Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 5/18-24

Weekly Workout Recap: 5/18-24

Sunday, 5/18: 6 mile walk with jogging stroller
Monday, 5/19: 4 mile walk with jogging stroller
Tuesday, 5/20: Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred (Level 2) & 2.5 mile run /walk with jogging stroller & 1 mile walk with Ergo baby carrier
Wednesday, 5/21: 15-minute Nike Training Club leg workout
Thursday, 5/22: JM30DS (L2)
Friday, 5/23: 1.5 mile nature hike with Ergo baby carrier (part of a Mom's group event)
Saturday, 5/24: None... unless you count walking around a cute little Illinois town browsing in and out of stores for a few hours

Ok, some new codes because I'm tired of typing the same thing (clearly, the bigger problem is that I do the same thing over and over, but let's not talk about that):
JM30DS = Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred
8MA8MA = 8-Minute Abs and 8-Minute Arms
NTC= Nike Training Club

Anyway- another great week! Not a lot any running, which is fine right now. I have every intention of getting back to running, though I'm not sure if I'll ever be in constant half marathon distance shape. I'd like to be able to bust out 5-mile runs fairly consistently, though. But, right now it's just not something that's working out. I got a jogging stroller off Craigslist and I love it, but it kinda shakes like WOAH every once in a while (& way too often) when I run with it. AWESOME. I'm gonna have the Hubs and my father in law look at it... I think maybe the wheels just need to be tightened. Hopefully that'll do the trick and I can start running with it maybe twice a week. That thing takes running to a whole new level. Shit is HARD. But, I know that means it's just that much better of a workout which I kinda love, too. :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day in the Life: 6 months and SAHMing It

5:30am: The Hubs alarm goes off and we both kinda grumble, but get up. He has to be at work at 7am and has a bit of a commute, so it's a much earlier wake up call than we had at our old jobs, but it's not so bad. Afterall, during marathon training, I had a 5am wake up call everyday. WOAH. I was hella crazy, huh? Anyway- we both get up. He takes Sadie out and gets ready and off to work. I usually do a workout DVD-- either Jillian or 8-minute abs/arms.

Bailey's wake-time is SUPPOSED to be 6:30am. Sometimes she makes it. Sometimes she starts squaking at about 5:45-6am. Either way, I don't get her out of bed til 6:30am.

6:30am: Wake up (or go get her if she's already up) Bailey! Getting her in the morning is the best. I legit miss her when she's sleeping! I'm a freak, I know. We nurse and diaper change right when she gets up.

7am: Bailey plays in her jumperoo thing and I make and eat breakfast (lately coffee and lactation muffins {aka- muffins with brewers yeast and ground flax seed added}). Before we started solids, I'd eat my breakfast while reading blogs, but now that we're starting solids I eat my breakfast while Bailey "eats" (aka- knaws and kinda plays in it) her breakfast (note: I'll do a fuller post later on starting solids, baby led weaning, baby food, etc.)

After we eat, Bailey plays in her jumperoo thing while I pump. Bleah.

7:30-9:30am: Walk! I loooove our morning walks and get SO BUMMED when it's raining and we can't go. Usually B will nap from about 8-9am during our walk.

9:30am: Nurse and diaper. Then, we either play or run errands. If we play, we'll play with toys on the floor, dance, look in the mirror, sit in the bumbo, read books, etc. Sometimes we'll also go to a local mom's group I joined's playdate or event during this time too. Just depends on the day.

11:30-12:30pm: Naptime. I usually do some cleaning or dinner prep during this nap.

12:30pm: Nurse and diaper, then more play time! Sometimes I also eat lunch (turkey sandwich, apple and carrots today) during this stretch, sometimes I wait til she goes down for her next nap. Just depends on the day.

1:30-3:30pm: NAPTIME! This is B's longest nap, by far. And, she's really consistent and goes down super easily (most of the time). I watch some TV (currently watching Orange is the New Black in Netflix. LOVE it, even though it is F-ed up!), clean up, and prep dinner.

3:30pm: Wake up B and nurse/diaper. Then, it's more play time  and dinner prep til the Hubs gets home, when we finish up making dinner and he gets some quality daddy/daughter playtime in.

