Friday, March 29, 2013

15 Thing Friday

1. OMG. I want to make and devour this SO BAD.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pie
No, but seriously. How freaking good does that look????
2. It's been a while since we've had a celebrity look of the week and TRUST me when I say this week's shocked the hell out of me.
Yes. Yes, that is Vanessa Hudgens. Yes, she usually looks like a hippie wanna-be. I had to do a double take of her in this gorgeous yellow dress. Not everyone can pull off yellow and girl pulls it off in a big way here. She looks great!

3. Speaking of Vanessa Hudgens, the Hubs, a friend, and I saw Spring Breakers this weekend.
OMG. Words cannot even describe how F-ed up that movie is. Seriously. First of all, I legit have never seen so many boobs. Ever. And, I HAVE boobs. Second... it's just a MESSED UP movie. I knew NOTHING about this movie before we saw it but thought "Oh! It's got a chick from High School music, a chick from a bunch of Disney shit, a chick from Pretty Little Liars, and James Franco it in... it'll be a cute teeny-bopper movie." Yeaaaah. NO. NO, NO, NO. It is NOT a cute, teen ANYTHING. Just nooooo. Seriously. NO.

4. The Hubs and I legit have NO plans this weekend. I don't even know the last time that happened, nor do I anticipate it happening again for a long time. Any ideas on fun things we can do? It's supposed to be decent Spring-like weather, so we have big dog park plans on Saturday. We're SO exciting.

5. While we're talking about the weekend... it could not come fast enough this week. It's been a long, rough week. I'm beyond ready for 5pm today and for the weekend to officially be here. HURRY UP, 5pm!!

6. Let's just keep talking about the weekend since that is 100% all I can think about right now... while we don't have any set-in-stone plans, I do have a few big plans: first, I have some reading to catch up on.
VERY educational stuff right there. How I got TWO issues of US Weekly behind is beyond me. Clearly my priorities this week have been jacked. Bad news: my US Weekly groupon special subscription is almost up. I know... sad day.

7. Next, Comcast has their all-seasons-even-HBO-shows are free on their OnDemand special going on this week. While our stupid OnDemand was broken (OF COURSE) this week, it finally got fixed last night. So, this weekend me and my couch have a hot date. Only 2 more words are needed: TRUE BLOOD.

I can't even remember where I found this, but it's freaking FUNNY. Who doesn't need a good ol' knock knock joke on a Friday??

9. BIG NEWS! I had my car windows rolled down on the way home from work yesterday. WOOOOOAH.
Spring MUST be on it's way, right???

10. THIS article. Haha. I love me some Disney and this shit cracks me up. Especially #3.

SO TRUE! Why DID she answer the door?

11. The Hubs was one happy guy when this happened last night.
Being that he went to Purdue, the other in-state public 4-year university in Indiana, he kinda hates IU. Like, HATES. So, while we always cheer for any Big10 team in the tourney, he was MORE than happy Syracuse pulled that win off. Speaking of Big10 teams-- Go Michigan State and even Michigan (even though I can't stand U of M) tonight! Big10!!

12. Celebrity gossip catch up time? Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard had their baby girl yesterday. I think they are an ADORABLE couple and just too cute. Love them together.

They named their baby girl Lincoln Bell Shepard. I kinda love it. It's different, but not ridiculously crazy. Whatever. I dig it.

13. Btw, have you seen the video of Kristen Bell FREAKING out over a sloth? Google or YouTube it. You'll thank me.

14. The Hubs and I took Sadie for a 2 mile walk yesterday. I read a random fact (here) that the average person will walk the equivalent of 5x around the equator. Seeing as how the Hubs and I frequently take several mile walks (and I feel like that's not the "norm"), I wonder how many times we will? Seriously. I'm a freak. This is the shit I think about.

15. While it might not quite be 5pm yet... the sentiment remains... (sorry I'm not sorry about the bad words)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

10K PR!

Work is RIDICULOUSLY busy right now, so this recap might be a bit brief, but here goes nothing...

This weekend I ran the LaPorte County YMCA 10K. It was my very first 10K! How is that possible? I registered for a 10K when I started running, back in 2011, but ended up not being able to do the race because I had to go to a funeral. Somehow I never signed up for another one. Whoops!

A few weeks ago I was searching for a small, local 5 and 10K race to do together with my father-in-law, who is also a runner.
FIL on our very first run together, 2012
FIL and I dancing at our wedding, October 2012. Obviously this pic has nothing to do with running, but I just love it!

I came across the LaPorte County YMCA 5 and 10K race by accident, but when I saw the price -- $19!!!-- I knew it was perfect. We both signed up for it right away.

