far this week is pretty darn good, in REAL reality. Maybe not in the running/healthy living blog "reality", but in the actual world-- I'd say it's a win. I'm also just gonna go ahead and call it a stepback week... just to maintain my sanity. I'll get back to my normal routine next week. For real. 

This has also been the LONGEST WEEK EVVVVER. And, I was off Monday. UUUUGH. Not good. And, I don't have another day scheduled to be off til... oh, I dunno... MEMORIAL DAY in MAY. Bleah. Depressing.

So, it hasn't been my week.  Hopefully it'll turn around. I have a delicious cup of coffee and a chocolate peppermint stick Luna bar waiting for me right now and this rascle waiting for me at home. 

Life's not so bad.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TOO COLD! So, I had to get creative!

OK, OK-- I admit it. The sucktastic weather has effected my workouts. Who wants to go for a run outside when the weather looks like this:
I mean... do you see the "feels like"??? -12. NOT HAPPENING. So, my workouts have had to adjust because a long run in that is just NOT HAPPENING when I'm not even training for anything. Simple as that. 

So, I'm adjusting. Today, that means a random rest day. Ideal? No, but it is what it is. Yesterday I had the day off (yay!) so I hit the gym for a 9am Signature Strength class. Saturday and Sunday were gym days, too. Sunday I did 7 miles on the treadmill and 30 EASY minutes on the elliptical. Saturdays are normally my long run days and I didn't want to give up that extra long sweat session just because mother natures being a B. So, I got creative.

Creative and maybe a little insane? 

I got to the gym around 8:45am for a 9am Unleashed class, but decided I didn't want to waste 15 minutes so I got a quick 1.5 miles in. Unleashed KILLED me... just thinking about it makes me shiver. Box jumps, pulls ups (assisted), push ups, more burpees than I can count, jumping jacks, kettle ball swings, clean presses, and more, more, more. I was SPENT, so I walked out as they were cooling down with every intention of going home. Buuut, then I walked by the treadmill and it called to me. I have no idea why. I'm insane. So, I did 4.5 miles on that. And, by then I was in full-blown sweat-addict mode so I stayed for a 60 minute power yoga class (still hate yoga, btw) and then 2 more miles. Insane? Yes. AMAZING? Absolutely.
See that pic of me next to the treadmill times? Yeaaaah-- that's how I felt by the end of my THREE HOUR workout. SPENT. DONE. DEAD. So, I showered at the gym and booked it home with every intention of plopping on the couch and not moving. 

Well, then I got home and the Hubs had an hour left of some crazy long BORING movie he started while I was gone (just how long? He STARTED the movie 5 minutes after I left. It was a FOUR + hour movie. Whhhhhy???? Clearly we have different movie tastes.). I mean-- what choice did I have? Sit and watch him watch a movie? No thanks. So, the Sadster and I took a walk.
It was windy and cold, but actually not too bad. Nice enough that I totally could have and should have gone for a long run, but whatever. I got a killer workout in and it was a nice change of pace.

So, I ended the day with:
50 minute Unleashed Class
60 minute Power Yoga Class
2 mile walk
8 miles on TM

In ONE DAY. Again, crazy? Yup. I CLEARLY don't do this often, but I had a free morning and felt in the zone so I went with it. 

And, when I was done-- I sat my ass on the couch ALL DAY watching One Tree Hill (still obsessed, though this newest season w/o Luke or Peyton is LAME. But, I can't stop. It's a problem, I know.), except when I napped while the Hubs watched the Purdue basketball game (side note: they won! yay!). I haven't NAPPED in forever. I was seriously SO tired. WAY more tired than after a typical long run. I even had the Hubs bring me home fro yo when he had to run to the office that night. Laziness at it's finest. Hey... it's all about balance, remember?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap 1/14-1/20