5:30pm-ish: Dinner (this night was Italian beef sandwiches ala the amazing crock pot) and more play.

6:15pm: Give Bailey a bath, jammies, and then the Hubs reads her a book.

6:30pm: Then, it's my favorite time of the day. Our night nurse session. I'm obsessed with her and just love these moments so much. Her smell, her little noises, when she tries to hold my hand. Love every second.  

7pm: Put Bailey down for the night. Lately, she's been going down so easily. It's been AMAZING.

7-9pm: Clean up after dinner, watch some TV with the Hubs, pump again (booooooooooooo).

9pm: BEDTIME for me. Yes, I go to bed at 9pm. I know. I'm lame.

10pm-ish: Hubs gives Bailey a bottle of pumped milk while I'm snoozing away.

2/3am: Bailey wakes up and we nurse. I KNOW she doesn't NEED this feed and I really want to try to get rid of it and get her to sleep through the night, but we're just not there yet. Soon.... I hope. :/

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 5/11-5/17

Weekly Workout Recap: 5/11-5/17

Sunday, 5/11: 8-Minute Abs and 8-Minute Arms
Monday, 5/12: Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred, Level 2 & 2 mile walk
Tuesday, 5/13: 8-Minute Abs and 8-Minute Arms & 4 mile run with jogging stroller & 1.5 mile walk with jogging stroller
Wednesday, 5/14: Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred, Level 1
Thursday, 5/15: 8-Minute Abs and 8-Minute Arms
Friday, 5/16: Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred, Level 1 (with some level 2 modifications thrown in)
Saturday, 5/17: 5 mile run/walk (2 mile walk, 2 mile run, 1/2 mile walk, 1/2 mile run)

A good week! I'm getting into the routine and, more importantly, so is Bailey. When we first moved, she was still on Eastern time, so instead of waking up at 6:30am, she was up at 5:30am. Now (knock on wood), she's usually sleeping until I wake her at 6:30am, which gives me from 6-6:30am to workout. Perfect!! Early? Yes. But, it's the only time I KNOW I'll have to workout, so I take it. Plus, I'm an early bird so it's not so bad.

Random thought: I think Jillian's Level 1 is tougher than Level 2. Actually, I've done them both so many times I have them memorized and kinda combine them to get the best workout in. Yes, I am weird.

Friday, May 16, 2014

15 Thing Friday

1. I very likely won't make it to 15 things. Yes, I'm calling this from the start and refuse to just see how many points I get to and then make it X Thing Friday. Nope. That'd be way to logical.

2. Bailey is currently fighting a nap. Love when this happens. She's tired. She's grumpy. She's TIRED. But, sleep? NO WAY. Sleep is BORING. Girl has shit to do! Meanwhile all I can keep thinking is "You're tired, Bailey! Go to sleeeeeep!!!!"

3. We're heading to the semi-local (like 20 minutes away... yes, the closest mall is 20 minutes away. I don't want to talk about it) mall today. I need to get the AC in my car looked at and they have a Sears. Plus, it's been rainy all night/morning and it's supposed to keep raining and I need to get outta the house and move around a little.

Excited to explore a new mall! Here's hoping they have a semi-decent area to nurse.

4. Speaking of... have you seen this?
whennaturecalls Ads fight for right to breastfeed in public
LOVE it. As a nursing mom who has had to nurse in a public bathroom (for the record, I have also nursed out in public in restaurants, doctors offices, stores, etc.) before, I feel this ad all too much. A public bathroom is NO place for a baby to be, let alone to have to eat.
5. I thought about trying to find a YouTube yoga channel and do a little yoga. Then I remembered that every single time I've yoga-ed, I hate it. I think I'm officially quitting the charade. Yoga and I are broken up. It's official.
6. Dude. I mentioned yesterday I needed to clean out my Keurig and so I actually did last night (because if you put it on the internet you HAVE to do it, right?). Anyway-- if you've never cleaned yours-- DO IT. Dude. It was SO GROSS. It was crazy easy: after a quick google search I simply ran 1 cup (note: I have a Keurig mini, 1-cup-er) of white vinegar through it, just like you would water to make coffee. LOOK WHAT CAME OUT:
Those pics don't even do it justice. It was GROSS. That liquid was CLEAR going in. And, the little particles all over. Bleah. I'm almost gagging just thinking about it. Anyway- I ended up doing 2 vinegar runs and the second was BARELY better than the first. Grossssss. I'm gonna do another run through or two this weekend. SO GLAD I finally remembered to do this. Oh, and don't forget to do 1 or 2 plain water run throughs after your vinegar run before you go to actually drink something from it unless you enjoy vinegar flavored coffee.