Race week finally came around and I didn't really know what to do. Should I taper? How much? Do I need to carb load? How fast should I go out? AHHHHHHH!!!

By Friday, I was in full on panic mode.

I managed to calm down a bit and got a pretty decent amount of sleep Friday night.

Saturday morning the Hubs and I were out the door by 7:45am. A quick run through the Starbucks drive-thru (using another free drink coupon!! score!!) and we were on our way to LaPorte. About 45 minutes later we got there and my FIL and I were back out the door to make our way to the race.

The race was very small, so parking was a breeze. We got there with about 30 minutes til race time and had plenty of time to do all the pre-race activities.We picked up out packet without having to wait in any lines and even got to use an indoor bathroom (yay for no porta potties!!). My FIL and I even had a chance to take a pre-race pic!
The weather, while chilly, was beautiful and pretty much perfect. 30*ish, sunny, and not too much wind. Perfection.

The 10K race started at 9am, with the 5K starting shortly after at 9:15am.

We started right on time. My FIL told me he was 100% OK with me taking off on my own and while I would usually NEVER pass up the opportunity to run with him, since this was my first 10K I really wanted to see how I could do.

So, I was off! I tried REALLY, REALLY, REALLLLLLY hard to not start off too fast. I watched my Garmin like a hawk and tried to stick around a 8:15 pace. I told myself my "goal" was a 8:30 average and while starting at 8:15 when my goal was 8:30 wasn't exactly not starting off too fast, I knew I would have been muuuuuch faster if I wasn't focusing and aiming for that. Somehow 8:15 with a 8:30 goal didn't seem like going out "too fast" to me. An older guy actually came up right next to me and I just kinda made it my mission to stick with him as long as I could. We ran the first mile together in about 8:15ish (don't have my exact splits with me, sorry!!). I wondered how long I could hold that pace, but figured I'd just hold on as long as I could and if I crashed and burned later, I crashed and burned. So, I held on with the guy. I have no idea what his name was, had no idea who he was, but he's one of the big reasons I held on. I tried not focusing on my watch or how much time passed and just focusing on him. He held a pretty even 8:00 pace so it helped me not go any faster (which DEFINITELY would have led to a crash and burn situation). Somehow, I ended up passing the guy on a hill (oh, the course was HILLY!!!!) and didn't see him again til he came into the finish about 2 minutes after me.

After I passed him, I kinda latched onto a girl in front of me-- THE GIRL IN THE PINK. I just kinda kept telling myself to catch up to her and not let her go. I made it my goal to finish NEAR her. I didn't even need to BEAT her, just finish near her. The girl in the pink and I ran side by side from mile 3-4.5. She pushed me to stay a consistent sub 8:00 pace (whaaaaat?!?! WHO AM I?!!?!?). At mile 4.5, I told myself I was SO CLOSE and to bring it home.

I was BOOKING it. My legs were burning, I was out of breath and all I wanted to do was STOP, but I didn't. I FELT strong. My mental game was ON. Somehow, I passed the girl in the pink. I just kept telling myself to hold on and not give in. I was SO close. I realized if I kept about a 7:45/mile pace the last mile I could finish in 50:00 or less. I pushed. And pushed. Harder than I ever have, I think.

And, I kept pushing right into the finish.

Garmin: 6.28 miles, 50:00 (7:57/pace)
Official: 6.2 miles, 50:05 (8:05/pace)
1st in Age Group (25-29)
37/130 overall
Now, I know OFFICIAL time is what matters.... but, while there was chip timing, it was only FINISH line chip timed. We didn't go over a sensor at the start, so they just say everyone started right at the same time. Well, we didn't. I didn't cross the start line for about 5 seconds, hence the difference. So, while I know it's not OFFICIAL, I'm going with my Garmin. I RAN A SUB 8:00/mi 10K!! AND I WON MY AGE GROUP!!!!!!!!

I was SOOOO excited. And, BEAT. I swear, I was more tired than after the marathon! I almost collapsed when I crossed the finish line. I immediately texted the Hubs while waiting for my FIL to finish.

I really, really excited. I stayed mentally strong. I told myself I could do it and I did. I ran a SMART race. I'm proud of myself.

I even won a medal!!

My FIL did amazing too, despite having some injury issues... poor guy had some knee and foot pain! He still managed to finish, despite the pain even if it was with a slight limp. SOOOOO proud of him!!!!!

The guy who was with me at the start and the girl in pink both also placed in the top 3 of their age groups. We all found each other after and each said the other helped pushed us to keep the pace. LOVE that. So, to the girl in pink and the guy who started this race with me: THANK YOU AGAIN. You rock!!

