Thursday, April 11, 2013

If you're even remotely the same level of run-nerd as I am, please watch this video.

Dude. Girl hopes to run a 2:22 marathon. That's pretty freaking close to my first half time.... HALF. And, that's her FULL goal. Craaaaazy. That's just absolute insanity.

SERIOUSLY. I'm newly obsessed with her. Kara Goucher will always be my #1 girl runner crush, but Shalane is a very close second. 

Remember this pic from the Olympics?
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How freaking cute are they!?!?!?? I want to meet them both and become like BFFs. That's do-able, right? And totally not stalker-ish at ALL.
I love that these two women train together AND compete against each other. I love that while they absolutely want to beat each other and are hard-core competitors against each other, they are also close friends and each others biggest supporters. LOVE it. Such a great display of women supporting each other, despite also competing against each other. I think it's just SO rare to see that. Sometimes, women can be SO catty toward each other and it's just SO refreshing and amazing to see these two rise above and manage to be both to each other. Love, love, love.
So, anyway. That's that. I'm obsessed with these two strangers. Can't wait to see how they do on Monday at the Boston Marathon.

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