Friday, April 26, 2013

15 Thing Friday

1. Raise your hand if you are 100% O-V-E-R this week and beyond ready for the weekend? Seriously. Is the world on crack this week? What is going on? Is it too much to ask that people just be NORMAL and NICE? Seriously. No, but seriously. Is it? After this week, I'm starting to think yes.

2. Song Obsession of the Week:

I love Sara Bareilles and I think this song is super cute. I've been humming it all week. It's next on iTunes to-download list.

3. Song Obsession of the Week, Part 2:
The Hubs picked the first dance song for our wedding on his own and surprised me. It wasn't this song, but this one was one of the finalist so every time I hear it I think of our wedding. Awwww. Vomit, I know.

4. SOOOO excited for Divergent!!!
Pissed that this is the ONLY pic they've released, but SO excited for the movie. Not sure about Shailene Woodley for the lead... we'll have to see... either way-- HURRY UP AND COME OUT ALREADY!!

5. Oops. I did it again.
No, no-- it's not another marathon or a Britney Spears tribute race though that would be awesome. It's "just" a 5k. My FIL and I are running it together! Can't wait!!

6. Celebrity MISS of the week...
Gwyneth gets on my nerves, so maybe I'm biased... but, WTF is this? Where are your underware?? I just don't dig it. At all.

7. Celebrity HIT of the week...
I didn't even know who this is. I legit had to look it up. Meet Jaimie Alexander. She was in Thor apparently (haven't seen it). Whoever she is-- she sure showed Gwyneth up at the Iron Man 3 premiere. Girl looks amazing! Great color, shape, fit and her hair and make up wrap up her flawless look. Love.

8. THIS is all I felt like doing this week:
Horizontal running = SO much easier than vertical running. Good call, Pitch Perfect.

9. WOWZA, sorority. This is baaaad. Who writes that?!?! My goodness! I've always said I have a potty mouth, but after reading this-- MAN! This girl... no. Just no, no, no. Inappropriate on WAY too many levels and DAMN who needs to use the F-bomb that many times in 1 email?!?!

10. I'm heading out of town this weekend for a Bachelorette Party with these two crazy girls.
Beyond pumped. It's always a good time when you put the 3 of us together. Can't wait!!

11. Haha. This article is funny. The girl dunking cracks me up.

12. I want this dress. I think it's fun and summery and simple and cute. Anyone wanna donate $65 to the buy Meagan a new dress she doesn't need fund?? Anyone??
13. Seriously, who can afford this?
And, HOW??? $47,000 per month in maintenance ALONE??? Oh, and don't forget about the mortgage. Come on. Do people actually spend this kinda money in real life?!?! Seriously.
14. I mean... I got nothing else. It's been WAY too long of a week to try to be clever or interesting now.
15. Truth.


  1. Totally over this week as well. TGIF.

    What the hell is Gwyneth wearing?! It looks awful. I don't normally like yellow, but that dress rocks!

  2. Oh my goodness - that letter, WHEW! But did you read the comments under it? I was really surprised by how much support she got. That was weird to me. Anyway, very happy it's the weekend and it's closing! Yay! I think the 5k sounds very fun and can't wait to hear about it. Oh is that girl in the picture for that movie the lead from "Life of an American Teenager" or whatever it is?