Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap (4/22-4/28)

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Weekly Workout Recap (4/22-4/28):
Monday, 4/22: 45 minutes elliptical & 2 mile walk
Tuesday, 4/23: 8-Minute Arms & 40 minutes run/walk intervals & 2.5 miles
Wednesday, 4/24: 6.5 miles & walking lunges & 3 miles & 8-Minute Arms

Thursday, 4/25: 8-Minute Arms
Friday, 4/26: 2.5 miles & 60 minute spinning class

Saturday, 4/27: Rest Day (out of town)
Sunday, 4/28: Rest Day (out of town)

Totals for Week (4/22-4/28):
12 Miles Run

1 Spinning Class
0 Signature Strength Class
3 8-Minute Arms
40 Minutes Run/Walk Intervals
45 minutes elliptical
2 Miles Walked
3ish Rest Day

Yeaaaah. About this week. This just weren't happening. I wish I had some big huge reason... but, the truth was-- I just wasn't feeling it. I didn't FEEL like running much. So, I didn't. Simple as that. I still got in some good workouts (spin class, elliptical, run/walk intervals, walks). Somedays I just don't FEEL like running. Sometimes, even when I feel like that, I run anyway. Sometimes I don't. This week was more of the later. It happens. Being out of town for the whole weekend (though crazy fun) didn't help maters either. Not great since I'm supposed to run a 25K nextweekend. That's over 15 miles. I haven't run that far in a whiiiiile. Hell, I didn't even run that many TOTAL this week. Here's hoping I make it next weekend!

Friday, April 26, 2013

15 Thing Friday

1. Raise your hand if you are 100% O-V-E-R this week and beyond ready for the weekend? Seriously. Is the world on crack this week? What is going on? Is it too much to ask that people just be NORMAL and NICE? Seriously. No, but seriously. Is it? After this week, I'm starting to think yes.

2. Song Obsession of the Week:

I love Sara Bareilles and I think this song is super cute. I've been humming it all week. It's next on iTunes to-download list.

3. Song Obsession of the Week, Part 2:
The Hubs picked the first dance song for our wedding on his own and surprised me. It wasn't this song, but this one was one of the finalist so every time I hear it I think of our wedding. Awwww. Vomit, I know.

4. SOOOO excited for Divergent!!!
Pissed that this is the ONLY pic they've released, but SO excited for the movie. Not sure about Shailene Woodley for the lead... we'll have to see... either way-- HURRY UP AND COME OUT ALREADY!!

5. Oops. I did it again.
No, no-- it's not another marathon or a Britney Spears tribute race though that would be awesome. It's "just" a 5k. My FIL and I are running it together! Can't wait!!

6. Celebrity MISS of the week...
Gwyneth gets on my nerves, so maybe I'm biased... but, WTF is this? Where are your underware?? I just don't dig it. At all.

7. Celebrity HIT of the week...
I didn't even know who this is. I legit had to look it up. Meet Jaimie Alexander. She was in Thor apparently (haven't seen it). Whoever she is-- she sure showed Gwyneth up at the Iron Man 3 premiere. Girl looks amazing! Great color, shape, fit and her hair and make up wrap up her flawless look. Love.

8. THIS is all I felt like doing this week:
Horizontal running = SO much easier than vertical running. Good call, Pitch Perfect.

9. WOWZA, sorority. This is baaaad. Who writes that?!?! My goodness! I've always said I have a potty mouth, but after reading this-- MAN! This girl... no. Just no, no, no. Inappropriate on WAY too many levels and DAMN who needs to use the F-bomb that many times in 1 email?!?!

10. I'm heading out of town this weekend for a Bachelorette Party with these two crazy girls.
Beyond pumped. It's always a good time when you put the 3 of us together. Can't wait!!

11. Haha. This article is funny. The girl dunking cracks me up.

12. I want this dress. I think it's fun and summery and simple and cute. Anyone wanna donate $65 to the buy Meagan a new dress she doesn't need fund?? Anyone??
13. Seriously, who can afford this?
And, HOW??? $47,000 per month in maintenance ALONE??? Oh, and don't forget about the mortgage. Come on. Do people actually spend this kinda money in real life?!?! Seriously.
14. I mean... I got nothing else. It's been WAY too long of a week to try to be clever or interesting now.
15. Truth.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Snow and a Funk

I mean... how is it still snowing?!?! Seriously. It's APRIL.

