Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap (4/22-4/28)

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Weekly Workout Recap (4/22-4/28):
Monday, 4/22: 45 minutes elliptical & 2 mile walk
Tuesday, 4/23: 8-Minute Arms & 40 minutes run/walk intervals & 2.5 miles
Wednesday, 4/24: 6.5 miles & walking lunges & 3 miles & 8-Minute Arms

Thursday, 4/25: 8-Minute Arms
Friday, 4/26: 2.5 miles & 60 minute spinning class

Saturday, 4/27: Rest Day (out of town)
Sunday, 4/28: Rest Day (out of town)

Totals for Week (4/22-4/28):
12 Miles Run

1 Spinning Class
0 Signature Strength Class
3 8-Minute Arms
40 Minutes Run/Walk Intervals
45 minutes elliptical
2 Miles Walked
3ish Rest Day

Yeaaaah. About this week. This just weren't happening. I wish I had some big huge reason... but, the truth was-- I just wasn't feeling it. I didn't FEEL like running much. So, I didn't. Simple as that. I still got in some good workouts (spin class, elliptical, run/walk intervals, walks). Somedays I just don't FEEL like running. Sometimes, even when I feel like that, I run anyway. Sometimes I don't. This week was more of the later. It happens. Being out of town for the whole weekend (though crazy fun) didn't help maters either. Not great since I'm supposed to run a 25K nextweekend. That's over 15 miles. I haven't run that far in a whiiiiile. Hell, I didn't even run that many TOTAL this week. Here's hoping I make it next weekend!


  1. Do you like 8 minute arms? Is it e one on YouTube? I need to do something about my arms! It just has to be not too much of a commitment to stick with it.

    1. I do like it! I actually have the DVD, but I do think it's the same one on YouTube (crazy 80's with a guy in a crazy tight unitard thing). I don't think it's AS good of a workout as 8-minute Abs... though maybe that's because my abs are SOOOO weak that anything feels killer and maybe because I need to use heavier weights. Anyway-- I like that it's QUICK and it changes exercises every 45 seconds or something so not a lot of time to get bored. I'm trying to do it 3x per week right now-- getting the arms ready (err... more ready at least) for summer!