I LOVED this race. I loved the small race atmoshpere. I never felt crowaded, but also never was alone. There was legit NO crowad support, but I'm 100% OK with that. They had some great volunteers and everything was super organized. The course was hilly and it was a bit windy, but I don't care. It was perfect.

I felt STRONG during this race. I KNEW I could do it. It wasn't easy. It hurt. I pushed harder than I knew I could. But, I stuck with it. I wanted to stop or slow down, but I didn't. After my 8:15 first mile, I maintained pretty darn even splits ranging from 7:45-8:02. I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOVED this race. I loved my attitude during this race. I'm still on a runner's high and it's been days. Did I mention I loved this race??

Anyway-- after the race while we waited for some ice for my FIL's poor knees and for me to get my medal, we enjoyed the post-race refreshments...

After 6.2 miles, you better believe that was the best hot dog I've ever had. Seriously.

We spent the rest of the day lounging around, watching college basketball. Perfect day.

Now... don't tell my FIL, but I'm already looking for our next race. I've got a 5K and another 10K in mind... :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap (3/18-3/24)

Photo: Most of us try to avoid hills but what’s so good about flat? Think about it: flat tires, flat singing, flat returns and -the ultimate- flatlining. Hills are opportunities to prove yourself that you’re stronger than you ever imagined. If you never attempt the ascent, you’ll never know the thrill of swooshing down the other side. 

 - Self Magazine

Monday, March 18: 50 minute elliptical (kinda an active rest day)
Tuesday, March 19: 60 minute signature strength class & 6 mile run (speed) & 2.5 mile walk w/ Sadie
Wednesday, March 20: 60 minute spinning class
Thursday, March 21: 6.5 mile run (speed)
Friday, March 22: 3 mile run, 40 minutes on elliptical, 2.5 mile run with Sadie
Saturday, March 23: 10K Race (6.28 miles)& 4 mile walk
Sunday, March 24: 6.75 miles

Totals for Week (3/18-3/24):
31 miles run
6.5 miles walked
1 spinning class
1 signature strength class
90 minutes on elliptical
1ish rest day

Kinda an easy week. Work is crazy busy right now and I haven't been sleeping the greatest, so I'm just trying to get workouts in when and where I can. It's cool. Still managed 30+ miles and a few gym classes.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Obsessed and Over

No time for a true 15 Thing Friday. Sorry, friends... I'm sure you're just completely relieved distraught about it. Work is crazy busy right now.

Instead, let's play obsessed and over...

I'm Obsessed with: Racing! I'm doing my FIRST EVER 10K tomorrow (Woah! How have I never run an official 10K before?) and, even better, I'm running it with my father-in-law. Beyond excited!

I'm Over: The Weather. BOOOOOO snow!!! I'm SOOOOO ready for the Spring.

Obsessed: Fro yo. The Hubs had the "Name of the Day" at our favorite local fro yo place, so we got his free so of COURSE we HAD to go. Duh.

Over: Ok, so this is kinda weather related again, but I totally didn't anticipate the snow and wore the WRONG shoes. My feet were FREEZING and wet all day. Boooooo.

Obsessed: I got a free Starbucks drink coupon (thanks, N!!!!) in the mail, so I treated myself to an iced carmel latte thing. Delicious! 

Over: I finished Dawson's Creek last night! While I still LOVE me some DC, I'm pretty excited I finished the series and can now move onto another show... any suggestions??

Obsessed: This quote. Boom.

Over: Harvard winning. Totally screwed my bracket.

Obsessed: With the weekend. A 10K, plans to hang w/ the in laws, a quiet night in with the Hubs, a movie with a friend... great things. Bring on 5pm!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIAW - Long Run, 3.17

As a reminder, What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) is just a fun way to show/track what you eat/drink in any given day. For this edition, I used Sunday, March 17, 2013-- St. Patty's Day!! Though, nothing I ate was even remotely Irish. Whoops. This was the day of my long run (15 miles! Woowoo!!) and the Hubs and I took Sadie on a 2 mile walk. As always, thanks to the girl behind this operation, our host!