7. In love with this look from Blake Lively. Perfection.

8. I sorta love the idea of these pants.
Totally don't think I can pull them off, though. I LOVE the idea, but just don't think they'd look good on ME.

9. Speaking of not looking good on me, my body is in this really cool post-baby stage where, while the weight is gone, the shape of my body is just not the same. I have the classic mom-belly-pooch. My legs aren't anywhere nearly as toned as they were pre-baby. Bleah. I'm just feeling sorta BLEAH about my appearance lately. 100% doesn't help that essentially NONE of my pre-baby clothes fit anymore... or at least they don't fit WELL and compliment my body the way they used to. I know I need to just suck it up and go buy some new clothes and I'll feel MUCH better... but, what clothes do I buy? Ones that fit now, but may not fit after my body continues to sorta re-adjust and/or I (hopefully, someday) get back in shape or do I buy clothes that fit NOW knowing they may only fit during this weird inbetween stage? I know, I know. Buy them to fit NOW. But, who has money to have like 12 different wardrobes?? Bleah. I'm hoping to go shopping next week and at least get a few pieces I feel good about.

10. Yep, still fighting her nap. I'm gonna need a drink tonight. Bring on the Summer Shandy! 

11. Real quick-- did you know they make Summer Shandy in cans??? Even better, a local pizza place (that happens to be the Hubs favorite) has it in DRAFT. Life = complete. Let's be honest draft > can > bottle.

12. Ok, told you I wouldn't make it to 15. To be fair, 12 is WAY more than I was expecting. Anyway- I'm out. Happy Friday! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quick Bailey 6-Month Stats

This is really just so I don't forget things... :)

We had Bailey's 6-month doctor's appointment earlier this week and first let me just say shots don't get any easier as they get older. Poor girl. Broke my heart.

Anyway- here's her 6 month stats:
Weight: 12 lb, 8 oz (4%)
Height: 24.75 in (18%)
Head: 40.5 cm (6%)

Clothes Size: 0-3 month (we've worn a few 3-6 month clothes and she SWIMS in them, but we should be transitioning to them in the next few weeks, I think)

Diaper Size: 2.... though, she could still be in 1 and likely would if we hadn't simply run out of size 1 diapers and had a big box of size 2 from my shower. Totally logical reason to move up in size. :)

She is just a teeny, tiny little peanut! The doctor isn't worried at all. She's just a little peanut! I was guessing around 12 pounds, so I was pretty much right on! We'll see if starting solids make her pack on the pounds. I kinda doubt it. I think she's just a small baby. I'm 100% ok with it! Hey-- makes her easier to carry in her carseat! :)


Two Thing Thursday

Two Thing Thursday...

Two Foods I Can't Get Enough Of:
1. Target's Monster Trail Mix.
OMG. It is beyond addictive. And please don't let the phrase "trail mix" fool you into thinking this is healthy. It's not. It's essentially candy in a jar and worth every delicious bite.

2. Coffee (that totally counts as a food, right?). However, I was mega pissed when I went to Dunkin' Donuts during their happy hour and got charged full price for a vanilla latte. Ok, I get that the iced coffee is on special for 99 cents and this was a latte... but, hello- let's be real: a latte is an iced coffee with milk. Whatever. Lesson learned. Speaking of coffee... I really need to clean my Keurig.
I had no idea that was something I was supposed to do, but apparently it is and you should do it every few months. Yeaaaaah. Our was a wedding gift and has never been cleaned. Whoops.

