Friday, May 16, 2014

15 Thing Friday

1. I very likely won't make it to 15 things. Yes, I'm calling this from the start and refuse to just see how many points I get to and then make it X Thing Friday. Nope. That'd be way to logical.

2. Bailey is currently fighting a nap. Love when this happens. She's tired. She's grumpy. She's TIRED. But, sleep? NO WAY. Sleep is BORING. Girl has shit to do! Meanwhile all I can keep thinking is "You're tired, Bailey! Go to sleeeeeep!!!!"

3. We're heading to the semi-local (like 20 minutes away... yes, the closest mall is 20 minutes away. I don't want to talk about it) mall today. I need to get the AC in my car looked at and they have a Sears. Plus, it's been rainy all night/morning and it's supposed to keep raining and I need to get outta the house and move around a little.

Excited to explore a new mall! Here's hoping they have a semi-decent area to nurse.

4. Speaking of... have you seen this?
whennaturecalls Ads fight for right to breastfeed in public
LOVE it. As a nursing mom who has had to nurse in a public bathroom (for the record, I have also nursed out in public in restaurants, doctors offices, stores, etc.) before, I feel this ad all too much. A public bathroom is NO place for a baby to be, let alone to have to eat.
5. I thought about trying to find a YouTube yoga channel and do a little yoga. Then I remembered that every single time I've yoga-ed, I hate it. I think I'm officially quitting the charade. Yoga and I are broken up. It's official.
6. Dude. I mentioned yesterday I needed to clean out my Keurig and so I actually did last night (because if you put it on the internet you HAVE to do it, right?). Anyway-- if you've never cleaned yours-- DO IT. Dude. It was SO GROSS. It was crazy easy: after a quick google search I simply ran 1 cup (note: I have a Keurig mini, 1-cup-er) of white vinegar through it, just like you would water to make coffee. LOOK WHAT CAME OUT:
Those pics don't even do it justice. It was GROSS. That liquid was CLEAR going in. And, the little particles all over. Bleah. I'm almost gagging just thinking about it. Anyway- I ended up doing 2 vinegar runs and the second was BARELY better than the first. Grossssss. I'm gonna do another run through or two this weekend. SO GLAD I finally remembered to do this. Oh, and don't forget to do 1 or 2 plain water run throughs after your vinegar run before you go to actually drink something from it unless you enjoy vinegar flavored coffee.

7. In love with this look from Blake Lively. Perfection.

8. I sorta love the idea of these pants.
Totally don't think I can pull them off, though. I LOVE the idea, but just don't think they'd look good on ME.

9. Speaking of not looking good on me, my body is in this really cool post-baby stage where, while the weight is gone, the shape of my body is just not the same. I have the classic mom-belly-pooch. My legs aren't anywhere nearly as toned as they were pre-baby. Bleah. I'm just feeling sorta BLEAH about my appearance lately. 100% doesn't help that essentially NONE of my pre-baby clothes fit anymore... or at least they don't fit WELL and compliment my body the way they used to. I know I need to just suck it up and go buy some new clothes and I'll feel MUCH better... but, what clothes do I buy? Ones that fit now, but may not fit after my body continues to sorta re-adjust and/or I (hopefully, someday) get back in shape or do I buy clothes that fit NOW knowing they may only fit during this weird inbetween stage? I know, I know. Buy them to fit NOW. But, who has money to have like 12 different wardrobes?? Bleah. I'm hoping to go shopping next week and at least get a few pieces I feel good about.

10. Yep, still fighting her nap. I'm gonna need a drink tonight. Bring on the Summer Shandy! 

11. Real quick-- did you know they make Summer Shandy in cans??? Even better, a local pizza place (that happens to be the Hubs favorite) has it in DRAFT. Life = complete. Let's be honest draft > can > bottle.

12. Ok, told you I wouldn't make it to 15. To be fair, 12 is WAY more than I was expecting. Anyway- I'm out. Happy Friday! 

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