Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 9/21-9/27

Weekly Workout Recap: 9/21-9/27
Sunday, 9/21: 8MA8MA & DIY 8-Minute Leg work out, 5 minutes of planks, & 6 mile walk w/ fam (split into 2 walks)
Monday, 9/22: JM30DS & 3.5 mile walk
Tuesday, 9/23: 6 mile walk (split into 2 walks)
Wednesday, 9/24: 3 mile walk
Thursday, 9/25: JM30DS & 3.5 mile walk
Friday, 9/26: 20 minutes of a Bob Harper DVD from library & 3 mile walk
Saturday, 9/27: 2 mile walk

Pretty good week! Lots of walks, which is always a good thing in the fall when the weather is just perfect and the leaves just start turning. I'm trying to get out everyday for a walk to cherish this weather while it's here before we get smacked with like 12 feet of snow. Let's not even think about that yet. :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

15 Thing Friday

1. Woah, ho! Look at me posting so often this week! I'll give myself a solid A- in blogging this week.

2. After our boob talk earlier this week, imagine my surprise when I opened up a book I grabbed from the library (Yes, I pick books out for B without even opening them. So?) and saw this...
You can't see it. That's a nursing momma right there. I can't lie-- I'm tempting to buy the book off Amazon.
3. Seriously, JLo.
How is this possible? Isn't she like a senior citizen by now? How does she look younger than me? And how does she get more fit and hotter everyday? But also, seriously, JLo-- maybe put some clothes on?!?!?
4. Thanks for your incredible attention to detail, app.
Now, if you could just be RIGHT about the forecast more than half the time, we'd be in business.

5. I went to FOUR different stores looking for invitations that said "1st Birthday" on them for B's birthday (WOAH! HOW IS IT TIME TO PLAN HER BDAY PARTY ALREADY?!?!). Strike out. How?? Well, I did find them at ONE place for $8/8 invitations. WHAAAAAT???? Meanwhile, the ones I went with were $1/8 invitations.

6. Guess who learned to climb up the futon in her room?
Any takers on how long it'll take her to fall on the floor and crrrrry like a baby???
7. Bailey had her first hot dog this week. Where's the baby book when you need to document monumental moments like these?? #momoftheyearrighthere
8. Seriously. Stop reading, get in your car and go to your nearest grocery store and buy this ice cream. You won't regret it.
You're welcome in advance.

9. While we're talking about food-- want a crazy easy, super yummy receipe? 1 can of pumpkin + 1 box of spice cake mix. Mix together and bake as cupcakes. Pumpkin Spice Muffins. Crazy easy and super delicious. Boom.

10. OK, I only made it to 10 and like 2/3 of the points were about Bailey. Whatever. I'm obsessed with my kid. #guiltyascharged

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hand, Foot, Mouth (Not to be Confused with Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes)

Yesterday, Bailey and I spent a whoooooole lot of time (like, HOURS and HOURS) like this...

While this may not look like anything abnormal, if you knew Bailey, you'd know this is craaaazy for her. Girl is ALWAYS on the go. She is simply NOT a cuddly baby. So, when she kept wanting to lay on me and fell asleep on me over and over and wouldn't let me put her down without crying the saddest cry, I knew something was up.

I gave her some Tylenol, as she was burning up and continued on. After several more hours trapped to a chair with a sleeping baby on my chest, I took her temp and it clocked in at 99.7. Not the highest, but she did have drugs already, so a little high. I assumed teething. Girl has been drool central lately, wasn't eating great, and had her hands in her mouth constantly.

She went down for the night pretty well last night, though then we had a 4am wake up, which is not like her. I nursed her and she went back down, so it wasn't too bad. Still, I thought teething.

Then, this morning when I went to get her, in the light of day, I saw this...

Red bumps all over her mouth. And a few on her feet and a couple scattered elsewhere on her body.