Whatever. I know this happens every year, but I am OVER it. Come on, Mother Nature! Work with me!!
Anyway, while I would LOVE to blame Mother Nature on my kinda MEH attitude about the gym this week... I can't. It's 100% me. I just feel MEH. I can't blame weather or over training or being busy... though I have been busy and the weather has been a bitch. Really, I just haven't been FEELING it this week. Hopefully just a phase? I'm gonna try to kick myself in the booty and get over to the gym for a good ol' fashion runch today. We'll see how that goes.
So true. It always seems like SUCH a bigger deal before you actually start doing it than it does when you're actually doing it.
I've been trying to figure out where this funk is coming from and I'm kinda at a loss. Maybe it was just time for a funk. Who knows.
So, I'm telling myself to suck it up a little and get out there. I'm not gonna tell myself it has to be fast. Not even gonna tell myself it has to be X number of miles. I'm just gonna go. Hopefully I'll last 10 minutes. Then, maybe 20. 30. 40. 50. We'll see.
First, I just have to GO. Like, now. Annnny second now I'll get up and head over to the gym.  
Ok, ok. I hear you. I'm going.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday.... err... Tuesday

Woah! It's been hella long since I've done a WIAW! Like, over a month long. Crazzzy!!! It must be my lucky day, because it's back!!! I actually remembered to snap pics of everything I had yesterday. Miracle! Without further rambling... here's my What I Ate Wednesday... er... What I Ate Tuesday... Whatever.
A co-worker brought in muffins! Too good to pass on. YUM! Coffee and water on the side.
Homemade sausage and lentil soup (oh, and an apple, a piece of bread and water on the side). SOOO good. And, pretty easy.
Sausage and Lentil Soup:
-1 pound lentils
-Lots of veggies (I used 1 onion, 1 zucchini, 1 yellow squash, ~4 celery stalks, ~4 carrots)
-2 cans diced tomatoes
-1 pound sausage (I used extra lean spicy turkey sausage)
-Spices (~1 tsp each: oregano, basil, red pepper flakes, thyme, pepper, salt)
-Some EVOO
-6ish cups chicken broth
Cook sausage in EVOO til done. Meanwhile, cover lentils with boiling water in bowl to soak for ~15 minutes. When sausage is done, add veggies and spices and cook for ~15 minutes. Add lentils, tomatoes, and chicken broth. Cook for ~90 minutes, stirring often and adding more broth or water to desired consistency.
It makes a TON and is sooooo good and SOOO good for you! LOADED with veggies and lentils and some extra protein from the sausage. It's delicious. I'm having it everyday this week for lunch and there's still a freaking shit ton left. LOVE.
What I didn't love? Spilling it on my pants. Doh!
Nothing super exciting. Pasta with jarred sauce and some goat cheese with a side of broccoli and califlower. Easy. Quick. Yummy.
Later that night I also had some homemade trail mix (aka: mini marshmellows, chocolate chips, raisins, almonds).
The soup was definitely the highlight of the day. Seriously. It might not sound great, but it is delicious. So delicious, in fact, that I'm having it again for lunch today. And tomorrow. And Friday. :) 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap (4/15-4/21)

Weekly Workout Recap (4/15-4/21):
Monday, 4/15: 4 miles & 25 minutes elliptical
Tuesday, 4/16: 5 miles & 20 minutes elliptical
Wednesday, 4/17: 3 miles, 60 minute spinning class, 40 minutes run/walk intervals

Thursday, 4/18: 2 miles & 10 minutes elliptical (kinda an unplanned rest day)
Friday, 4/19: 3 miles & 60 minute spinning class

Saturday, 4/20: 5.5 mile s& 30 minute elliptical & 2 mile walk
Sunday, 4/21: 11 miles & 3 mile walk

Totals for Week (4/15-4/21):
33.5 Miles Run

2 Spinning Class
0 Signature Strength Class
40 Minutes Run/Walk Intervals
85 minutes elliptical
5 Miles Walked
1ish Rest Day

Wednesday was an odd day. I had every intention of getting a full workout in, but was just. not. feeling. it. at. all. I did 2 miles and then 10 minutes on the elliptical and called it. The weather's been weird here and it was SO hot in the gym. I was DRENCHED in sweat... more than I am usually after a full hour+ workout. Whatever the reason, I was just over it. So, I called it. If after 30ish minutes I'm still not feeling it-- it's just time to call it. Not even a little sorry about it. I'll call it a rest-ish day. I did get a great long run in over the weekend, which I didn't get the week before and likely won't get this week, so that's great. Love double digits!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

15 Thing Friday

1. No, but seriously... how is it Friday already? Where did this week go??

2. Check out this article a friend of mine (hi, K!!) showed me... makes very interesting points about the whole "You're more beautiful than you think you are" campaign showing up everywhere.

