Friday, March 15, 2013

15 Thing Friday

1. I had an incredibly vivid dream Monday night that both the Hubs and I were vampires. And that it was totally normal. But, that we were like bad, vampires. Think True Blood meets Vampire Diaries or something. Note: I am not actively watching either of these shows. SUCH a weird, outta nowhere dream. Former pysch majors... got anything? What does this dream mean??? 

2. For the record, I'm not really a believer in the "dreams MEAN something" notion. I kinda think that's crap.

3. For the record part 2: I love both True Blood and Vampire Diaries. Though for the record-- True Blood, as F-ed up and weird as it is, beats Vampire Diaries any day.

But, I HATE Twilight and all things Twilight-ish. I watched the first 2 movies, basically because a friend was and I didn't have anything better to do, but MAN do they suck. SUUUUUCK. Like, painful to watch suck.
And, yes-- I am 100% Team Harry Potter. Hermione could kick Bella's ass anyday.

4. Song of the Week: Miley Cyrus "Jolene"
I know. I know. MILEY CYRUS?? I know. But, I kinda love her (don't hate) and she sounds amazing in this. Promise. Listen to it before you judge. And, ok-- it's petty country, but I still dig it. I had never heard about, but saw this YouTube clip on this girls website and couldn't stop listening after that. Hooked.

5. Haha. This is kinda funny. We've already established that I have a big girl-crush on Jennifre Lawernce and I love all things Disney, so this article is right up my alley.

6. The Big 10 Men's Basketball Tourney started yesterday and lasts all weekend. AKA: The Hubs weekend (and even pre-weekend) plans are set.

Exhibit A:
See ya Monday, Hubs.

(EDITED: I wrote all that Thursday BEFORE Purdue played and LOST their first game. It was a sad night in our house. Silver lining?? I get my Husband back for the weekend!)

7. To be fair, I'm not exactly not invested either...
Guilty. GO ILLINI!!!

8. OMG. I had the BEST doughnut I've ever eaten in my whole life Thursday morning.
This may not look like much, but OMG. So good. I have no idea why or what made it so special, it was just deeeeelicious. I'm drooling right now just remembering how good it was. (Confession: I ADMIT IT. I totally had 2 of these.)

9. Celebrity crush of the week: Steve Carell. I KNOW. I know. Trust me. But.... check this out...
He's kind hot now in that nerdy hipster silver fox kinda way. Who knew?!?!

10. I WANT TO MAKE AND THEN EAT THIS RIGHT NOW. You had me at Bacon. Add Mac and Cheese and it's beyond a done deal.

11. Not much news in the celebrity fashion world this week. Bummer. I did like Olivia Wilde's look on the Tonight Show seen below.
Love the patter and fit of that dress and really love the pop of color with the red show.
12. I know you were wondering... I'm still watching Dawson's Creek. I swear, it's like the show that won't end. I realize that's crazy talk as I could just STOP WATCHING anytime I like... but, I swear, it's like beyond my control. I can't just QUIT. I gotta see it through. I'm sticking with you to the end, Dawson. Even if your whiney cry-baby antics kinda make me wanna punch you in the face.
13. Did you celebrate PI DAY??? I know I did!
14. I got nothing left. My brain is mush. It's a good thing it's Friday or it'd be a danger zone for my whole office/job.
15. Happy weekend. Make it a good one!

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  1. I have never been a Miley fan, but I kind of dig that song. Very country, but I like country. :-)

    I didn't celebrate national pi day. Bummer for me.

    On the basketball front...GO ZAGS! :-)