I knew immediately it was Hand, Foot, Mouth (HFM). According to the CDC:

"Hand, foot, and mouth disease is a contagious viral illness. It commonly affects infants and young children."
"Symptoms usually begin with a fever, reduced appetite, sore throat, and a feeling of being unwell. A day or two after the fever starts, painful sores can develop in the mouth. A skin rash with flat red spots may also develop on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. Sometimes a rash also occurs on the knees, elbows, and buttocks. This rash may blister but won't itch."
Fever? Check. Reduced appetite? Check. General feeding of unwell? Check. Skin rash with flat red spots? Check.
I knew right when I saw her that it was HFM. I worked at a daycare for a summer and kids there got it semi-frequently, so I've seen it before. Just to be sure, I did a google search and B met most the criteria and looked just like the pics. Awesooooome. I called her Doc just to be sure and they said it sounds just like it. Plus, the doc said it's going around like WILDFIRE right now. Greaaaat.
There's no treatment or drugs, as it's a viral illness. I can help her feel better with Tylenol, but that's it. Nothing a doc can do. It's just gotta run it's course. B's in better spirits today and has no temp, so that's great. You have to be fever free (w/o drugs) for 24-hours before you're not contagious anymore, so B and I are apartment-bound all day today. FUN.

What's one to do when stuck inside all day with a sick baby?

Clean ALL THE THINGS and make a big batch of homemade pasta sauce, obviously.
So, that's my life today. Fingers crossed the Hubs and I don't catch it because as crabby as B was, I feel like he or I would be a whooooole lot crabbier if we get it and adults most definitely can catch it. FINGERS CROSSED.
Hope your day's going better than ours! Happy Wednesday!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Things I Won't Miss About Nursing

Nursing is wonderful.

Clouds parting, sun shining, rainbows and sprinkles wonderful. Right? I mean, that's what a lot of people are saying. With all the "YOU MUST NURSE YOUR BABY!!!" you'd think it MUST be wonderful, right?

Yeaaaaaah. I'm not so sold on that. I mean, don't get me wrong- I AM one of those "PLEASE! NURSE YOUR BABY!!" people... or I should say I am a "PLEASE! TRY TO NURSE YOUR BABY!! GIVE IT A SHOT!" kinda people. I truly believe nursing is important, though I also truly believe breastfeeding is not the ONLY thing that is important!! Sometimes other things, like pain level of the mother, just to name one, is just as important. Sometimes, the baby simply will not latch or has a medical issue preventing him/her from breastfeeding successfully. Like I said, I think nursing is important. But, I do NOT think it is ALL that is important and do NOT think a mother is any less because she did not breastfeed. Simple as that.

Anyway-- I wanted to nurse Bailey with every ounce of my being--- and, I am. It was extremely important to and for me and it worked! After a bit of rocky start of exclusively pumping for the first 7ish days of her life while she was in the NICU and having to use a breastshield for the next 5ish months, it worked. We're still going strong with nursing. And, I plan to continue going strong until at least the 1 year mark and then re-evaluate and likely drop down to 2ish sessions for a few months and then wean completely. While I am 100% OK with and respect those mothers who choose to nurse to toddler-dom, I am not one of them.
Apparently, I am not Mom enough. Let's not get into the Mommy Wars involved in breastfeeding, ok? Moving on....

Anyway- I love it. I love nursing. It IS wonderful. Rainbows and sprinkles and all. I love those moments where it feels like she and I are the only people in the world. We feel so incredibly connected. I love that I feel like I'm protecting and providing for her with every drop of milk. I love it, I love it, I love it.


Big but.

It can SUCK. It most certainly is not ALL rainbows and sprinkles. There are many things that just plain blow about it. And, that's what we're talking about today. The not-so-sprinkley part of breastfeeding. I'm sure every breastfeeding mother has their own complaints (whether they ever share them or not), so here's mine...

-PUMPING. Top of the list. I loathe the pump like something fierce. When I was working fulltime out of the house and had to pump numerous times a day at work and was barely getting enough to cover her needs-- wowza, I hated that pump. By Friday, my nipples felt like they were being pulled off with each pump. Today, because I'm staying home with Bailey, I don't need to pump as much so it's not AS bad. I pump once a day now and my nipples no longer want to make me cry. But, I still flinch every time I turn it on and hear the whooshing of the pump motor. Stupid pump.

-Wardrobe challenges. Oh how I long for the day I don't have to think about what I'm wearing and if it's breastfeeding friendly.

-Being the ONLY person who can nurse Bailey.
Maybe that sounds silly, but sometimes it can be daunting to know that my boobs are it and no one else can give her what she needs when she needs it. I mean, yes-- the Hubs can give her a bottle. But, if you've nursed a baby you know what I'm about to say-- sometimes, a bottle won't do it. It's not always about FOOD/MILK when a baby wants to nurse. Sometimes, it's just about nursing. While it's AMAZING that I can give her that, it can be overwhelming sometimes, too.

