Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIAW: Salad and Cookies!

Another week down! I, for one, am SO happy the week is half over. It's been a LONG week and I am so ready for the weekend.

Ok... without any more chit-chat, let's get to WIAW. Below are the eats from Tuesday, 7/30.

The usual-- Greek yogurt, cereal, and water. Never gets old.
Salad (cucumbers, cheese, and tortilla strips w/ dressing on the side), low-fat string cheese, apple, and carrots with water to drink. Look at me being all healthy. Remember that in about 2 seconds...
COOKIE!!! Ok, ok-- cookieS is more accurate. 3 cookies, to be exact. Sorry I'm not sorry.
The Hubs and I made pasta Sunday night and it was DELICIOUS. Cook pancetta in some EVOO with garlic and red pepper flakes. Add to cooked pasta with a little chicken broth. YUUUUM. And, yes. Yes I did eat ALL of that. Every last bite. Delicious.

Nothing better than ending the night with several spoonfuls of ice cream. :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby T: Week 18 & 19

I'm ALMOST half way there!!! Sooooo crazy!!!

Week 19... there's a tiny bump-- FINALLY!!! Ok, ok... so I've ALWAYS had a bump when I wear this empire-waist dress, but hey-- there's a bump there nonetheless!

Size of Baby: Dude. Every week I continue to be AMAZED at how big the lil' bean is growing. The idea that he/she legit grew from NOTHING to now, at 19 weeks, the size of a large heirloom tomato is BEYOND mind boggling to me. I honestly cannot wrap my head around it. The baby now weights about 8-9 ounces.

Milestone/Anything Exciting: At 19W1D, the first person (who already knew I was pregnant) told me I finally LOOKED pregnant. It was the same day I snapped the above pic. The next day the same person told me I didn't look pregnant anymore. Win some, lose some. I can definitely FINALLY see a bump. It's just it just came outta nowhere all the sudden. I still have that "did you gain 5 pounds or are you preggo??" kinda look, but I'm sure in a few weeks it'll be a full on "WOAH! Look at that preggo belly!" look. Kinda excited for it. :)

Symptoms: Lack of sleep. Still. Again. Still. Bleah. Seriously. It was decent for a week and then went right down the drain again. On average I'm getting about 6 hours a night, waking up at least 10 times throughout the night to re-arrange, use the bathroom, or just because. Way over it.

Weight Gain: Last I weighed myself at the gym I was up 4 pounds. We'll see what the next doctor's appointment says as the official weigh in.

Workouts: Still no running... stupid knee. But, still rocking the elliptical, walks, and 8-minute arms/other strength sessions.  

Food Aversions: None really. Salad still doesn't sound super appealing, but not too terrible.

Food Cravings: Nothing super specific or so strong that I have to have it RIGHT NOW.

Stretch Marks: None... new, that is. I already have stretch marks, thank you very much... so, I'm sure I'll get more at some point. I'm OK with it.

Movement: Still haven't felt the peanut. I'm sure it'll happen anytime now.

Waiting For...: First movements and finding out gender!! We find out soon!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap

Monday, July 22: 8-Minute Arms, 30 minute elliptical
Tuesday, July 23: 45 minute elliptical
Wednesday, July 24: 8-Minute Arms, 45 minute elliptical
Thursday, July 25: 45 minute elliptical
Friday, July 26: Rest Day
Saturday, July 27: 6.2 mile run and 3 mile walk
Sunday, July 28: 45 minuets elliptical and 6 mile walk

It was a pretty decent week, all things considered. The elliptical and I have become BFF's... even though I kinda hate it still. Luckily, it's easy to read or watch netflix while on it.

I did get a run in on Saturday-- with minimal knee pain, even! WOOWOO! I'll take that as a win. It was slow and ugly, but a run nonetheless! I'm going to try for another run sometime mid-week this week and see how it goes again. Here's hoping I can get back to running a few times a week. Nothing crazy... but, it'd be nice to average 10-15 miles/week.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

That Time I Tried To Run Again

Remember how I used to talk all about running? Miles and miles, day after day. Those were the good ol' days.