3. I kind love these pants.
I don't think I could pull them off... but, I'm obsessed.

4. Celebrity Fashion time... let's go bad first.
This is the girl from Kickass and I think she's super cute. Buuuut, wtf is this dress? Didn't Britney Spears try something like this once? Let's let that "fad" just be done forever.
5. Oh, you know you wanna see the Britney denim dress again.
Even better that it was WITH Justin Timberlake. They'll never live this down. Ever.

6. Ok, moving onto the good celebrity fashion...
Girl is crazy, but even preggo, Evan Rachel Wood is stunning.

7. Let's do 2 great looks this week...
Kate Hudson is obviously always beautiful, but I think this color looks amazing on her.

8. I don't care if you love babies or not (who doesn't, though?!?!): tell me this isn't one of the cutest things you've seen all day??
Those cheeks!!! TOO cute!!

9. The Hubs and I are off to a trivia night tonight. I'm bringing cookies. Somehow I managed to burn the shit outta my arm while baking said cookies. OUCH!
It's not like I haven't made cookies a bazillion times. Clearly I don't know how to use the oven. This is why we can't have nice things. From now on, the Hubs has to do all the baking and cooking in our house. Seems fair.

10. The Hubs sent me flowers this week.
Let me rephrase... the Hubs sent me flowers this week for NO REASON. Yup, he's a keeper. <3

11. So my signature strength teacher quit the gym last week. He went on vacation and just never came back. Or something. I don't know. All I know is that he's gone and I'm BUMMED. Dude was hardcore and I loved that class.

12. I had these today and, I gotta admit-- they weren't even that good.
Don't worry.... I still ate them all. And, yes- I was too lazy to turn that pic in photoshop.

13. Song obsession of the week:

14. So, I got an email with a recipe for this:
Slow Cooker Turkey Sandwiches
Slow cooker turkey sandwich. Am I the only one that wants to legit barf from this pic? Ewwwww. It just looks... ew. Ew. Ew. Ew.

15. And, let's close with this from Clueless (one of the best movies... ever.):

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yes, a weekend recap on THURSDAY. I'm awesome.

WOAH. Is it really Thursday already? This week has just FLOWN by.

I didn't even tell you about the race I ran this weekend! WHO AM I?!?!?

Cliffnote's version: My little sister and I (both University of Illinois alums) decided to do a race sponsored by U of I's I-Fund (which provides scholarships to athletes) which was being held this past weekend in Chicago.

We signed up for the 8K, but the lil sis wasn't really feeling the full 8 that morning, so we dropped down to the 5K.

I'm REALLY glad we did. It was COLD. And WINDY. And RAINY. We even LOOK cold, don't we?
And, yes-- I made my poor baby sister take her jacket off (she's holding it in the above pic) just so we could get a pic both in orange. I'm such a bad sister.

Anyway- we ran the 5K. Nothing really noteworthy. She's not a huge runner and we finished right around 30 minutes with only one small walk break. Girls a rockstar!

We got to Chicago the night before and stayed with her and her boyfriend, which was tons of fun! Sadie even came with and did SO good in the car. Her longest car ride to date!

The weekend was a blur... bib pick up, a TJ's stop, dinner at a crazy burger place (my burger had Siracha on it!! HEAVEN!), a movie (Taken 2... skip it), the race, and then a fabulous brunch. Super fun weekend. Love you, baby sis!!

So, that was this weekend. Yes, I am talking about LAST weekend 1 day away from THIS weekend. I'm way outta it this week.

Other than that, this week's been pretty normal... work, gym, work, gym. I even work my new race shirt to the gym Tuesday morning.

Yeah, this is HUGE. Why do race shirts never fit me right?!? Too bad too, because this one is CUTE and the back says "I RUN THIS TOWN". Love. Drat the fit. It'll still work for the gym, though.

