Thursday, May 15, 2014

Two Thing Thursday

Two Thing Thursday...

Two Foods I Can't Get Enough Of:
1. Target's Monster Trail Mix.
OMG. It is beyond addictive. And please don't let the phrase "trail mix" fool you into thinking this is healthy. It's not. It's essentially candy in a jar and worth every delicious bite.

2. Coffee (that totally counts as a food, right?). However, I was mega pissed when I went to Dunkin' Donuts during their happy hour and got charged full price for a vanilla latte. Ok, I get that the iced coffee is on special for 99 cents and this was a latte... but, hello- let's be real: a latte is an iced coffee with milk. Whatever. Lesson learned. Speaking of coffee... I really need to clean my Keurig.
I had no idea that was something I was supposed to do, but apparently it is and you should do it every few months. Yeaaaaah. Our was a wedding gift and has never been cleaned. Whoops.

Two Things I Should Have Done Yesterday, But Didn't:
1. Vaccumed. I just ran out of time. I thought when I started this "Leave 2.0" SAHM business that I'd have ALL THE FREE TIME to do shit. And, I do get a lot of shit done. But, the day also FLIES by and somedays not everything can get done. Oh well.
2. Picked up the key for our apartment complex pool! It opens next week and I'm SO EXCITED to take B swimming!! Gotta go get the key before it opens.

Two Shows I'm Watching: (Note: the Hubs and I got rid of cable, so all TV watching is now ala Netflix or DVDs. So far, it's been just fine!)
1.  Orange is the New Black
Have you watched this show? I know I'm hella late to this party, but OMG. It's gross and hysterical and witty and addictive. I'm about half through season 1. Thank goodness for nap time!

2. Lost
Yep. The Hubs and I are still making our way through this series. Confession: we're still only about half through season 2. Hey, it's hard to have time with a new-ish born! That, and we're lazy, even in our TV watching. That takes talent!

Two Random Facts About the Hubs and Me:
1. We can't agree when to take Bailey to Disney for the first time. Hubs is all LOGICAL and wants her to be old enough to remember it. I'm all EMOTIONAL and like "LET'S GO NOOOOOOOOW!!!!" Ok, ok. I know he's right, but don't tell him that.
2. While I was pregnant numerous people told us they hoped the baby got my personality and the Hubs intelligence. Not sure if we should have individually been insulted, but at least we compliment each other, right?!?!?
Remember back when I was pregnant? Yeah, I have a hard time remembering that time too. Feels like YEARS ago!

Two Things I'm Looking Forward To This Weekend:
1. Family time. Yes, I get this everyday. But, I love the weekends where we get ALL day together.
My whole world, in this one picture.

2. Along the family-time lines... going on walks with the Hubs, Sadie and Bailey.
It's hard to take Sadie when I take Bailey on walks because.... well, Sadie can be an asshole on walks. Her beagle instincts take over and girl just wants to sniff everything and pulls like CRAZY and it's just too much with Bailey in tow. So, sadly, Sadie gets left behind when B and I go on our morning walks so I'm looking forward to us all being able to go for a few walks this weekend. Hear that, mother nature? That means you gotta cooperate!

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  1. Hmmm... mother nature has been kind of bitchy lately... I'll keep my fingers crossed. Especially since if I don't get out and run, I'm going to have to walk the entire 1/2 in a couple of weeks. I sooo need to wash my Keurig too. I don't use it really so I forget. But I don't want to break it because the (horribly) hard water here eats through it!