Wednesday, April 3, 2013

An Average Day

Who doesn't love the chance to stalk a little? Well, here's your chance to stalk me! Below is a glimpse into a "normal" day for me (when I actually do get up and workout in the morning... which is about 3 of the 5 days a week right now). EXCITING stuff here, people. Brace yourself.

4:55am: Alarm clock goes off.

I curse, but only in my head so as to not wake the Hubs. I have no idea how, but he doesn't wake up to my alarm clock. Freak of nature. Anyway, I don't snooze or anything, but I do lay there for a solid 60-seconds trying to talk myself out of bed. But, finally I do get up. I pee, brush my teeth, change into my already set out gym clothes, grab my pre-packed gym bag and my pre-picked out work clothes, take Sadie out (we go to the end of our street for a quick 5-minute walk/pee-break), grab my pre-packed lunch and am out the door by 5:15am.

5:15-5:30am: Drive to gym. Try not to get stopped by every. single. light. but, it happens almost every morning. Maybe if I left 30 seconds later or earlier I'd miss them?

5:30-6:50am: Gym time! Tuesday-Friday that means either Spinning or Signature Strength and then usually 2-2.5 miles on the treadmill. Monday's are now usually rest days, but if I do go to the gym early, it's a run or elliptical.

6:50-7:30am: Locker room to shower/get ready. I take about a 5-10 minute shower and then do my hair, make-up, and change. I'm out the door of the gym by 7:30am.

7:30-7:45am: Commute to work. The Hubs always texts me during this time to ask how the gym went, to say good morning, and usually to tell me something about Sadie. Love those texts. Best Hubs ever.
Yes, we do still talk about her bowel movements this much. No, I'm not embarrassed. Not even a little. (Clearly this post was started a while ago, hence the date of those texts... but, if you think these same convo's don't still happen you clearly don't know me.)

7:45am-1pm(ish): Work! Well, first get a cup of coffee immediately after walking in the door.

Then, work. Most of my day consists of sitting at a desk either meeting with students or emailing or working on some administrative-type task. I also have lots of random meetings, do presentations on career-related topics at classes or club meetings, etc. Every day is different. Below is a sample week's calendar with appointments and meetings and such. The non-scheduled time is spent returning emails and working on projects.

9am(ish): And, yes- I know-- I already went through 1pm! Sue me. Anyway-- around 9am each day I eat breakfast at my desk. Usually a greek yogurt and some cereal mixed in.

1-2pm(ish): "Lunch". Almost everyday during my lunch hour I go to our campus gym and either run on the indoor track (below) or do the elliptical. My boss is super supportive, so he's cool if I'm gone for a smidge over an hour every now and then and with me eating my lunch at my desk after my "lunch hour".  

2pm(ish): Actually eat lunch! I eat left overs or a sandwich, an apple, and carrots almost every day. I legit scarf down lunch in about 5 minutes and then get back to work.

2:05pm-5pm (or 5:30pm, depending on the day of the week): Work, work, wooooork!

5-5:15pm: Rush home before Sadie goes crazy and makes a mess in her crate.

5:15-5:30pm: Take Sadie out for a walk. Usually this is just a pretty quick bathroom walk, but if the Hubs is working late, I may take Sadie for a longer walk now and push everything below to a bit later.

5:30-6pm: Prep everything for the next day. Make lunches for me and the Hubs (yes, I make his lunch everyday), unpack and re-pack my gym back, pick out clothes for the next day, etc.
That would be TWO gym bags... one for the AM and one for lunchtime. I do a lot of laundry.

6-9pm: Dinner, TV, if the weather's nice take Sadie on another walk, run an errand or two if needed, etc.
No, this isn't what I eat EVERY night for dinner...but, I'd say it is what I have for dinner at LEAST once every other week. For sure.

9pm: Bedtime. Yes, I go to bed at 9pm. I'm an old woman who gets up far before dawn and I need my rest. Don't judge.


  1. I actually love this!!! You are so cute! Miss you!

    1. Awwww! Thanks!!!!! OMG-- MISS YOU TOO!!

  2. Love this Meagan! We have very similar schedules, I just don't get a lunch workout (SIGH). I do go to bed between 9 and 10 and get up at about the same time in the morning. :-)