Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dog Poop and Cereal

It's Spring Break on the college campus I work for this week. Which doesn't really mean much of anything to me, as I don't get the week off or anything. The week before a break sucks because all the students are like "So, what are YOU doing for XX Break??" and I have to be all like "Errr... I mean, I work. I don't get the week off like you do. Now excuse me while I stab my eyes out with this plastic spoon (That I was using to eat DCPBD straight out of the jar from. Don't judge.)." It's fun.

Anyway, because it's Spring Break, it's kinda an odd week around these parts. Campus looks and feels an awful lot like this all day this week...

EMPTY. Like, deadzone empty.
So, then WHY does the gym on campus look like this each time I've gone this week??
That's more people than are usually there when school's in session! WTF?!?! There was only ONE treadmill open yesterday. ONE. And, it wasn't MY treadmill (don't pretend like you don't have a personal favorite treadmill too). BLEAH.
Luckily, it cleared out a bit and I was about to do a random indoor track/TM workout. I like bouncing back and forth from the track to the mill for a few reasons...
1. BOREDOM. It really helps the workout fly by when you're only focusing on small time segments and not "OMG I HAVE 6 MORE MILES, KILL ME NOW".
Me too.
2. It makes it MUCH easier to keep track of distance. 1/2 mile on TM, 4 laps on track. That's 1 mile done. Easy peasy. Now, REPEAT. Anything to take the thinking out of running I'm all for.
3. I know the indoor track isn't the same as running outside and it's still 100% flat, but I feel like it's a smidge better than the treadmill. So, it's nice to get a little of both.
Haha. Clearly not related at all, but SO TRUE. 
So, anyway-- I dig the treadmill/track bounce back. So yesterday I did 3 miles on the track, 1.5 miles on the TM fast, .5 miles on the track recovery, 1 mile on the TM fast, .5 miles on the track recovery. Time flew by. I was GOING to do 10 minutes on the stair stepper beast that keeps kicking my ass, but there's only ONE in the whole gym and someone was on it. Rude.
The rest of the day was spent catching up on work. After I got home I took Sadie for a 2.5 mile walk, in the middle of which she decided it'd be fun to roll around in DOG SHIT. Not even her dog shit. Some other random dogs shit. It got ALL OVER her. Dumb dog. Love her, but damn! So, after we got home we had to do an emergency bath. Poor Sadie is petrified of baths. She stands perfectly, 100% still the whole time and just looks like she's being tortured. Poor girl. Breaks my heart every time, but it was unavoidable yesterday. The shit had to go.
By the time the walk and the emergency bath was over I was in NO mood to do anything remotely fancy for dinner, especially since the Hubs was working late so it was just me. Like, even microwaving something seemed too complicated. Enter-- cereal to the rescue.
Peanut Butter Puffins. Done and done.


  1. I am surprised that during break the gym had so many people. Where I went to college during break they reduced the gym hours. It always ticked off the community members that used it.

    My dogs have yet to roll over in dog shit, but if they did I would be pissed! Sorry Sadie was being so naughty.

  2. I absolutely cannot stand when someone chooses to run on the treadmill RIGHT next to me if there are a LOT open.