Since the Sunburst Half marathon, my knee's being being a bitch. We've talked about this. In fact, since the half, I've hardly run. At all. There was the Firecracker 5-Miler on July 4 and... well, that's it. If you're keeping track, that was 20 days ago. Unacceptable.

Ok, that's not entirely true. Last weekend (7/13), I tried to run again. TRIED being the operative word.

I had such high hopes going into the run. I had all these "my-knee-will-be-magically-fixed-and-this-is-going-to-be-amazing" thoughts going into it. I woke up that morning and was legit EXCITED. The sun was shinning, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I was ready. I laced up and was out the door in minutes. With a huge, goofy grin.


That last about 3 minutes.

I told myself I wouldn't look at my Garmin at ALL. I had no pace predictions or expectations. Honest. I didn't really even have distance expectations. Somewhere between 3-6 miles was what I told the Hubs. (Side note: Remember when I used to tell the Hubs somewhere between 10-13 and ended up doing 15?? Those were the days... ooooh, memories...)

Less than a half mile into the run, my knee started to ACHE. Not a mild ache either. A full blown THIS HURTS PLEASE STOP NOW ache. Don't worry-- I didn't listen. ;)

I kinda knew it was going to hurt. I was OK with it hurting a little. It hurt more than a little. And, it hurt the entire rest of the run. And, the rest of the day. It didn't hurt any more than usual the rest of the day, so I suppose that's good news. But, still... it hurt. In a nagging, this-isn't-good kinda way.

I stayed slow and steady. I stopped once to pee and didn't even look to see my pace thus far or distance. I was PROUD of that. I honestly did NOT care how fast or slow I was going. Spoiler: it was far, faaaar from fast. Even with the pain, I was happy to be out there.
I finished the run with 5.5 miles in just over an hour. Yeah, remember when that used to take me under 50 minutes? Woah. How times have changed. It's OK. That whole sun-shinning-no-clouds thing kinda back fired and it got HOT out and I knew I needed to go slower. I ALWAYS have slowed down in the heat. Maybe not THIS much, but I'm cool with it. I also walked part of the last half mile because I felt myself getting warmer and warmer and didn't want to over heat.

Honestly, I am 100% OK with the pace. I don't even remotely care. I'm growing a freaking baby inside my belly. However slow I need to go, I'm cool with.

I am not even close to 100% OK with the pain level I felt during the run. I probably should have stopped. Stubborn, Meagan. <Rest assured, it was JUST my knee that hurt... nothing baby related, I promise!!>

So, I haven't run since. Rest, rest, and more rest.

Sadly, I haven't been foam rolling, though. The way I have to foam roll, with my ever-growing belly, just doesn't feel right. My foam rolling days for the next 21 weeks are over.

Luckily my knee HAS started feeling a little better lately. I've noticed less random spurts of pain (even just when sitting... stupid knee). It's feeling less stiff after long stretches of inactivity. It doesn't ache at all anymore from the elliptical. All good signs. 

All good enough signs to make me want to try again. Soon. This weekend soon. So, try again I will. Again, I won't have ANY ideas about pace or distance. I'll walk if needed. And, I'll even REALLY try to stop if it hurts the same that it did last weekend.

Let's hope Knee-Stop-Being-A-Whiny-A-Hole Operation, Round 2 goes better...  

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIAW... a week late

Am I the only one that thinks this Wednesday feels MUCH more like it should be a Friday? Why is this week moving sooooo slowly??? Rough life, I know.
Anyway-- it's WEDNESDAY! That means we've made it half way through the week! It also means it's What I Ate Wednesday...

I took all the pics LAST week and then just never got around to actually typing up the post. So, this is kinda a WIA(last)W. Whoops! Better a week late than never, right?? :) Let's get to it...

Breakfast: 8:30am
It's a little earlier than usual. This whole growing a baby thing has made me hungrier than usual-- I know, I didn't think it was possible either! I'm trying to eat by 8:30 or so to avoid total hangry melt down level.