 Breakfast @ 8:15am (pre-long run):
Normally don't eat anything before a workout, but before long runs I always try to have something. English muffin with almond butter and strawberry jelly. I ended up only eating about 3/4 of this... just wasn't super hungry.
 Long Run Fuel (sometime between 8:30-10:30am):
Black Cherry Shot Blocks. I brought 1/2 a pack (3 blocks) on my run, but dropped one (doh!!), so only ended up having 2. First one at mile 8, second one at mile 11.
 Post Long Run Fuel Snack @ 11am:
The hubs and I took Sadie out for a walk immediately after I got back from my long run, so I had this on the walk to tide me over til I could have lunch.
Lunch @ 1pm:
Random left overs: TJ's butternut squash ravioli with marinara and 1 TJ's chicken sausage link. Random, but delicious.
Snacks @ 3 and 4:30pm:
Don't judge.I was hungry! Trail mix (aka: almond, mini-marshmallows, chocolate chips, and raisins) and air-popped pop corn. All demolished while watching far too many episodes of Dawson's Creek on Netflix Instant.
Dinner @ 6:30pm:
 Cheddar chicken jalapeno cilantro burgers on a low-fat bun. SOOOO good!!!! Had a sweet potato (with brown sugar and butter) and peas on the side. Delicious dinner.
Dessert @ 8pm:
Teddy Grahams. You can never go wrong with Teddy Grahams. Oh, and you bet your ass that handful was followed by like 10 more handfuls. Duh.  
See-- nothing St. Pat's related. In fact, the closest thing is peas beacuse they're green. And, yes- I am part Irish. #fail #whoops

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Basketball, Babies and Burpees

Well, my weekend did not start off the greatest foot thanks to my dearest Illini.

Wah, wah. Oh well. Next year.

Anyway, the rest of my weekend was pretty fantastic.

Friday night started with a Baby Gender Reveal party for a friend of mine. It was super fun to have all of us together and to get to find out if our friend is having a boy or a girl. Possibly the best part of the night?? When the Hubs realized he was wearing TWO DIFFERENT SHOES.

Who does that?!?!? How did he not notice when he put them on?? Even more-- he didn't notice til we were walking into the party. We drove over an hour to get there and he didn't notice. GOOOOOOF. And, of COURSE, I walked into the party telling everyone "Look at Matt's shoes, look at Matt's shoes, look at Matt's shoes". Poor Hubs. :)

Anyway, the night was great.. good surprise, good food, good friends, goofy Hubs, great night.

Saturday started with a trip to the gym. I know-- shocker. To be fair, I was going to do my long run Saturday, but when the weather looked like this, I opted to move the long run to Sunday.
I'll take 1 degree warmer and less of a chance for snow/rain ANYDAY.
Anyway, my Saturday gym session started with a few miles on the good ol' treadmill and then the 9am Unleashed class.

Love, love, looove this class lately. We did like 8 trillion burpees. I swear to all that I know I thought my legs were legit going to fall off.


Saturday continued with our biweekly shopping trip. $120 later, we are STOCKED for the next 14 days.
Note: This is about HALF the bags... maybe not even half. We went to THREE different stores. 
I have a confession... I kinda love grocery shopping. However, surprising no one, shopping on Friday night, which the Hubs and I normally do because we're so cool, is MUCH less crazy and MUCH more fun than shopping on a Saturday afternoon. Good God, the number of screaming kids and women who ran into me with their carts was too many to count.

The rest of Saturday was spent on the couch with my 3 current loves... ok, 2 forever loves and 1 current love: the Hubs, Sadie, and Dawson's Creek. I'll let you decide which are forever and which is only current.

Sunday was long run day! I told the Hubs I was going out for 10. Yeaaaaah. 10 didn't happen. FIFTEEN did!!!! I really have no idea how or why, as I was dreading the run and practically had to force myself out the door, but by 10 steps in, I knew it was gonna be a great run.
I know that says 13.1. It's lying. Stupid Garmin took 1.5 miles to catch satellite. Luckily I run the same route and have it basically memorized, so I knew how much distance to add. I stopped to snap this pic so I'd know what I did the half in even though I had 1.5 miles before this, so it wasn't exactly a half, but I still wanted to know what the time for 13.1 was. I'm a freak. I know. Anyway, after taking this pic I did .4 more (sloooow, cool down) to make it an even 15.  
LOVED this run. Loved every step. The weather was great... a little cold and windy, but great. Every step felt amazing. I finished with a freaking 8:45 average pace and I never really felt like I was running HARD. In fact, I even thought I was going SLOW at some points (I never looked at my watch so during the run I had no idea how fast/slow I was actually going). Crazy talk. WHO AM I?!?!?
Anyway-- after those glorious 15 miles, the Hubs and I took Sadie for a quick 2 mile walk.

How could I not have taken her for a walk when I got home and she was just sitting there waiting for me like this?? TOO CUTE.

The rest of Sunday was spent lounging around, doing some food prep for the week, and the Hubs and I even started a puzzle. PARTY ANIMALS over here. Be jealous.