Friday, March 29, 2013

15 Thing Friday

1. OMG. I want to make and devour this SO BAD.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pie
No, but seriously. How freaking good does that look????
2. It's been a while since we've had a celebrity look of the week and TRUST me when I say this week's shocked the hell out of me.
Yes. Yes, that is Vanessa Hudgens. Yes, she usually looks like a hippie wanna-be. I had to do a double take of her in this gorgeous yellow dress. Not everyone can pull off yellow and girl pulls it off in a big way here. She looks great!

3. Speaking of Vanessa Hudgens, the Hubs, a friend, and I saw Spring Breakers this weekend.
OMG. Words cannot even describe how F-ed up that movie is. Seriously. First of all, I legit have never seen so many boobs. Ever. And, I HAVE boobs. Second... it's just a MESSED UP movie. I knew NOTHING about this movie before we saw it but thought "Oh! It's got a chick from High School music, a chick from a bunch of Disney shit, a chick from Pretty Little Liars, and James Franco it in... it'll be a cute teeny-bopper movie." Yeaaaah. NO. NO, NO, NO. It is NOT a cute, teen ANYTHING. Just nooooo. Seriously. NO.

4. The Hubs and I legit have NO plans this weekend. I don't even know the last time that happened, nor do I anticipate it happening again for a long time. Any ideas on fun things we can do? It's supposed to be decent Spring-like weather, so we have big dog park plans on Saturday. We're SO exciting.

5. While we're talking about the weekend... it could not come fast enough this week. It's been a long, rough week. I'm beyond ready for 5pm today and for the weekend to officially be here. HURRY UP, 5pm!!

6. Let's just keep talking about the weekend since that is 100% all I can think about right now... while we don't have any set-in-stone plans, I do have a few big plans: first, I have some reading to catch up on.
VERY educational stuff right there. How I got TWO issues of US Weekly behind is beyond me. Clearly my priorities this week have been jacked. Bad news: my US Weekly groupon special subscription is almost up. I know... sad day.

7. Next, Comcast has their all-seasons-even-HBO-shows are free on their OnDemand special going on this week. While our stupid OnDemand was broken (OF COURSE) this week, it finally got fixed last night. So, this weekend me and my couch have a hot date. Only 2 more words are needed: TRUE BLOOD.

I can't even remember where I found this, but it's freaking FUNNY. Who doesn't need a good ol' knock knock joke on a Friday??

9. BIG NEWS! I had my car windows rolled down on the way home from work yesterday. WOOOOOAH.
Spring MUST be on it's way, right???

10. THIS article. Haha. I love me some Disney and this shit cracks me up. Especially #3.

SO TRUE! Why DID she answer the door?

11. The Hubs was one happy guy when this happened last night.
Being that he went to Purdue, the other in-state public 4-year university in Indiana, he kinda hates IU. Like, HATES. So, while we always cheer for any Big10 team in the tourney, he was MORE than happy Syracuse pulled that win off. Speaking of Big10 teams-- Go Michigan State and even Michigan (even though I can't stand U of M) tonight! Big10!!

12. Celebrity gossip catch up time? Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard had their baby girl yesterday. I think they are an ADORABLE couple and just too cute. Love them together.

They named their baby girl Lincoln Bell Shepard. I kinda love it. It's different, but not ridiculously crazy. Whatever. I dig it.

13. Btw, have you seen the video of Kristen Bell FREAKING out over a sloth? Google or YouTube it. You'll thank me.

14. The Hubs and I took Sadie for a 2 mile walk yesterday. I read a random fact (here) that the average person will walk the equivalent of 5x around the equator. Seeing as how the Hubs and I frequently take several mile walks (and I feel like that's not the "norm"), I wonder how many times we will? Seriously. I'm a freak. This is the shit I think about.

15. While it might not quite be 5pm yet... the sentiment remains... (sorry I'm not sorry about the bad words)


  1. Love Dax Shepherd. He is hilarious in Parenthood.

    Funny knock knock joke- I am going to have to tell it to the husband today. :-)

    That dessert does look amazing. Right now everything looks yummy. I could seriously clear out the fridge. I am that hungry. UGH.

    I think that spring is here. Went for run at 5:45 last night and it was warm enough for just a sports bra and shorts. I was shocked, but excited.


    1. Gotta love a good Britney joke!

      A run in shorts?!?!? I CAN'T WAIT!!

  2. I just found your blog, and that pic of the pie sucked me in! It looks good. Also, I am kinda jealous that you don't have any plans for the weekend... enjoy the small break. Happy Friday!

    Tabitha -

    1. Aw! Well, WELCOME! And, I can't take credit for the pie... but, I WILL make (and then eat the whole) one someday.

      Thanks for visiting! :)