The usual. And, pictureless at that. I mean-- you know what a Greek yogurt, a few handfuls of knock-off (no shame!) Special K cereal, and water look like. Excellent.

Moving on...

Snack 1: 11am
Again... to avoid a hangry situation, I've been trying to eat a little more regularly, even if I don't feel that OMG-I'm-starving level of hunger. So far, it's been working pretty well!

1 piece of whole wheat bread, toasted, with crunchy PB (and, no, not the all-natural kind. The JIFF knock-off-sooooo-good kind) with honey. Yum! Oh, and-- that coffee cup has been empty and on my desk for weeks. Whoops.

Lunch: 1:30pm
When I picked up the Hubs from Chicago like forever ago, I (of course) made a Trader Joe's stop. I love, love, LOVE this Egg White Salad from TJ's. SO good. And, the entire container is super low cal, but high protein. LOVE. So, I had 1/2 the container on a piece of whole wheat toast with grapes.

Snack 2: 4pm
Again in the spirit of eating smaller meals, more frequently I had another snack towards the end of the day. These lil mini Luna bars have been sitting in my desk forever, but work wonders for a quick, easy snack. Stats are pretty good too-- 70 calories and 4g of protein-- plus, they're yummy! 

Dinner: 6:30pm
I made a this ginormous lasagna forever ago and the Hubs and I slowly made our way through it for like a week solid. It was DAMN good, though. Lasagna makes the best left overs, too! We paired it with corn (straight from the can!) and a piece of homemade garlic bread (put piece of bread under broiler, when it's just the right level of toasted pull it out then rub a piece of garlic right on it... perfection). Yuuuuum.

Dessert: 8pm
Unpictured low-fat ice cream.

I mean... everyday should end with ice cream. Every. Day.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby T: Week 16 & 17

Week 16

Size of Baby: By Week 17, lil' girl/guy is the size of a large red onion, coming in at about 6 ounces! Crazy!!! Even crazier?? According to the What to Expect app, during week 17, the baby will grow to be the size of my open hand. That's HUGE!!!
My hand (obviously) shown next to my coffee cup for comparison. SO CRAZY!!
I mean... look at that! Something that big is IN MY BELLY. Seriously. The whole idea is just mind blowing to me.

Symptoms: More round ligament pain and headaches and lack of sleep. Nothing new and nothing worth complaining too much about.

Weight Gain: Haven't had another doc appointment, so not sure of official gain... but, I'd guess about 5 pounds. Maybe 6. Damn mac and cheese!

Workouts: Still going! Lots of walking, ellipticalling and even a few miles running! The knee is still being a pest, but I think the foam rolling is paying off. I'm trying to do 8-minute arms a few times a week too... gotta keep (aka: develop, since clearly now I have none) some muscles so I can carry the baby when it comes!

Food Aversions: Nothing really. Veggies haven't been appealing, but aren't vomit-inducing either. In fact, hot coffee has even made a reappearance in my life. MAYBE things are getting back to "normal"??

Food Cravings: More mac and cheese, I swear I could eat it by the bucket-full.

Stretch Marks: None yet!

Movement: Still haven't felt anything yet.... cannot wait though!!! Should be any day now.
This is kinda what I imagine he/she'll look like the first time I feel a nice, swift kick or jab to the belly... and, I CANNOT WAIT!!

Waiting For...: We're finding out the gender in just a few weeks. SO excited!!!! I REALLY don't plan or want to go PINK or BLUE everything. What I plan NOT to do:

But, turns out it's freaking HARD to plan without knowing! Seriously. I don't know how people don't find out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the bean is cooperating at our next doc appointment so we can find out!! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mini-Chicago Vacation

I'm baaaaaack!!!! Sorry for the unplanned hiatus. Turns out, growing a baby is hard work and by the end of the day I am EXHAUSTED. Add in that work's just been crazy busy and blogging just hasn't been happening. But, hey-- I'm back at least for today!! :)

So, let's chat about the weekend. For the Hub's birthday (which was back in early June), I gave him tickets to the Architecture River Tour of Chicago. When his parents found out that was going to my gift, they decided to stick with the Chicago theme and gave him a gift card to Ditka's, a super nice, swanky restaurant downtown owned by the famous former bears coach, Mike Ditka.