-Nursing bras. Guys. Let me tell you. Nursing bras are SO SEXY. Ok, yes- they are comfortable, but I am looking forward to wearing a regular bra again whenever I want.

-Scheduling. I have to think about when and where and how I am going to nurse all the time. Bailey and I are busy, on-the-go people. I belong to 2 Mom's groups and we do outtings and things all the time. Each morning I have to sit and really think about "Ok, what time are we leaving? Should I nurse before or after? Do I need to wake B from her nap early so we have time to nurse?" and so on. Is it a huge pain in the ass? No, but I do look forward to not having to think so damn much.

-THE looks.

I nurse in public. I nurse in private. I nurse in front of family and friends. My poor father and brother in law have seen my boobs too many times to count. My friends husbands have seen my boobs. Strangers have seen my boobs. See- Bailey doesn't nurse well under a blanket. I tried. Girl won't have it. I've tried excusing myself, but then I'm exiled and alone for the majority of events or I'm forced to nurse while sitting on a nasty bathroom floor (been there!). So, I nurse in public. I have no shame and feel no guilt. BABY HAS TO EAT. End of story. But, I look forward to not getting the look as frequently as I do. You know what look I'm talking about. The look strangers give you like "OMG! IS THAT HER BOOB? IS SHE ACTUALLY FEEDING HER BABY IN PUBLIC? OMG! I CAN'T LOOK AWAY! STARE! STARE! STARE!!!!!!". Yeah, I'm pretty over that look.

-Being touched-out. Sometimes, as much as I really and genuinely do love nursing, I get touched out. Especially during a growth spurt, Bailey would nurse frequently and have looooong sessions. These don't happen much anymore, so it's not a big issue anymore, but in some of the earlier days, she was attached to my boob what felt like 24/7. There were some moments when I just did not want to be touched. By anyone. For like 2 seconds. Like I said, this is a non-issue now, but I remember those days well and am glad that part is over.

-STILL having to think about when I last nursed and when I will again before working out.

It's a lot better than it was when I started nursing, but I still have to intentionally workout RIGHT after I nurse or I feel too full and just get uncomfortable.

So, there you have it. Turns out, breastfeeding isn't as sunshine and rainbows as people make it out to be sometimes. I love nursing Bailey. I wouldn't trade it for the world and I am so incredibly grateful our nursing relationship has been as good and as relatively easy and problem-free as it has been. Nursing is important to me. It's high on my value list. Buuuuut, I am most definitely counting down the days til my boobs can just be mine again.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 9/14-9/20

Weekly Workout Recap: 9/14-9/20
Sunday, 9/14: 7 mile walk w/ fam (split into 2 walks)
Monday, 9/15: Jillian Michael's 6 Week 6-Pack (30 minute strength and cardio workout)
Tuesday, 9/16: 3.5 mile walk w/ fam
Wednesday, 9/17: JM's 6 Week 6-Pack & 3 mile walk w/ the fam
Thursday, 9/18: 3 mile walk w/ the fam
Friday, 9/19: 3 mile walk w/ the fam
Saturday, 9/20: None
Pretty good week! JM's 6 Week 6-Pack is another no joke workout DVD. And, yes- still loving the free workout DVD's from the library. I do think I'm going to ask for a few Jillian DVD's for my birthday or Christmas so I don't have to worry about returning them on time and such. Without a gym membership, Jillian's DVD's are keeping me sane & sweaty. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

DIY Crib Rail Guards

A few weeks ago Bailey started doing this super cute thing where she learned she could stand up in the crib. Not a big deal, right? I mean, she's not trying to jump over or anything. Buuuut, if you know Bailey you know she pretty much has to at least try to put everything in her mouth. And, I mean everything. Dog. Sand. Rocks. Mulch. String. Toys. Books. Table ends. Screen door. Everything.
Only way to keep mulch out her mouth? Paci in her mouth.

