Friday, March 22, 2013

Obsessed and Over

No time for a true 15 Thing Friday. Sorry, friends... I'm sure you're just completely relieved distraught about it. Work is crazy busy right now.

Instead, let's play obsessed and over...

I'm Obsessed with: Racing! I'm doing my FIRST EVER 10K tomorrow (Woah! How have I never run an official 10K before?) and, even better, I'm running it with my father-in-law. Beyond excited!

I'm Over: The Weather. BOOOOOO snow!!! I'm SOOOOO ready for the Spring.

Obsessed: Fro yo. The Hubs had the "Name of the Day" at our favorite local fro yo place, so we got his free so of COURSE we HAD to go. Duh.

Over: Ok, so this is kinda weather related again, but I totally didn't anticipate the snow and wore the WRONG shoes. My feet were FREEZING and wet all day. Boooooo.

Obsessed: I got a free Starbucks drink coupon (thanks, N!!!!) in the mail, so I treated myself to an iced carmel latte thing. Delicious! 

Over: I finished Dawson's Creek last night! While I still LOVE me some DC, I'm pretty excited I finished the series and can now move onto another show... any suggestions??

Obsessed: This quote. Boom.

Over: Harvard winning. Totally screwed my bracket.

Obsessed: With the weekend. A 10K, plans to hang w/ the in laws, a quiet night in with the Hubs, a movie with a friend... great things. Bring on 5pm!

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