This weekend, we celebrated and actually used the tickets and gift card! We decided we'd make this a kinda mini-vacation, as we aren't going on a big vacation this year (not sure if you've heard, but having a baby is PRICEY so we're saving our pennies).

We started the day off the best way possible: munchkins and iced lattes.
Oh, Dunkin' Donuts... you're just too good.
Ok, ok-- I got the munchkins and the coffee. The Hubs did steal a few donuts though.

Anyway, after a quick stop at the in-laws to drop Sadie off (A HUGE THANK YOU to them!!!!) and another quick hour down the highway and we were there! We got there around 10am CST, quickly and easily found a parking garage super close to Ditka's (which ended up only being $15/day because we got early bird rates!! WOOWOO!!) and started walking around downtown.

The tour left at 11am and was about a mile from where we parked, so we had a little time to kill.

Enter the perfect time killer = The Bean.

The Hubs and I have both seen this thing like a bazillion times, but it's still pretty cool. OK, I think it's pretty random, but the Hubs digs it. He can't get over how smooth it is. "Where are the seams??!?!" he kept asking. Such an engineering nerd. Love it.
Anyway, we made our way to the tour take-off dock (also RIGHT downtown) and then we were off for our 90-minute river excursion.

I took a lot more pics, but won't bore you with all of them. Basically, we went down the Chicago River right through downtown and the tour guide (a VOLUNTEER!!) told us all about the history of the area and buildings. It was an AWESOME tour and I'd HIGHLY suggest it to anyone. Lucky for us, the weather cooperated and it wasn't TOOOOO hot or humid, but still sunny and gorgeous.
We finished the tour around 12:30pm and then walked over to Navy Pier. As many times as both the Hubs and I have been to Chicago (which is a TON), neither of us had ever been to Navy Pier, so we decided our mini-vacation was the perfect opportunity.
Turns out, we weren't missing much. Basically, it's a HUGE tourist zone with WAY TOO MANY people. Plus, the whole pier is like 95% restaurants. Which is great... to eat. But, after that... what? Anyway, luckily I was STARVING when we got there, so we quickly found food: the famous Billy Goat Tavern. We kinda picked this place on a whim, but it ended up being perfect for us.
We wanted something on the cheaper side and the Hubs was dying for a hot dog/sausage of some sort. We went in not really knowing much about the place, except the Hubs knew it from the SNL skit (I had never seen it, but the Hubs did show it to me when we got home later that night and it is pretty funny... go check it out!). Most of the restaurants on the Pier had their menu's outside, but Billy Goat didn't. We lucked out though! It was an order-at-the-counter place and SUPER cheap. The Hubs got a polish sausage and I got an Italian Beef (I know! Neither of us got a Cheeeezeburger!!) and our bill (with 1 soda for the Hubs) was like $15ish. SCORE! The food was pretty standard greasy diner type food, which HIT THE SPOT!
After lunch, we walked up and down the pier twice and then stopped for popcorn!
The Hubs (or his parents, I learned later) had never heard of Garrett's Popcorn. How is that possible?!?!? I've heard of it, but never had it so I knew we had to try it. We got a small carmel corn and it was delicious (though not sure if it was worth the long line or the money, to be 100% honest).
We had 2 hours to kill before our dinner reservation and decided to just walk along the lake and around downtown.
Throughout the day, we ended up stopping at FIVE Starbucks for bathroom breaks and to get free glasses of ice water. Thank GOODNESS for Starbucks!!! It was toasty out there by mid-day and each Starbucks pit-stop was a GREAT A/C break, which was really important for me, as I did NOT want to overheat. I'm forever indebted to the Starbucks's of Chicago! 
Before we knew it, it was time for dinner! We made out way over to Ditka's and ATE. A TON of food. SUCH good food.
I didn't take any pics because I was too busy devouring the food, but MAN-- it is GOOD. The Hubs and I shared crab cakes for an appetizer (BEST I've ever had!), then he got the Meatloaf Stack and I got the Kobe Burger. Both SOOOO good and we had tons of left overs. They even brought out a cute little mini-chocolate lava cake with a candle for this birthday! It was a GREAT dinner. I'd definitely suggest the place to anyone looking for a nice, yet casual dinner. Pricey, but VERY good food and generous portions. 
And, with our bellies full, we headed out of the city, ending our mini-vacation. We picked up Sadie (who puked at the in-laws! What is with her?!?!? She doesn't do any of this stuff at our house!! Silly girl!!) and headed home. I was EXHAUSTED. I our walk and we walked over 9 MILES throughout the day! No wonder I was beat!! Good thing I nixed the gym that morning. :)
It was a great, great day. Happy belated birthday, Hubs!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Don't Make Me Punch Someone