Pinned Image

Weekly Workout Recap (1/14-1/20):
Monday, 1.14.13: 30 min. elliptical & 1 mile walk w/ Sadie (Kinda an active rest day)
Tuesday, 1.15.13: 60 minute signature strength class & 5 miles & 2 mile walk
Wednesday, 1.16.13: 60 minute spinning class & 2.5 mile run
Thursday, 1.17.13: 5.5 mile run
Friday, 1.18.13: 60 minute spinning class & 2.5 mile run
Saturday, 1.19.13: 8 mile run, 50 minute Unleashed class, 60 minute Power Yoga class, 2 mile walk with Sadie
Sunday, 1.20.13: 7 mile run and 30 minute elliptical

Totals for Week (1/14-1/20):
31 Miles Run 

2 Miles Walked
2 Spinning Class
1 Signature Strength Classes

1 Power Yoga Class
1 Unleashed Class
30 Minutes Elliptical
1-ish Rest Day

Nothing really to report on this week. Saturday's crazy workout day WORE ME OUT. I spent the rest of that day horizontal on the couch freaking BEAT. But, it felt good. Definitely got a great sweat session in, despite not getting a quality long run in.

Friday, January 18, 2013

15 Thing Friday

1. I had the hiccups all day at work yesterday. I HATE the hiccups. I get very violent, aggressive hiccups. PAINFUL hiccups. HATE hiccups.

2. It's all about awards season in Hollywood right now and there have already been some KILLER looks. My top 3 right now (Note: All from source: Day Old News)...

Naomi Watts KILLED it in this red fitting dress. The back is amazing. And it fits her like a glove. Perfection. 
My other 2 fav looks so far came from Brittany Snow and Jennifer Gardner. LOVE Jennifer Gardner and think she always looks incredible and this is no exception. Not a huge Brittany Snow fan, but I think she looks so pretty here. Love how simple, yet sparkly it is and the little sleeves and the color and I think her hair and makeup are flawless.

3. While we're talking fashion, let's get the BAD outta the way too. (Note: All from source: Day Old News) JLo and Lucy Liu. Bad, just bad. 

4. Couple workouts recently. Wednesday- 60 minute spinning class & 2.5 miles in 23:26 (top pics) ; Thursday- 5.5 mile run in 51:16 (bottom pics) ; 60 minute spinning class & 2.5 miles in 20:16 (no pics)

5. Oh, and there have been a many dog-walk sessions too.

6. Still obsessed with One Tree Hill. It's just good, dramatic, bad, soap-opera-ish TV.

7. Have you tried Chobani bites yogurt yet? It's OK. Much runnier than other Greek yogurts. And, believe me-- it is a BITE. Well, maybe 3 bites. But, you get significantly less yogurt than regular cups of Chobani. But, at 100 calories and 8g of protein, it's a pretty good snack. And, LOVE that it has a little texture from the chocolate and that it's CHOCOLATE (duh). I'd buy it again.

8. I've been listening to some weird music lately. CLASSIC Eminem and some Kelly Clarkson. Check these 2 songs out. You'll thank me.

9. I can't believe this girl is pregnant again. Seriously. There should be a law against some people procreating.

10. You want more cute dog pics? Of course you do! I'm sure I'm a little biased, but I think Sadie is one of the cutest dogs in the world. We get stopped all the time by random people on our walks and they tell us so too. I think she's getting a big head about it.

11. All this Manti Te'o stuff is crazy ridiculous. I seriously can't even wrap my head around all the nonsense. I mean-- come on. The articles don't even make sense anymore because every other second they report something else and contradictory. I mean-- WTF?? It'll be interesting to hear how this whole crazy soap opera turns out. 

12. I've got a nasty bruise on my arm and I have no idea where it came from. Hate when that happens.

13. The weather is supposed to get FRIGID and snowy by the end of the weekend. Not looking forward to that. HOPEFULLY that wind isn't tooooo bad Saturday so I can get my booty out for a long run.

14. I'm thinking about trying to make these. I bought a jar of TJ's Cookie Butter like forever ago and (you may want to sit down for this) I wasn't really all that impressed. I didn't really like it. I didn't NOT like it, but I definitely didn't LIKE it. Maybe I'll like these more? We'll see. 

15. Need some motivation this weekend (because I'm sure I will)?