Wednesday, July 3, 2013

To quit or not to quit???

Guys. I need help. Maybe by the end of this someone can just tell me what to do? That'll be great. Thanks.

So, I can't make decisions. Like, about anything right now. The Hubs pretty much always picks where we go for dinner when we go out, what movies to see at the theater or from RedBox (though usually, I go through and say- Ok, I'd see one of these 4 and he picks from there). The other night I could not decide what I wanted for dinner and ended up having mac and cheese and min-chicken wontons just because I couldn't decide between the two. Yes, I am weird. Lately, I've had a hard time even deciding what to wear in the mornings. Don't even get me started on Baby T's name. Woah. I can't even think about that decision without getting heart palpitations. Seriously.

Ok, so you get it. I suck at making decisions lately.

Well, I have a decision to make. You knew that was coming, right?

I currently belong to two gyms. Yes, I know that's more than a little ridiculous. Yes, it drives the Hubs a lil' crazy.

Gym 1 is the gym at work. I work at a university, which obviously has a gym for the students. Well, they let us old folk (aka: staff and faculty) use it too. It's not HUGE, but has the basics-- ellipticals weights, treadmills, etc. It costs $10/month for me to use it. AKA = CHEAP.

Gym 1's Cardio area... see-- lots's of treadmills and there's a bunch of elliptical's you can't see behind the TM's

Gym 2 is a private gym. It's a pretty good facility with lots of cardio machines, great group classes (though all my favorite teachers have recently quit). It's PRICEY, at about $45/month.
Gym 2's group exercise room, all set up for Signature Strength

I never thought about giving up Gym 2, because I LOVE group classes and Gym 1's group classes were an additional $2/class. Way back when, I was going to 4 classes a week MINIMUM. That's an extra $8/week, which would have added an extra $32/month. For that, I could go to gym 2, which had a higher quality of group classes anyway. Easy decision.

Well, of COURSE gym 1 would throw a curve ball at me, in email form...

An unlimited pass changes a LOT. Especially when just $60/year! That would make Gym 1 just $15/month, while Gym 2 is still $45/month. That's $360/year difference. That's SIGNIFICANT in my book.

So, what to do??? Do I quit gym 2 and get the pass for gym 1??? I'm TORN.

Here's some pro's/con's (because that's how I roll):

Pro's on Gym 1:
-it has an indoor track, which is WAAAAY better than a treadmill. Gym 2 doesn't have an indoor track. 
-it has WiFi, so I can watch Netflix Instant on my iPad. Gym 2 has personal TV's at each cardio machine, but I can only connect to their shotty WiFi at ONE treadmill. And, their TV's kinda suck, only 1/2 work and they only get like 3 stations.
-it's at work, so it's SO easy to get a quick workout in at lunch. Plus, I don't have to travel to/from, as I'm already there.
-CHEAP!!! WAY cheaper than gym 2.
-Gym1 now offers group classes M-Th at 5:30pm, so I could go straight from work. They have a nice mix of classes too.
-It's a little closer to home than gym 2, so I'd save on gas on days I do specially drive just to go to the gym!

Con's of Gym 1:
-their hours aren't great (M-Fri: 6:30am to 8pm-ish, Sat: 9am to 1pm-ish, Sun: ?? Over the summer it's CLOSED). Like I said, it's a small school, so the hours reflect their need, which is different than a lot of school gyms. There'd be no more morning workouts, which would be WAY different, even though lately I'm not getting too many morning workouts in anyway.
-no "community" feel. Gym 1 has a GREAT group of people who go pretty much every morning. They're like my gym family. I'd REALLY miss them.
-quality of group classes not as high as gym 2. I went to a few group classes at gym 1 before joining gym 2, and I never got as good of a workout from gym 1's classes. Now, right now (all preggo and all) that'd be OK.
-it's at work, so sometimes I see students when changing and that can get awkward (just being honest)

Another factor to consider... I can't suspend my Gym 2 membership when I have Baby T. While I hope to workout up to birth basically, if I can't and/or after delivery when I'm on doctor's orders to not workout for several weeks, I can't get a temp leave pass and not pay. I can at Gym 1, as it's a by-month membership (though the $60 yearly pass will still be active and I can't get a prorated rate or anything on that).

And another... Gym 1 doesn't offer childcare options at all. Gym 2 does... but, at an ADDITIONAL fee and with REALLY crummy hours that I likely wouldn't be able to utilize anyway. So, post-baby I was planning on dropping Gym 2 anyway and likely getting a YMCA membership, which is about the same money, but has child care included.

So, someone tell me what to do, ok?? Right now, I'm leaning pretty heavily toward dropping gym 2. Right now, I'm averaging getting to gym 2 about 3 times/week. I get to gym 1 about 5 times/week, but could easily increase that to 6 if I went on the weekend instead of going to gym 2. It just seems like the most logical thing to do... but, I can't decide!!!!! I have no idea what's stopping me from just doing it. Oh. Yeah I do. I SUCK AT MAKING DECISIONS.

So... who's gonna tell me what to do??? You?? :)


  1. Ok crazy Mama....calm down! All this worry and elevated blood pressure isn't good for anyone, including you and that little mini M&M!! =) First, I totally agree, $350+ a year is a ton of money (I mean, that's LOTS of diapers, hello!!), and two gyms is a little over-kill (silly girl!).

    You clearly know what to do here, you've said it like 4 times....if you feel ok about Gym #1 at the school, just drop Gym #2 - you don't like the instructors there anymore anyways and that's why you were still going. You can make Gym #1 work for sure, maybe just with a few adjustments. And, if you stick with Gym #1 after baby, you'll already be at work and won't necessarily need child care (if you work out during lunch or right after, or something like that).....go with your gut, Gym #2 might be out. =)


    1. I know, I know... we'll see... still deciding... :)

  2. I think going back to why you joined the second gym in the first place might be what's holding you back right now with a decision. It fit your needs better back then. I would stick with gym #1 and drop gym #2 for right now. Have you looked into the Y yet? Take a tour and see how you like it! They Y also has so many more community events as well! At least you could look there to see if that is going to work out for after the lil' baby arrives! That might even make you feel better about dropping #2.

    1. All good points. I just can't decide!! We'll see! THANKS!

  3. I would drop gym #2. To me it seems like a no brainer, if you can't keep both. You can always join gym #2 again later if you want. There might be even better gym options in your area that would fit your childcare needs. I would shop around a little to see what else is out there.