Woah! Didn't mean to fall off the face of the planet there for a few days. Work's been hella busy and blah, blah, excuse, excuse. Life. Happens.

Anyway... nothing much new to report.

Running is still nonexistent which makes me SAD and ANGRY and GRUMPY. Add that to all these wonderful preggo hormones and thank your lucky stars you're not the Hubs the past few weeks. Poor guy.

Anyway, this is how I feel lately:

Argh! The most frustrating part (for my non logical brain right now) is that everyone I know who finds out I'm pregnant is like "Oh, well you're not running anymore are you??" Because clearly they are my doctor and know that it CAN'T be healthy for a woman to run while pregnant <insert clear sarcasm>. Anyway- I want to yell back at each and every one of them "YES! I AM! And, I'm ROCKING IT!!" but, I can't. And, it's NOT because I'm all preggo. It's this DAMN KNEE. Arrrrrgh. I know, I know. I'm being ridiculous. Again- be glad you're not the Hubs. He has to deal with this crazy 24/7 and can't just "X" out of the Internet window.

Back to the point... of COURSE when I tell people I'm still working out a lot, but not RUNNING right now due to some knee pain, NOT due to being knocked up, they tell me about how bad running is for the knees. Again, because they are a doctor (and a running expert).

At this point I have to just walk away before getting in a fist fight at 17 weeks pregnant. The Hubs would not be a happy guy if he had to bail me outta jail.

So, what am I doing about this knee pain, so that I can run again (obviously), which will lead to an all around happier Meagan (thus a happier Hubs) and me not punching anyone in the face because my answer will be able to change to "YES! I AM RUNNING!"?

1. Resting... a lot. In the past 2 1/2 weeks I've only run once (the Firecracker 5 Mile Race) and it was a slower, easy run. But, yes, there was pain. Ugh. I've been sticking to non-running (aka: not nearly as much fun) sweaty activities. The elliptical and I are now BFF's. Spinning is a go-to and even strength has become semi-regular.
Me and the 8-Minute Arms crew are on a first name basis now.

2. Foam rolling. And, foam rolling some more. And more and more and more (you get the point).
Here's the thing about foam rolling right now, though... it's REALLY awkward and uncomfortable. It doesn't HURT (I mean, any more than it's supposed to in that hurts so good kinda way), but it does make my belly feel weird and just... off. As my belly keeps growing, I'm sure it's going to be harder and harder to foam roll so I'm hoping I can stick with it long enough to be magically cured before the belly gets much bigger. Hear that, knee?? You've got a time table here!


Wait.... that's about it.

Clearly, there's a lot I have not been doing, but probably should. Things like:

1. Icing.

Oh, the good old days of compression gear, icing, and alcohol. What a great combo! Hard to believe this pic is like a year old. Crazy how times have changed!

Anyway... I used to be REALLY good about icing whatever parts hurt, but have been mega slacking on this area. I've iced ONCE in the last 2 1/2 weeks. Not exactly the kind of consistency change or recovery is made of.