So, it should have come as no surprise to me when she started standing in her crib that she would also start to try to put the rails of her crib in her mouth. OBVIOUSLY, Meagan. Duh. Well, girl can't exactly get the entire crib in her mouth, but she can bite on the side rails pretty good. Like, left teeth marks in the wood good. Now, I'm not a huge no-scratches-on-the-furniture-look-don't-touch kinda person. Hello. I dent the shit outta our stuff all the time. I can't very well hold B to a higher standard, right? But, I also would like to avoid bite marks in the wood, if possible, especially as her crib is designed to turn into a toddler and then regular bed head/foot board. PLUUUUS, there's the whole Bailey injesting wood and/or paint thing that kinda rubs me wrong.

Phew. That was a lotta lead up to say, I went on the search for something to protect the crib rails. It goes without saying that I wanted to something cheap, right? I am me, after all. Well, that was a big no-go. Pre-made guards were minimum $20 a SIDE. Hello. Cribs have 3 sides you'd want to protect (the back side is still outta the munchkins reach). That's $60 to prevent teeth marks. No way.

So, I went on a DIY mission. I googled and YouTubed and Pinterested for hours. I decided to combine many tutorials I found, using this one as the main inspiration.

Next, it was time to get the materials. First stop, Michaels. Whoops. No go. Who knew Michaels's didn't sell fabric? Clearly not me. Perhaps now is a good time to mention I'm not the most crafty of people and this sorta DIY stuff does NOT come naturally to me. Anyway- I digress. Back to getting the supplies. Onto Hobby Lobby, which I did not want to resort to after the whole birth control nonsense, but desperate times call for Hobby Lobby apparently. They were NO help. They wouldn't cut 3 separate pieces for me and that's what I had measured and planned out and then they wouldn't help me figure out what that would be in 1 big piece and then they practically laughed in my face when I didn't know how to convert inches to yards. FINALLY when I knew how much I needed, they didn't even have that much in stock in yellow fleece. OF COURSE NOT.


I was seriously just gonna give up. Those are the only 2 craft stores in my town. But, I decided I had to make a trip out of town anyway and mine as well try JoAnn's Fabrics while I was there. SUCCESS! They were so nice and helpful and OMG SO CHEAP. I got all the fleece I needed (UGH! I'm a terrible blogger and don't remember how much in measurement it was, but I had PLENTY of left overs so it wouldn't help any way. Basically, I measured the length of each side I wanted to cover and then got it 20 inches long to wrap around the rail.) and it was on sale. I got the fleece I needed for $6! I also stopped by a Dollar Tree and got 3 pool noodles for $1/each.

Ok, supplies gathered. Now, onto construction. Ok, ok-- 2 weeks later, on to construction.

First, I cut the pool noodle length wise so I could put it onto the top of the rail. I quickly learned I wasted $2 as the 2 sides of my crib had a lip that the front didn't and were too wide for the noodle to work. Oh well. The noodle worked on the front perfectly!

Then, it was time to cut the fabric. I wish I had some elegant way to say I did this. I don't. I simply laid it on the side of the crib, drapped it over about as long as I thought I'd need to make the ties and then cuuuuuut. It wasn't straight. It wasn't pretty. But, it ended up working great and not mattering.

After I got the piece I needed cut, I draped it over the side and then started cutting slits for each tie. The other online tutorials are much more descriptive and have better pics, I know. I told you I'm not a craft DIY-er. But, I stuck with it and cut all the slits and tied all the ties and, if I do say so myself, the final product looked great!

I finished the 2 shorter sides and viola! DONE! The actual construction part took me about 40 minutes and that was with a few pauses to take fleece away from Bailey or to chase her around. Not bad! And, definitey WAAAAY cheaper than buying it!

I had read just the fleece taste would stop the baby from biting the sides. Yeaaaah. No dice. Apparently Bailey loves fleece. So, she still goes to town on it, but it's stayed put for now and no more teeth marks! DIY Crib Guard Rails for $9... with 2 extra pool noodles and lots of left over fleece. SUCCESS!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Going Crazy

Reasons I Might Go Bat Shit Crazy Today:

1. There has been 1 single fly in our apartment for 2 days. I have tried to kill it & just can't get the sucker. It's driving me freaking BONKERS. DIE, FLY, DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE.

*Edited: I finally got the sucker! SUCCESS!!