Two Things I Should Have Done Yesterday, But Didn't:
1. Vaccumed. I just ran out of time. I thought when I started this "Leave 2.0" SAHM business that I'd have ALL THE FREE TIME to do shit. And, I do get a lot of shit done. But, the day also FLIES by and somedays not everything can get done. Oh well.
2. Picked up the key for our apartment complex pool! It opens next week and I'm SO EXCITED to take B swimming!! Gotta go get the key before it opens.

Two Shows I'm Watching: (Note: the Hubs and I got rid of cable, so all TV watching is now ala Netflix or DVDs. So far, it's been just fine!)
1.  Orange is the New Black
Have you watched this show? I know I'm hella late to this party, but OMG. It's gross and hysterical and witty and addictive. I'm about half through season 1. Thank goodness for nap time!

2. Lost
Yep. The Hubs and I are still making our way through this series. Confession: we're still only about half through season 2. Hey, it's hard to have time with a new-ish born! That, and we're lazy, even in our TV watching. That takes talent!

Two Random Facts About the Hubs and Me:
1. We can't agree when to take Bailey to Disney for the first time. Hubs is all LOGICAL and wants her to be old enough to remember it. I'm all EMOTIONAL and like "LET'S GO NOOOOOOOOW!!!!" Ok, ok. I know he's right, but don't tell him that.
2. While I was pregnant numerous people told us they hoped the baby got my personality and the Hubs intelligence. Not sure if we should have individually been insulted, but at least we compliment each other, right?!?!?
Remember back when I was pregnant? Yeah, I have a hard time remembering that time too. Feels like YEARS ago!

Two Things I'm Looking Forward To This Weekend:
1. Family time. Yes, I get this everyday. But, I love the weekends where we get ALL day together.
My whole world, in this one picture.

2. Along the family-time lines... going on walks with the Hubs, Sadie and Bailey.
It's hard to take Sadie when I take Bailey on walks because.... well, Sadie can be an asshole on walks. Her beagle instincts take over and girl just wants to sniff everything and pulls like CRAZY and it's just too much with Bailey in tow. So, sadly, Sadie gets left behind when B and I go on our morning walks so I'm looking forward to us all being able to go for a few walks this weekend. Hear that, mother nature? That means you gotta cooperate!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Bailey: 6 Month Update

Happy 6 month birthday, peanut! I cannot believe you're half a year old already!!

Age: A whopping 6 months! NO WAY!!! I swear, I was driving myself to the hospital SURE I was going to be sent home like yesterday. NO WAY is she already 6 months old. UNBELIEVABLE.

Weight/Height: We have our doc appointment tomorrow, so I'll know for sure then... but, I'd guess about 13 pounds. I'm beyond excited to see just how much, though. Girl is filling out for sure. Just look at those cheeks. I can't even handle it.

Sleep: Ooooooh, sleep. We started this month out ROUGH. We were in the midst of moving and dealing with a time change and not having the Hubs around much. Add to it that I think (based on her CONSTANTLY knawing on her hands and OMG the buckets and buckets of drool) she was teething. Oh, and maybe add a little 4-month sleep regression (I know she isn't 4 months old, but she was a premiee so she could have been going through it a little late). Yeah.... not good. I think she just kinda got all outta sorts. We had one night where she was up at midnight and then again at 1:50am. Which doesn't sound SO bad... except that she (and I) was up until 4:30am. Wowza. Let's just say she wasn't the only one crying that night and that there were obscene amounts of coffee drunk the next morning.

Anyway- luckily sleep got back to normal... which still isn't GREAT, but SO, SO, SOOOO much better than it was for those weeks. So, we're back to about 1 wake up in the middle of the night and her going right back down after eating. While I want her to sleep through the night as soon as physically possible, I'll take it.