2. The strength moves the Athletic Trainer talked to me about the last time my knees were being jerk faces. I haven't done these at all and while I think the foam rolling had a WAY bigger impact on recovery last time, I'm sure these didn't HURT and I need to start doing them. Like, now.

3. Trying to run more often. Ok, this might sound weird... but, I haven't even TRIED to run any more often because I figure if it hurts to walk, it's gonna hurt to run. Well, true (duh). Buuuuut--- if it doesn't make it hurt any WORSE, why not run (while continuing to do all the fix-it tricks, I promise)! I'm not talking anything crazy... but, a quick 3-4 miler or something here or there.

So, I'm going to try to run this weekend. Somewhere in the less than 5 mile range.

It'll look like that except in about a quarter as much clothes.

Hopefully the heat'll cooperate. I anticipate LOTS of walking breaks and sloooow miles and I'm 100% OK with that. I just wanna get out there, see how the knee feels, and remember what it feels like to have that "Weeeeee!!!! I LOVE RUNNING!!!!" feeling.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekend Highlights

Phew! Can you believe it's Tuesday?? This weekend FLEW by!

While everyone else was celebrating a crazy long 4-day weekend, I was at work Friday. Boo!

But, it wasn't all bad. Backing up a bit...

Wednesday I had to drive the Hubs to O'Hare, as he was flying out to Idaho to visit his best friend for a man-weekend (he LOVES that term).

The drive to the airport was less than stellar.

Bumper to bumper traffic took the usually 2 hour drive to almost 3 hours. We got to O'Hare with less than an hour before the Hubs flight took off. Whoops! Luckily, he made it and only had to knock one person over as he ran for his gate and was in Idaho in no time!

While he was flying to the land o' potatoes, I got to have dinner with one of my BFF's who lives in Chicago.
Me and M at our other BFF's wedding this past June.
I was STARVING by the time I made it (after getting stuck in traffic AGAIN!) and devoured an enormous steak dinner. YUM!!

After fighting a bit more traffic (thanks for that, Chicago!), I finally made it home Wednesday night to these waiting for me...

Awww! The Hubs is so sweet!! There may have also been some candy that was eaten before it knew what was coming. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Thursday morning I was up at a ridiculously early hour (think: the 5am hour), ESPECIALLY for a holiday! But, it was for a good reason... the Schoolcraft Firecracker 5 Mile Race with this kid.

Amy and I stuck together through the race, thank goodness! It was H-O-T and, like I already mentioned, my knee wasn't cooperating. We took it easy and kept the pace slow, so it was OK. Confession: I enjoyed just chatting with an amazing friend WAY more than running and it made it feel like no time at all. I could have run 5 more if I got to keep chatting with her.  

Combining running and amazing friends?? What more could you ask for!

After the race, Amy and I grabbed a super fancy McD's breakfast and then parted ways. Someone help me convince her to come live with me so we can hang out everyday?? Thanks!

The rest of the weekend (minus working Friday-- BOO!) was a blur of errands, cleaning the house, spinning, and long walks.

Luckily, I had this girl to keep me company all weekend.
Seriously. That face gets me every time. can we please talk about the fact that her "eyebrows" on one eye are dark and on the other white? Love. I'm obsessed with her.
Oh! And, I made a decision!!! With all of your help and words of "get-your-shit-together-and-just-quit" (though all of you said it MUCH nicer than that), I did it. I quit. Well, I signed my stupid 30-day notice. Seriously, why do you have to give notice to a GYM? It's not like they have to do anything for you to stop coming except stop charging my credit card every month. Anyway, I signed the cancellation form and will officially no longer be a member as of August 6. GO ME! Now... let's hope I don't regret this decision... :/
I headed back to Chicago (and, yes-- HIT MORE TRAFFIC!! Arrrrrgh!!) Sunday to pick the Hubs up. I made a pit stop at Ikea (was a bust... didn't really get anything) and Trader Joe's (got so much good stuff!!) before his flight landed. Luckily, after getting him we were traffic free on the way home. And, that was the weekend! We didn't get home Sunday night til almost 9pm, so after a quick snack (I've been SO HUNGRY lately-- I think this lil' bean is having a growth spurt or something) I hit the hay.