2. Pandora Kids radio.

They play "What Does the Fox Say?" like 10 million times. I hate that song. No matter how many times I hit the down thumb button, it still plays. Over and over. I don't care WTF the fox says. They also play like every Lion King song and, confession, I kinda hate the Lion King songs. GASP! I know. I just don't like them. Give me Beauty and the Beast or Little Mermaid songs ANY DAY.


Whaaat? I know. I'm shocking myself with being mad at Target too. But, seriously, Target. I'm pissed at you. I placed an order online and forgot to update shipping, so I called 20 minutes after hitting order and cancelled the order since they couldn't just update the address (also stupid). Then, I reordered it. Well, we got charged for both, so I called. Apparently the first order was never actually cancelled (wwwwtttttffffff??? That was a 30 minute phone call! They told me it was cancelled!!). So both identical orders were shipped, so they can't refund for the first supposedly-cancelled-but-not-actually-cancelled order. The first order was shipped to Matt's old office, which clearly he doesn't work at anymore, so we'll never see that package. Maybe it'll get returned to sender. Maybe. Blearh. That's why I called to cancel it!!!! Stupid Target. It's only $18, but STILL. I'm pissssssed. 

I spent over 40 minutes on the phone AGAIN with them arguing about the order not being cancelled but them saying it was cancelled. Who has time for that? After them telling me I'd have to CALL THE POST OFFICE and try to hunt down the package, I finally talked to a supervisor and they're refunding me the $18. So, I suppose I should be happy but I'm still annoyed and over you, Target. Will I never shop there again? BWAHAHAHA! Yeah right. Of course I will. But, not today. Today, I'm over you.

4. Medical Insurance. Seriously. Does anyone ACTUALLY understand medical insurance? I got a $15 bill for a doc visit for when I went to get my birth control shot, which I have to get every 3-months. First, getting the prescription shot is a pain in the ass because the insurance company has to reimburse me for it and somehow every month my claim is initially denied and I have to call and bitch and then it's approved (WHHHHHYYYYY??!??!!). Now, I get a bill for actually getting the shot injected after they tell me it's covered 100%. So, I call and they assure me it's not covered and I owe the doc office the $15. Ok. Fine. STUPID, but whatever. So, I pay the bill. The insurance company calls me 15 minutes after I pay the bill all "Oh, we made a mistake! It IS covered!!". Yeaaaah. Of course it's AFTER I pay the bill. And instead of the insurance company dealing with the doctor's office to get me a refund, I have to. Yeah, that's fair. So, now I have more annoying phone calls in my future. I'm beyond irritated. Again-- medical insurance. Does anyone actually understand it?? Stuuuuupid.

5. Bailey.

Nooooo. Never! Really, it's more like me. I'm driving myself crazy. She's still not babbling (or at least not the doctor approved babbling) and I'm driving myself crazy looking up things on the internet that basically say if she's not babbling then something is seriously wrong and I'm the worst parent in life ever. I'm giving myself a hernia with all the worrying and I just. can't. stop. Who knew kids could cause so much stress?? ;) Good thing they're so stinkin' cute.
I realize this pic is blury... but, that tongue. I can't-- it's just so cute.

What's making you go crazy today?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bailey: 10 Months

Happy (belated) 10 Month Birthday, Peanut!!

I mean, you know I'm going to say it again. NO WAY IS LITTLE GIRL 10 MONTHS OLD! Hoooow is time going so fast? I swear, I just had her yesterday and yet at the same time it feels like she's always been here. Crazy, crazy, crazy.  
Shocker. She's still a tiny little peanut. No weight check this month, but I can't imagine she's gained much. She's still in 3-6 month clothes, though I think we'll move out of those semi-soon. The weather tanked this week into chilly, fall-like temps and I had a mild panic attack when I realized we have NO fall/winter clothes that fit her.
Clearly, it was a great day in these parts. #winning
For my shower, all the 6-9 month clothes we got were summer... and, not just summer style with a watermelon on it or something-- I'm talking like tank top rompers. S-u-m-m-e-r clothes. So, we did a quick Goodwill run and got a few things and then I ordered (on clearance!) a pack of long sleeve onesies (to go under short sleeve onesies which we have a gazillion of) and a sweater to go over tank tops. It'll work. Anyway- for now, she's still in 3-6 month clothes. Which is mind boggling. We moved her up to size 3 diapers more because we ran out of size 2 and have 2 boxes of size 3 than out of necessity. The 3's are big, but work. She's getting taller, I feel like. Her pants seem to get shorter but still fit in the waist. Poor girl is only 10 months and already has the eternal woman problem of being between sizes and clothes just not fitting right. Being female is so fun.
Pretty good! We're still officially STTN, which is HUGE. She and I start nursing around 7pm each night. We nurse for about 10 minutes max now (more on that below) and then she's over it, so I put her in her crib, wide awake, and, based on the video monitor stalking I do occasionally, she puts herself to sleep 10-15 minutes later. WIN. I'll take it, hands down any day. 