Nursing: Still going well, though she's starting to get much more aware of the world, which is WAY MORE FUN than nursing sometimes. I try to nurse in a quiet room to help avoid distraction. Hopefully it doesn't start becoming a huge issue. Anyway- overall still going great. While I was working, I was nursing at 6:30am, 6:30pm and then 11pm-ish if the Hubs isn't around to give her a bottle, and again at 3am-ish. Then, she gets bottles of pumped milk at 9:30am, 12:30pm, and 3:30pm. Now that I'm home with her, we're nursing for all the sessions except the (now) 10pm-ish bottle of pumped milk from the Hubs. So, yes- I'm still pumping. BOO! But, only twice a day now which is SO MUCH MORE doable.

Likes: Her daddy! Seriously. Those 2 are the most adorable things together. Melts my heart every, single time. She gets a big goofy grin when she hears his voice or sees him. Plus, they do this "Rock Party, Dance Party" thing when she gets fussy where he dances around with her and sings like a crazy person. BEYOND adorable. I just can't even. I die.

She also really likes her feet lately. She's obsessed with them.

Oh, and right at the end of Month 5 (like, legit- last week), she became OBSESSED with Sadie. She'll even laugh just looking at her. She reaches out for her and wants to touch her all the time. It's beyond cute. Now, if I could just teach her not to GRAB and SQUEEZE (& trust me, girl has a grip!) Sadie each time, we'd be in business. Baby steps, people.

Dislikes: Same. Carseat. Girl just hates it. I explain each time that it's not negotiable, but she does not care. We've tried sitting in the back to entertain her, sun screens to keep the sun off her, cranking the AC, and every other thing we could think of. She'll SCREAM an entire car ride and then stop the second we pull her out of the car. Silly goose.

Special Moments/Milestones: 
Getting those feet to her mouth! She'd been working on it for weeks and then one day- BOOM-- contact! Now, she can't keep them out of her mouth. It's the cutest. Love, love, love.

She also met the Easter Bunny and had her first Easter.
Truth be told, Easter is not a big holiday for us and we weren't even going to get her pic taken with the bunny, but we passed by a local custard place that had a bunny there for free pics so we stopped by. She did great with him (is the Easter Bunny a him?) and didn't fuss or freak out at all! I'm glad we did get her pic taken... I mean- how cute is she?!?!?

Looking Forward To: Starting solids!!! I think we're going with a loose Baby-Led Weaning approach. Which is really just a fancy term for when you continue to breast feed (and baby getting the VAST majority of her nutrition from b-feeding), but start introducing solid, whole, real foods to baby, as well. No jar/pureed or baby food. It just makes logical sense to me. I think we will do SOME jar food/spoon feeding, but I also think we'll  mainly give her real, whole foods and let her feed herself.
Sitting in her "highchair" seat-thing, getting used to it! She's SO BIG now!!
We very intentionally waited til 6 months to start solids, per our pediatrician and the AAP recomendations.  As Bailey is a preemie, our Doc was VERY FIRM that we wait til 6 months. I also did a lot of research (like this articlethis article , this article and this article) on it and decided it was best for Bailey and our family to wait. I got a LOT of "why haven't you started solids?" and "she's starving! give her some cereal!" and "she's not sleeping because she needs solids!" (especially from older women... like, you'd be amazed how many strangers stopped and would talk to me about it. WEIRD.). I once had a lady in the baby aisle tell me to find the bottles that you could give them cereal through and that I should start with that "if I cared about my baby". WOAH. People feel strongly about this whole food thing. I get and respect that each family has to do what is best for them and I genuinely appreciated the friendly advice, even if I didn't agree with or follow it. This is what was best for us. Nothing against anyone who started solids sooner or who gave me that advice. Just not for us.  Simple as that. I'm a firm believer that we all have to do the best for OUR situation, which is very, very likely going to be very different than the person sitting next to yous situation. Neither is right or wrong. It is what it is. We've done and will continue to do what's best for our family.