Anyway-- this weekend's packed... Friday night we're doing a charity trivia night (which I have to bake for tonight!), Saturday I have to work, then we may go see a friend do comedy. Sunday I wanna try (if the rain hold off) to get a long run in. It's looking good right now...

Post-long run I have big house cleaning and laundry plans. FUN, FUN.

Wanna come clean my house for me this weekend?? We can go for a run together first! Then, I'll nap while you clean. PERFECT. Who could pass up a deal like that?!?!? :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayers for the Boston Marathon

Words cannot describe.

I'm sickened and just in shock. Thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in the Boston Marathon today.

Weekly Workout Recap (4/8-4/14)

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Weekly Workout Recap (4/8-4/14):
Monday, 4/8: 40 minutes run/walk intervals
Tuesday, 4/9: 60 minute Signature Strength class & 2.5 miles & 1 mile walk
Wednesday, 4/10: 60 minute Spinning class & 3 miles

Thursday, 4/11: 6.5 miles
Friday, 4/12: 3 miles

Saturday, 4/13: Rest
Sunday, 4/14: I-Fund 8K 5k Run

Totals for Week (4/8-4/14):
18.1 Miles Run 

1 Spinning Class
1 Signature Strength Class
40 Minutes Run/Walk Intervals
1 Miles Walked
1 Rest Day

This week was kinda an off week. I had several meetings during lunch, so lunch time gym sessions were out. Not as much as I'd like or as normal for me, but not every week can be stellar. It is what it is.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

If you're even remotely the same level of run-nerd as I am, please watch this video.

Dude. Girl hopes to run a 2:22 marathon. That's pretty freaking close to my first half time.... HALF. And, that's her FULL goal. Craaaaazy. That's just absolute insanity.

SERIOUSLY. I'm newly obsessed with her. Kara Goucher will always be my #1 girl runner crush, but Shalane is a very close second. 

Remember this pic from the Olympics?
Pinned Image
How freaking cute are they!?!?!?? I want to meet them both and become like BFFs. That's do-able, right? And totally not stalker-ish at ALL.
I love that these two women train together AND compete against each other. I love that while they absolutely want to beat each other and are hard-core competitors against each other, they are also close friends and each others biggest supporters. LOVE it. Such a great display of women supporting each other, despite also competing against each other. I think it's just SO rare to see that. Sometimes, women can be SO catty toward each other and it's just SO refreshing and amazing to see these two rise above and manage to be both to each other. Love, love, love.
So, anyway. That's that. I'm obsessed with these two strangers. Can't wait to see how they do on Monday at the Boston Marathon.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nuun: Hood to Coast

By now I'm sure all you blog stalkers out there know all about the fact that applications for Nuun's Hood to Coast team were out and the deadline has now past. Bigger news? NO repeat Nuun-ers are being taken back on their team, which leaves rooms for lots of newbies.

Which newbies??? Well, maybe me! That's right-- I applied.

<Side note: No idea what Nuun is? Definitely check them out! And then go buy a tube. My favorite flavor is grape, but I guess you can try whatever kind you want. I guess.>

<Side note 2: No idea what Hood to Coast is? It's an AMAZING 197-mile relay race from Mt. Hood down the Oregon coast that I would give my left nut anything to run. It looks AMAZING. Hello. You run down a mountain. SIGN ME UP.>

Anyway-- I haven't said anything about it because I'm kinda shy (Woah-- me?!?! Shy?!?! Kinda. Sometimes. This time.) about it. Anyway-- I applied!

I wasn't sure if I wanted to apply... I mean, I love to run and I love Nuun and I would LOOOOOVE to run H2C, but I just wasn't sure. I guess I doubted I'd get on the team. Then, I decided--- WHATEVER! You never know if you don't try. So, I'm trying!

To apply you needed:

  1. Have not run Hood to Coast with Nuun in the past CHECK!
  2. Are female Um... yeah, got that one covered-- CHECK!
  3. Have an active blog CHECK!
  4. Love Nuun CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!
  5. Are really fun! CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! I mean... I'm just saying... I'm totally fun. Totally.

I don't have the biggest blog (obviously), but you never know where life may take you and I didn't want to at least thrown my name in the hat. So, I applied!

You can go here to check out my video application if you want and if you promise you won't make fun of me. Deal? I mean, I look like a spaz, but what else is new, right!?!!?

The blogger's selected to run on Nuun's H2C team are supposed to be announced next week, so wish me luck!! Good luck to all those other bloggers who applied!!