Naps are also pretty good. We're officially on a 4ish (haha-- like how it's official, but also -ish at the same time? I rock.) hour schedule and definitely down to 2 solid naps. She may not be a naturally sleepy baby, but with some work and consistency, I'd say she's a good napper.

Moving to the 4 hour schedule was a very intentional decision on my part. As I've explained before, I lay somewhere in the middle of parent-led and child-led parenting. I could tell she didn't want or need her 3rd nap anymore, but she wasn't going to magically transition on her own without me taking the lead.

I started just after she turned 9 months by just kinda going for it and saying we were going to do 2 2-hour naps and then by staying home and diligently tracking our schedule for a few days.

It wasn't fun and it wasn't easy. Staying home for a few days to get us solidly on the 4-hour schedule sucked. I don't like to be cooped up, but it was best for Bailey. Gotta do what you gotta do. Anyway- after a few days, she was good to go. Now, our basic schedule (which gets messed up almost every day b/c of play groups and doctors appointments and grocery shopping and... life) is:
6:30am: Wake, Nurse, and Solids
7:15-8:30am: Play (a lot of times we go on a walk)
8:30-10/10:30am: Nap
10:30: Nurse
10:45-12:30pm: Play/errands/whatever
12:30pm: Nurse and Solids, then more play
1:30pm-3/3:30pm: Nap
3:30pm: Nurse
3:45-5:30pm: Play/errands/whatever
5:30pm: Solids
6-7pm: Bath/books/play/etc.
7pm: Nurse, then bed by 7:15pm
9pm-ish: Dreamfeed
I would reallllllly like to get rid of that Dreamfeed, but I've tried and tried and each time she wakes up the MOTN or super early. So, we're keeping it for now. Ugh. It is what it is. I think we'll try again at 11 months to cut it and see what happens. I'm also planning to cut the 12:30pm nurse session and do just solids (with a sippy cup w/ b-milk in it) and see how that goes.
Nursing & Solids:
Well, we just talked a bit about it, huh? We're still nursing! I do think she is starting to loose interest, though.
She wants to play and look around and such. This is normal, so I'm just going with it. It's not unusual for one of our nursing sessions to last as little as 5 minutes now. Our first session in the morning is hands down the longest and the one I think we'll definitely keep well past a year. The others, we'll see. I'm trying to not be super crazy about it and trying to not try to plan everything that inevitably will go to hell anyway. Look at me... learning. :)
Solids are still going well, too. Girl loves food! We were at my in-laws one night and Bailey legit ate half a cheeseburger, lots of veggies and numerous spoonful's of baked beans. My MIL was shocked at how much she was eating. Girl can EAT.

Of course she has her moods, but generally she's a really good eater. Usually, she'll eat a TON for 1 of her 3 meals a day and which meal is the "good" meal is totally random. Then, she'll eat OK for the other 2. Though I have a feeling her "ok" is still pretty good.

Her favorite foods of the moment are: banana (omg- girl could eat an entire banana and then some in 1 sitting. She's obsessed!), yogurt, mango, beets (the Hubs thought it was SO weird to give her beets... I mean, it kinda was, but she liked them!), pasta (I made a chili mac dish that she LOOOOOVED), ground beef, toast, and broccoli. She's just sorta meh on blackberries and raspberries and plain avocado. Still haven't really found a food she really will refuse to eat.

-This local play place where she can crawl all over and play with other kids. She loves watching the big kids.



-Sadie. OMG. She's obbbbbsessed like never before lately.

-Watching videos of other babies or herself. I'll sometimes take a video of her on my iPhone and then show her. She LOVES it.

 -Being read to. She wasn't really into books (besides trying to eat them) til now-ish.
Now, she'll sit on my lap and let me read a (short) book to her... though she still does like to eat the books, too.

