Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Basketball, Babies and Burpees

Well, my weekend did not start off the greatest foot thanks to my dearest Illini.

Wah, wah. Oh well. Next year.

Anyway, the rest of my weekend was pretty fantastic.

Friday night started with a Baby Gender Reveal party for a friend of mine. It was super fun to have all of us together and to get to find out if our friend is having a boy or a girl. Possibly the best part of the night?? When the Hubs realized he was wearing TWO DIFFERENT SHOES.

Who does that?!?!? How did he not notice when he put them on?? Even more-- he didn't notice til we were walking into the party. We drove over an hour to get there and he didn't notice. GOOOOOOF. And, of COURSE, I walked into the party telling everyone "Look at Matt's shoes, look at Matt's shoes, look at Matt's shoes". Poor Hubs. :)

Anyway, the night was great.. good surprise, good food, good friends, goofy Hubs, great night.

Saturday started with a trip to the gym. I know-- shocker. To be fair, I was going to do my long run Saturday, but when the weather looked like this, I opted to move the long run to Sunday.
I'll take 1 degree warmer and less of a chance for snow/rain ANYDAY.
Anyway, my Saturday gym session started with a few miles on the good ol' treadmill and then the 9am Unleashed class.

Love, love, looove this class lately. We did like 8 trillion burpees. I swear to all that I know I thought my legs were legit going to fall off.


Saturday continued with our biweekly shopping trip. $120 later, we are STOCKED for the next 14 days.
Note: This is about HALF the bags... maybe not even half. We went to THREE different stores. 
I have a confession... I kinda love grocery shopping. However, surprising no one, shopping on Friday night, which the Hubs and I normally do because we're so cool, is MUCH less crazy and MUCH more fun than shopping on a Saturday afternoon. Good God, the number of screaming kids and women who ran into me with their carts was too many to count.

The rest of Saturday was spent on the couch with my 3 current loves... ok, 2 forever loves and 1 current love: the Hubs, Sadie, and Dawson's Creek. I'll let you decide which are forever and which is only current.

Sunday was long run day! I told the Hubs I was going out for 10. Yeaaaaah. 10 didn't happen. FIFTEEN did!!!! I really have no idea how or why, as I was dreading the run and practically had to force myself out the door, but by 10 steps in, I knew it was gonna be a great run.
I know that says 13.1. It's lying. Stupid Garmin took 1.5 miles to catch satellite. Luckily I run the same route and have it basically memorized, so I knew how much distance to add. I stopped to snap this pic so I'd know what I did the half in even though I had 1.5 miles before this, so it wasn't exactly a half, but I still wanted to know what the time for 13.1 was. I'm a freak. I know. Anyway, after taking this pic I did .4 more (sloooow, cool down) to make it an even 15.  
LOVED this run. Loved every step. The weather was great... a little cold and windy, but great. Every step felt amazing. I finished with a freaking 8:45 average pace and I never really felt like I was running HARD. In fact, I even thought I was going SLOW at some points (I never looked at my watch so during the run I had no idea how fast/slow I was actually going). Crazy talk. WHO AM I?!?!?
Anyway-- after those glorious 15 miles, the Hubs and I took Sadie for a quick 2 mile walk.

How could I not have taken her for a walk when I got home and she was just sitting there waiting for me like this?? TOO CUTE.

The rest of Sunday was spent lounging around, doing some food prep for the week, and the Hubs and I even started a puzzle. PARTY ANIMALS over here. Be jealous.


  1. As I already mentioned on facebook - super proud and impressed with those 15 miles! Way to go! Second, I'm really impressed all of the goodies was only $120! Wow! How did you do that - for 2 ppl and your pup? I'm looking into some different ways of saving some dough on grocery shopping and I think the rest of this year and next should be better but I need tips<--- blog post!

  2. Your poor hubs, LOL. That is pretty hilarious. How did he not notice?!

    That seemed like a killer cross training workout. Burpees hurt. They make me want to vomit. Nice 15 miler too! Woohoo!