Weekend: Chicago is WINDY!


It's Tuesday already! Can you believe it?? I've had 1 too many cups of coffee this morning, so this post might be WAY too hyper. Consider yourself warned and stop reading now!

So, this weekend I went to Chicago for one of my very best friend's bachelorette party (round 1... round 2 is in a few weeks) and bridal shower!!

I took off Friday right after work and was crazy surprised not to hit ANY good ol' rush hour traffic. 
Don't worry, Hubs-- I was stopped when I took this pic. I PROMISE. I didn't text or do anything on my phone the WHOLE drive.
It was actually a super nice day, so the drive was nice.
The party started at 6:30pm CST, but since that's 7:30pm EST (my time zone) I knew I wouldn't make it without a little snack.
Try these. They're good. ALMOST like a candy bar. I don't really think ANY granola bar tastes JUST LIKE A SNICKERS (or any other candy bar), but this is a close second. And, even if it doesn't taste like a snickers, it's still damn good.
Anyway-- I got to the party in PLENTY of time (again-- thanks to no traffic). The rest of Friday night was spent bachelorette partying it up! A few too many glasses of wine, LOTS of great food, and ammmmmazing friends. Love, love, love.
I have pretty much NO appropriate pictures to show, except this one.
Our ONE "nice" pic of the night where we're not acting like lunatics. The bride is in the middle. LOVE these girls.
All the rest of the pics from this night may or may not have a blow up doll in them. I can neither confirm nor deny.
I stayed with one of the other bridesmaids, who also happens to be one of my BFF's too (in the yellow in the pic above). She and I got back to her house WAY too late and I crashed immediately.
I was up the next morning bright and early and out the door by 8am to head downtown. I had BIG plans. See, the bridal shower wasn't scheduled til Sunday and the friend I was staying with had ANOTHER shower that Saturday for her cousin. So, I had ALL DAY Saturday free. What's a girl to do??? RUN!
I got downtown and got off Lake Shore Drive at Montrose Beach and immediately found FREE parking! SCORE. I was a little nervous for the run because Mother Nature wasn't looking the happiest...
Rain and windy? Oh yay.
I set out and immediately got hit with that wind. HOLY COW. I heard later wind gusts were over 20mph that morning. I felt like I was running in place it was so strong. But, I kept running. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, minus the whole wind thing. The temps were pretty perfect and there were a TON of people running all over.
I LOVED the change of scenery. It made the run FLY by. I started at Montrose Beach and ran to Navy Pier. This whole leg was AGAINST the wind.

Told you-- WIND. Check out that hair. WOAH.

I didn't look at my Garmin the whole time. I felt like I was CRAWLING and going ridiculously slow and just didn't want to see it on the watch. I also didn't bring any fuel or water.... whoops. I did find 1 working water fountain, so got a drink once... but, that was it. Not the smartest move I've ever made, but I survived.

Anyway, I turned around at Navy Pier and finally had the wind to my back, though I swear the wind died down a bit the whole way back.

Ok-- maybe not. PS- are my eyes even open in this pic?!?!
Anyway-- I finished 13.5 miles in 2:03:45 for a 9:09 average pace. Definitely my slowest run in a while, but I did still manage to get the half in under 2:00, so I was OK with it. When I checked out my splits later I found out the half against the wind were all 9:15+, while the half with the wind were all 8:45ish. Thanks, wind.
After the run I changed clothes (in the car... NICE!) and did a SUPER quick babywipe down and then walked to meet two of my former staff members from when I worked at my previous job. LOVE them and it was SOOOOO GOOD to get to meet them for lunch and catch up. It was about a mile walk to the place we met, so it was a nice shake out for the legs too. After lunch I made it back to my car (another mile walk!) and then fought some nasty traffic back to my friends house.
The rest of Saturday night was spent running some last minute gift-errands, dinner, and getting our b-shower games ready while watching Pitch Perfect (LOVE that movie!!). Oh, and there MAY have been s'mores. DELICIOUS.
Sunday was bridal shower run!
Congrats to the Bride-to-be!!! LOVE you girls!!!!
So, that was the weekend. Bachelorette party fun, a crazy windy long run, reunion lunch, s'mores and a chick flick, and a bridal shower. A crazy busy weekend, but so, so fun. Can't wait for the wedding in May!!!