-Moving around. ALL THE TIME. The jumperoo, trying to walk, crawling, pulling herself up -- as long as she's moving, she's good.

-When I put her in the PNP or jumpy seat thing to then go fix dinner. I have no idea how she knows, but every night at that time she wants so much attention. Goof.
-She's kinda over her carseat hatred which is AMAZING!! She's still not the #1 car fan, but it's generally not an all-out scream fest anymore, which is great.
-Not being able to play with my iPhone or car keys. I tell her a gazillion times a day "not for babies!" and girl just doesn't care. We're working on it.

Talking. Ugh. That sounds silly. I wouldn't say she DISLIKES "talking" or babbling, but she's not doing it as much/in the way our doctor would like. Let's back up. When we went to the doc for her 9 month check up, the doc asked if B was babbling with the consonant sounds. Specifically, they look for ma, ba, and da. Bailey was not making those sounds at all. She makes LOTS of sounds (eh, ah, he, ha, ga, ge), but not THOSE sounds. She screeches and squeals, too. But, again, not THOSE specific sounds the doc was looking for. So, the doc referred us to get B's hearing tested (don't get me started... we went and had it tested... SO stupid... do you know how they test an infants hearing? Have you ever clapped and seen an infant turn? Yep. Basically that.) and she tested fine. We're also having First Steps, an early intervention speech/physical therapy program, come to do an assessment. That takes forever to schedule, so they're coming next week. Anyway, she's STILL not making the sounds, but I KNOW she can. Ok, ok. Maybe I'm crazy, but I just KNOW she can. I feel like she just doesn't WANT to right now. She spends 100% of her energy moving and exploring stuff. She wants to moooove and look around and pick up everything and investigate everything. She doesn't care about talking right now, she's too busy. PLUS, have you met me and/or the Hubs (ok, many of you actually haven't... lol). He's quiet and a thinker. I'm a mover and talker. Imagine that our CHILD (that is a mix of us both) would be quiet and a mover. A MIX OF BOTH OF US. Wooooah. Mind = Blown.

Anyway.... that's my 2 cents on the situation. We'll see what First Steps says. I'm happy to get her help, if she needs it... and of COURSE I think my child is perfect (b/c she is-- duh), but if she really does need some help with speech, I'm glad the doc is being proactive. I happen to not think it's needed and to think there's no problem, but better to get help early. I get that. I'm not happy about the situation, but I get it.

New This Month/Special Moments/Milestones:
-Waving! It took us a while to finally admit she was legit waving and not randomly just kinda moving her arm, but it's definitely official now. She loves to wave to people at the store and on walks. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. Obsessed.

-Her first cold! She got it from the Hubs and I. Poor thing. She was soooo clingy and sleepy and had a temp (my first time taking her temp since we left the NICU! Woah!!) for about 2 days and then was fine and back to her normal self.

-Her paci-loving days are back. She completely lost all interest in her paci around 4 months. Wouldn't touch the thing. Then, around Labor Day weekend (when she got her cold!) she picked it back up and now wants it all. the. time. I'm trying to be OK with it and just go with it, but I reallllly don't want it to become a habit. Ugh. Whatever. Get over it and just go with it for now, Meagan.
 -Girl is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to being able to pull herself to standing and to stand without assistance. She can stand for a few seconds without holding onto anything now, but not for too long. I think she's crazy close to walking, too. I thought she'd have it by 10 months and we're not quite there, but it's definitely not too far off!

- The need for baby proofing! Girl loves going/doing the one thing she's not supposed to. So, we did some light baby proofing-- covered outlets, put cardboard over some cords, etc.
Like our DIY baby proof job under the desk to stop her from getting the cords?? Classic!

I'm not a huge baby proofer. I tend to be more of a watch-your-child kinda believer, but some of the stuff just makes it easier for me so I don't have to chase her away from a spot over and over again. Plus, I'd rather have our space more kid-friendly so I don't have to say "no" a thousand times a day. I WANT her to explore and test boundaries, so we're working to find a happy middle ground.


Nicknames: Peanut, Bug, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Jelly Butt -- we're weird. Don't judge.

