Sunday, May 29, 2016

Big News!

I've been quiet lately. I can blame it entirely on the below news, but that'd be a lie. I'm just a bad blogger. But, I'll blame it at least partially on the below news. So-- what news?

(I feel like I should warn that the below news might be emotional for some, especially if you found this blog from secondary infertility searches)

Without further ado....

Baby T 2.0 Coming Your Way This November!!!

After trying for 16 months, lots of doctors visits and tests, we (finally) got pregnant. While we didn't know when we cancelled our cruise and decided to stick in the US, we did make that decision due to the Zika Virus-- but only because we wanted to get pregnant and didn't want to stop trying for the recommended 6 months. In fact, I was damn sure I wasn't pregnant. We were ready to start Clomid, a common fertility treatment drug, on my next cycle.

Then, we got back from Florida and a week later I was due to start my cycle and decided to take a test, even though I was sure it would be negative. I took the test and legit walked away and forgot I took it. Again, I was just so sure it'd be negative. When I walked back by it a half hour later I about crapped my pants. Was that a line? Could that be a line? It was so faint... but, it looked like it might be a line! I packed Bailey into the car as quickly as I've ever moved... ever. We raced to Walgreens and I got a fancy digital test that would say the word pregnant or not. When I got home ready to take the test, the Hubs had just gotten home. Gah! I wanted to take it and know before telling him anything. So, I basically threw Bailey to him and raced to the bathroom (all while looking like a lunatic). Of course, the test was positive. I grabbed Bailey and took her into her room without the Hubs (all while looking like a lunatic... still) and put her in a "Big Sister" shirt and then had her go tell the Hubs "I a big sister!" The Hubs was SHOCKED and so happy.

And that's how we found out Bailey is gonna be a big sister. I'm currently about 15 weeks along. Expect a full first trimester update soon!

To say I'm surprised and excited and happy would all be a drastic understatement. I couldn't stop smiling for days. In fact, I'm still smiling! We're having another baby!!!!! I almost don't believe it, but I've seen an ultrasound and heard the heartbeat. It's true! There's a baby in there! Gaaaaaah!!!!  It took so long (to me). I was so discouraged and had convinced myself it just wasn't gonna happen. I was SO sad everytime I read a story line mine above. But, here I am. I'm pregnant!!!!!!!! Simple as that. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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