Thursday, April 18, 2013

Yes, a weekend recap on THURSDAY. I'm awesome.

WOAH. Is it really Thursday already? This week has just FLOWN by.

I didn't even tell you about the race I ran this weekend! WHO AM I?!?!?

Cliffnote's version: My little sister and I (both University of Illinois alums) decided to do a race sponsored by U of I's I-Fund (which provides scholarships to athletes) which was being held this past weekend in Chicago.

We signed up for the 8K, but the lil sis wasn't really feeling the full 8 that morning, so we dropped down to the 5K.

I'm REALLY glad we did. It was COLD. And WINDY. And RAINY. We even LOOK cold, don't we?
And, yes-- I made my poor baby sister take her jacket off (she's holding it in the above pic) just so we could get a pic both in orange. I'm such a bad sister.

Anyway- we ran the 5K. Nothing really noteworthy. She's not a huge runner and we finished right around 30 minutes with only one small walk break. Girls a rockstar!

We got to Chicago the night before and stayed with her and her boyfriend, which was tons of fun! Sadie even came with and did SO good in the car. Her longest car ride to date!

The weekend was a blur... bib pick up, a TJ's stop, dinner at a crazy burger place (my burger had Siracha on it!! HEAVEN!), a movie (Taken 2... skip it), the race, and then a fabulous brunch. Super fun weekend. Love you, baby sis!!

So, that was this weekend. Yes, I am talking about LAST weekend 1 day away from THIS weekend. I'm way outta it this week.

Other than that, this week's been pretty normal... work, gym, work, gym. I even work my new race shirt to the gym Tuesday morning.

Yeah, this is HUGE. Why do race shirts never fit me right?!? Too bad too, because this one is CUTE and the back says "I RUN THIS TOWN". Love. Drat the fit. It'll still work for the gym, though.

Anyway-- this weekend's packed... Friday night we're doing a charity trivia night (which I have to bake for tonight!), Saturday I have to work, then we may go see a friend do comedy. Sunday I wanna try (if the rain hold off) to get a long run in. It's looking good right now...

Post-long run I have big house cleaning and laundry plans. FUN, FUN.

Wanna come clean my house for me this weekend?? We can go for a run together first! Then, I'll nap while you clean. PERFECT. Who could pass up a deal like that?!?!? :)

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