Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap: 4/1-4/7

I decided to do a video instead of a quote or pic. Look at me being all high tech. Woah.

Weekly Workout Recap (4/1-4/7):
Monday, 4.1: 45 minute Spinning Class & 2 miles & 1.5 miles
Tuesday, 4.2: 60 minute Signature Strength class & 2 miles & 2.25 miles & 30 minutes run/walk intervals
Wednesday, 4.3: 60 minute Spinning class & 2.75 miles

Thursday, 4.4: 60 minute Signature Strength class & 2.5 miles & 2 miles & 30 minutes run/walk intervals & 3 mile walk with the Hubs and Sadie (it was SOOOO nice out!!)
Friday, 4.5: 60 minute Spinning class (note: left for out of town immediately after work)

Saturday, 4.6: 13.5 mile Long Run along Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago-- LOVE IT!! 2 mile walk. (note: out of town)
Sunday, 4.7: 1 mile walk. Rest Day (note: out of town... got back early evening)

Totals for Week (4/1-4/7):
28.5Miles Run 

2Spinning Class
2 Signature Strength Class
60 Minutes Run/Walk Intervals
6 Miles Walked
1 Rest Day

You'll notice 2 sets of run/walk intervals this week. That's because I'm helping a co-worker do the Couch25K program! We started the program last week with just walking and this week we started the run/walk intervals. Each intervals was 5 minutes warm up walk, 60s run/90s walk repeated as many times as we could with the time frame we had, 5 minutes cool down walk. We definitely weren't running fast, but it was a nice change of pace and nice to have someone else there and to spread my love o' running. It's really cool to help someone who is JUST getting into it. It reminds me SO much of when I started and how much it freaking sucked!When my schedule allowed, I tried to get there a few minutes early for a few minutes of hard running on my own. I also got to more group classes at the gym this week than I have for the past few weeks. I sometimes forget just how much I looooove group fitness & spinning classes. I was definitely reminded this week. Also did a long run along Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago which was AWESOME, though hella windy. It was a great change of scenary and made the run go by SO fast!!

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