Tuesday, March 5, 2013

LR and a Cadbury Egg

PHEW! I honestly cannot believe it's only Tuesday. And, Tuesday morning at that! There are a lot of crazy things happening at work right now, but before we get to that, let's back up to the weekend...

I was out of town Thursday-Friday night for a conference, so when I got back Friday night the Hubs and I did our now bi-weekly grocery trip. Man! It's definitely nice to not have to go every week, but the trip when we do go is much more intense now! $120 later and we were back home. An episode of Dawson's Creek later and I was passed out.

Saturday morning I was up early to hit the gym for 5 miles and an Unleashed class. I'm LOVING the Saturday Unleashed class lately. Such a fun, nice change. And, the fact that it doesn't start til 9am and not at the butt-crack of dawn is a big added bonus.

After class I cashed in a Groupon deal I bought fooooorever ago for a shellac manicure and pedicure!
This was my first experience with shellac and I am in LOVE. 4 days later (and lots of dish-duty later), the nails still look that good. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. And, a pedicure is ALWAYS great! Definitely worth the $35 groupon price I paid. I have no idea how much a shellac mani is regular price, but I might start doing a little research. Nothing I'd do regularly, but a nice treat every once in a while.
Saturday night we went to the in-laws for a Mexican fiesta! Always fun! :)
Sunday I was up early-ish again for my first true long run in aggggges. Like, I'm talking since January.
13.1 miles later, I felt great! I managed to keep a sub 9:00 pace and finish the run in well under 2:00. While I'm not alllllll about the long runs right now, it felt good to get out there and have the legs moving for so long. The weather was a little chilly, but overall great for a run. It was definitely one of those "Weeeeeeeee!!! I looooove running!!!!!" kinda runs.
Post run the Hubs and I did some errand running, including going on a mad-hunt for Laffy Taffy jelly beans we saw at the in-laws house. 4 stores later (yes, you read right-- I made the Hubs check FOUR stores!) and we still couldn't track them down. FAIL. I'm still on the look out. They sound SOOOOOO good. Despite our fail this weekend, we did snag one of these yummy easter-time-only treats for each of us.
PURE perfection.

The rest of Sunday was spent relaxing and prepping food for all week: 1 loaf of fresh homemade bread, 3 lunches worth of egg salad (6 boiled eggs, tossing 1/2 the yolks) and 2 cups of brown rice, and a beef something crock pot meal (for the Hubs).  

The weekend FLEW by!
This week is going to be a LONG week at work. Luckily, I'm leaving the office early Wednesday for our tax appointment. Like I mentioned, lots of craziness is happening at my work (which I obviously won't go into any more detail on) so lunch time workouts are a rarity and my general work load is increasing exponentially. It's just getting super hectic. Prime example? Last night I didn't leave work til....
That's be 8:47PM. And, this morning I was at my desk by...
11 hours in between. Some people SLEEP for over 11 hours a night, let alone only have 11 to commute, pack lunches and prep for the next day, get ready for bed, actually sleep, get up and shower and get ready and then commute again. And, yes-- you read right. Workout was definitely NOT listed in that list and did not happen this morning. Sleep trumped workout. And I'm not even a little sorry. I'm HOPING to squeeze a mid-day workout in today and think I have enough time between meetings (sorry I'm not sorry for not showering after, coworkers!). We'll see. Fingers crossed! :)


  1. You had a busy weekend! I love shellac manicures. They are the best and last forever. Totally worth the price and Groupon always has deals for them.

    Laffy Taffy jelly beans? For real? That sounds awesome!

    1. It's still holding up! LOVE the shellac!!!

  2. Ah. This makes me sad. I love the idea of Cadbury Eggs and I want to love them. But every time I eat one (year after year) I just feel sick afterwords. I promised myself none this year. Sigh.

    1. Oh no!! That's unfortunate! I don't like LOOOOOVE them, but 1 a season is damn good.