Fun, busy, and exhausting weekend! I'm definitely glad the Hubs is home!!
Oh! And, he brought me a treat from his treat...

Nothing but class at our house. :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap (7/1-7/7)

Weekly Workout Recap (7/1-7/7):
Monday, 7.1: 50 minute elliptical & 2 mile walk

Tuesday, 7.2: Rest Day
Wednesday, 7.3: Spinning & 10 minute elliptical

Thursday, 7.4: Schoolcraft Firecracker 5 Miler Race & 3 mile walk
Friday, 7.5: 8 Minute Arms & 4 mile walk & 1 mile walk
Saturday, 7.6: Spinning & 3 mile walk
Sunday, 7.7: 4 mile walk & 20 minutes of pre-natal yoga

Totals for Week (7/1-7/7):
5 miles run

2 Spinning classes
17 miles walked
60 minutes elliptical
1 8-Minute Arms session
1 yoga session

The knee is still being a pain in the booty, so running sessions are still few and far between. I was hoping after giving it so much rest, I'd feel good as new at the Firecracker race on the 4th, but no such luck. Less than 1/2 mile in, it already ached. If I hadn't been running it with this awesome girl, I wouldn't walked the whole thing, I bet. Thanks for making me run, Amy!!!! Suprisingly, it didn't feel any WORSE after running, so that's progress, I think. I foam rolled TWICE a day all weekend, which I think is already paying off. I'm gonna give it a few more days then try again. Hopefully the foam rolling and rest will pay off! While it's still resting, walking a gazillion miles is working just fine for me. :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Weeks 14 and 15

<Note: I'm currently 16.5 weeks along, so this is a backtrack/catch-up post...>
14 Weeks

15 Weeks

HUGE difference, huh?!?!? (For the record-- I'm joking. I see no difference in pics.)

Size of Baby: In week 14 the baby was a size of a lemon and by week 15 it grew to the size of apple. If you include his/her lil' legs, by week 15 baby was the length of an iPhone! CRAAAAZY!!!!!

Symptoms: Lots of round ligament pain. I hear it's not suppose to happen quite to early, but I talked to my doctors about it and they aren't worried, so I'm not worried. I'm also having some crazy bad headaches. Boo. Sleep is still nowhere near normal, which blows. I suppose I should just re-define normal in my head. I've also been breaking out like WOAH. My face looks like a 15 year old boys. G-R-O-S-S. Heartburn has also already started coming around. Hopefully it's not here to stay til the end... we'll see. Oh, and I did get sick-sick one more time during week 15... threw up the salad I ate about 5 minutes before. Bleah. But, I felt 100% fine 2 minutes later and have felt fine since.

Weight Gain: Had a doctor's appointment at 16 weeks and at that appointment I was officially up 4 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I imagine week 14 & 15 were probably about 3 pounds up. I'm in the normal range, so I'm happy!  

Workouts: Pretty good! Not much running, but that's mainly due to this damn knee than any baby issues. So, I've been spinning, ellipticalling, and walking a lot.

Food Aversions: Nada. I still don't WANT bacon, but the idea of it doesn't gross me out anymore. Hot coffee still doesn't appeal, but doesn't make me wanna gag either.

Food Cravings: Mac and cheese

Stretch Marks: None yet!

Movement: Haven't felt anything yet.... cannot wait though!!! Should be any day now.

Waiting For...: The first movement and our 20-week doctor's appointment to get to see the lil' bean and find out gender!  

Friday, July 5, 2013

Scenes from a lunch time walk

Gym #1 is closed today for the 4th of July Holiday break-type thing (whatever that is). So, I was forced outside. Because my knee is being a pain in the ass, I stuck to walking.

Scenes from my lunch time walk...


Happy Friday, all! Hope it's a great weekend!!