Friday, March 8, 2013

15 Thing Friday

Enough said, right?? You'll be missed, DCPBD. You'll be missed. And, no-- I'm not being dramatic. The Hubs and I are only grocery shopping every other week so I'm SOL for at least a full week. D-A-N-G-E-R.

2. THIS article. Seriously.

3. This week KICKED MY ASS. Seriously. Wednesday I was thinking it was Friday. No good can come from that. None.

4. I am having a full blown love affair with pudding lately.
The Hubs went through a kick a while ago where he would have a snack pack at lunch everyday. He's moved onto FiberOne brownies, but now I have picked up his addiction and then some. I can't get enough. I even bought a BOX MIX of pudding to make and eat at home. WOAH. It was a first for me. I'm so sheltered. Anyway, me + pudding = love.

New pics (their Capitol Portraits, if you read the books) came out and I am OBSESSED. Can't wait for it to come out.

6. I want these pants.
I would never have the balls to wear them, but I LOVE the idea of such a fun, spring color and that it's on a PANT, not a shirt. Love.

7. I do NOT want this skirt. Seriously. Who's buying this?? Is this back in fashion??? Ewwwww. Just ew. And, it has 4/5 hearts??? From WHO???? And, $69.90???? Noooooooo.

8. This weekend is Daylight Savings Time again.
Don't forget to turn your clocks FORWARD (remember, FALL back, SPRING forward--- get it??). Booooooo. It'll be nice to not get dark so early, but losing an hour of sleep BLOWS.

9. I made the same meal for dinner twice this week.
The Hubs asked me how many times I think I've eatten this meal during the past year... I'd estimate I've eaten this meal or some variation of it at least twice week on average. Food rut, party of 1.

10. This is a great blog about some big life questions and figuring out what you REALLY want out of life. Love Ali and her blog and this post really made me think and helped me put some shit into perspective.

11. I legit almost cried when watching the Biggest Loser makeover episode online this week.
I looooove Dani! And, OMG! Look how SKINNY she looks!!! Congrats, girl!

12. Time for some celebrity fashion. First, the WTF were they thinking's:
I kinda can't STAND the Kardashians (except Khole. Love her.), but even if I loved them... COME ON. WTF is this?? Is this 1982, Kourtney? And that hair and those shoe?!?!? NOOOOO. And, KIM. No, Kim. No. You're PREGNANT. Why are you wearing a see-through dress? No. No. No.  

13. And the good looks:
Take d-bag James Franco out of that shot and it's perfection. Mila and Michelle-- you look amazing. The shoes, the dresses, the hair styles-- love.
14. I worked late Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday this week. And, I have to proctor a SAT (not one of the little kid ones... a REAL one... a 4ish hour one. Aweeeeesome.) on Saturday. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Bitch, whine, complain. Bleaaaah.
15. #truth


  1. 1. That stuff is like crack. You can't not eat it, so good!

    4. My hubby loves pudding. He eats it everyday.

    5. I can't wait for the new HG movie either. Best books ever!

    6. I want those pants too. So cute!

    7. That skirt is pretty ugly. I wouldn't pay almost $70 for it.

    8. I am excited for daylight savings time. Means spring/summer is almost here!

    11. I need to watch the episode this weekend

    15. So freaking true!

  2. That article...sigh. I think it's proof that you can't shelter your kids from things. No matter how good of a body image you have - or how well you feed them or how often you exercise, etc. You just have to actually TALK about all this stuff. Before they learn about it in school from friends or on TV. You can pretend that they just don't know about it or won't pick it up elsewhere. This goes for pretty much anything. I better shape up though - I don't want Norah to pick up bad habits from ME! I mean sure get them from evil friends at school, but not me!! LOL