Not Looking Forward To: Crazy smelly diapers after start solids? LOL. I don't know... nothing really. Loving each new day and moment with her. :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 5/4-5/10

Weekly Workout Recap: 5/4-5/10

Sunday, 5/4: 3.25 mile run
Monday, 5/5: Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred, Level 1 & 2 mile walk
Tuesday, 5/6: 8-Minue Abs and 8-Minute Arms & 4 mile walk
Wednesday, 5/7: None
Thursday, 5/8: Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred, Level 1 & 4.5 mile walk
Friday, 5/9: None
Saturday, 5/10: 3 mile run

Now that I'm back to being a (temporary) Stay-at-Home-Mom (SAHM), my workouts look much, much different than while I was working out of the house. For a while, I was getting pretty solid mid-day runs in during my lunch hour and then there was a solid 3-week stretch (ya know, while I was single mom-ing it) of no workouts at all. Now, I feel like I'm falling somewhere in the middle. Going to the gym is not an option at all right now, as there's no time and we don't even have a membership. I'm back to working out more days than not, which is great. I'm not running as much as I'd like because it's just not really feasible right now, but hopefully after I get the all-clear from B's doctor I can start running with her in the jogging stroller we just bought for $60 off craigslist! Either way, I'm glad to be sweating a little more these days and am LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOVING me and Bailey's walks together. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Back Together Again!

We're back together again!!!! And, while we have boxes to unpack, laundry to do, an apartment to get organized, doctors to find (you know... seeing as how Bailey turns 6-months and needs a check up NEXT week-- whaaaat?!?! When did that happen?!?!), and a million other things to do, none of it matters as much as the simple fact that we are back together as a family. Finally.

Being back together illustrates even more clearly just how freaking hard it was to be apart. But, that doesn't matter now. Now, all that matters is we're back together as a family and ready to start this new phase of our lives.

The Hubs left for work this morning and Bailey and I are settling into our new Leave 2.0 routine. So far, I'm in love. Even though B woke up earlier than she should have, and the dog threw up this morning, and B had a blow out, and a gazillion other things... doesn't matter. I know I'm EXACTLY where I'm supposed to be right now in life and could not be happier. So, if you'll excuse me-- I have a second cup of coffee to drink and a baby to play with.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Saying Goodbye

I admit it. I'm an emotional mess lately.

While I am so, so ready to be family with the Hubs again and so beyond done being a pseudo single parent, I am also sad to leave the life we created in South Bend.

I was driving by the hospital we had Bailey at the other day and thought "I won't get to drive by this all the time anymore!". And, then I realized we're leaving the house we brought Bailey home to. And Sadie home to!

Needless to say, while I'm excited to move and have some of the last's I mentioned before, there have also been/will be a lot of sad "lasts", too.
Also sad? My goodbye party from work! So bittersweet! I'll miss my co-workers and my job!

The most sad? Easy. Hands down, leaving our daycare. Finding good daycare is HARD. I searched MONTHS to find one. I was so nervous to leave B with someone I didn't know.

Well, turns out, I love, love, loooove Bailey's daycare provider. It was SO hard to leave Bailey with a stranger and go back to work. And, please don't misunderstand me- I am BEYOND EXCITED to get a little extra time at home with her (& I think it speaks VOLUMES that out of everyone I've told our situation to, the older women ALWAYS tell me to take my time finding a new job and just enjoy this time with B-- and, I plan to take their advice!). But, I will miss Bailey's daycare and her teacher. Very much. We've bonded in a way I never imagined when we started. I will legitimately miss chit chatting with her everyday. I will miss her. And, I will definitely miss KNOWING Bailey is in great hands and cared for like family while she's away from me all day. She has been wonderful to Bailey and to our family and she will be missed. Simple as that.

Anyway- I wanted to share the goodbye present we got for her, as I thought it was pretty cute! After numerous Pinterest searches, here's what I came up with...

I bought a plant (with a cute, bright and cheery duckie vase... perfect for a daycare and for a gift from a baby!) and attached a note that says "Dear Miss Bev, Thank you for helping me GROW! I will miss you very much! Love, Bailey".
Get it?? GROW. Because plants grow. Get it?!?! SO clever. Thank you, Pinterest!
Then, using PicMonkey, I made the below print which reads "It takes a big heart to help shape little minds" and framed it. 

I can take no credit for the originality of either idea, but I thought they were super cute, so wanted to share.

Anyway- if you're ever looking for childcare in the South Bend, Indiana area-- let me know. I've got a great one and she'll be missed.