Looking forward to: All. The. Things.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 9/7-9/13

Weekly Workout Recap: 9/7-9/13
Sunday, 9/7: 4 mile run & 7 mile walk (split into 2 walks)
Monday, 9/8: JM30DS & 3.5 mile walk
Tuesday, 9/9: 8MA8MA
Wednesday, 9/10: None 
Thursday, 9/11: None
Friday, 9/12: 3 mile run w/ the jogging stroller
Saturday, 9/13: 3 mile walk
I'm back!! And, starting the week with a run was great! Unfortunately, running 2 days in a row (Saturday and Sunday) left my hamstrings really tight. But, it still felt great. I'm still feeling a little under the weather... this damn cough just won't quit! But, I feel well enough to workout again, so that's great. Sadly, every time I take a week plus off, I feel like I'm starting from ground zero, which I know is crap, but it's what it feels like! Ugh. Oh well. Gotta get back into it to move off ground zero!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Grocery Shopping

I have a confession. I LOVE to grocery shop. The Hubs and I used to do it together on Friday nights (we're so cool) and I was sorta MEH on it. It was a Friday night, I was exhausted after a long week of working, and the Hubs is an in & out, stick to the list kinda guy, which is one of the things I love about him, but does not make for a very fun grocery shopping trip.

But, now that I'm staying home with Bailey, she and I go every other Monday after her first nap. And, I love it. We can take our time. I talk to her and tell her everything I'm picking up. I can walk up and down the aisles and browse. I still *try* to stick to the list, but it's fun to look and perhaps find a good deal on something or a cool new thing to try. Plus, the little old ladies who also grocery shop on Monday mornings simply adore Bailey and she gets tons of attention and "she's so cute"'s, which is fun too. :)

Anyway- like I mentioned, we grocery shop every other week for our "big" trip. This is where we have a list and get things for the next 2 weeks worth of meals, lunches, toiletries, etc. We always start at Aldi (love that freaking place!) and then go to either Wal-Mart (booooo, but sometimes it just has to work) or a local grocery store chain like Stack and Van Til or Town and Country. Generally, it takes us close to 2 hours door to door.

Grocery cart in the check out lane at Aldi during one of our big weeks.

On the off weeks, we still do a small grocery run-- usually just for produce and deli meat.

We don't have a "budget" per say, rather we simply try to keep things as cheap as possible. I look at the ads before shopping to see what's on sale and such. Simply shopping at Aldi helps SO MUCH. It is so much cheaper!! I might change a meal plan once at a store if a different meat or item is on sale. I also don't get TOO much of things like produce, just to have it go bad. That sounds so simple, but you'd be amazed. Generally we spend about $100 on our big trip and about $20-30 on the off weeks. Sometimes significantly more, sometimes significantly less, but I'd say that's about the average.

We eat home a lot. Generally, unless there's a special circumstance or something, the Hubs goes out to lunch (usually Subway) once a week and we go out to dinner once a week together. Sometimes Bailey and I will also go out for a lunch during the work week, too. Luckily, the Hubs is a creature of habit and doesn't mind eating the same thing for lunch and/or dinner all week. Left overs area a staple in our house, especially for the Hubs. Me being home for lunches during the week is really nice too. I eat eggs for lunch ALL THE TIME, which is cheap and yuuuumy.

So, what do we get? Lots. We have some staples, that we get every big trip:
Pears (or some other fruit like grapes or blueberries, if on sale)
Fresh Veggies (depends what's on sale)
Greek Yogurt
Ice Cream
Bread (wheat, rye, and cinnamon raisin)
Deli Meat
Cheese (shredded, sliced, and string... the Hubs goes through a lot of cheese!)
Frozen Waffles
Frozen and Canned Veggies
Chicken and/or some other Meat
Canned Beans
Apple Sauce (for Bailey)
Baby Food Treat/Snacks like Puffs or Yogurt Melts (for Bailey)
Diet Pepsi
Bottled, Sparkly, Flavored Water
Granola Bars
Some things that aren't every-shopping-trip kinda things:
Toliet Paper
Paper Towels
Toiletries (shampoo, mascara, etc.)
Pantry staples (spices, flour, pasta sauce, PB, etc.)
Dog Food
Laundry/Dishwasher Detergent
Of course there are other things that randomly come up and such, but that's pretty much our usual grocery shopping! Now.... when do I get to go again? :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Popcorn Panic 5 Mile Race

Well, I think before this race, it was official: I had forgotten how to race. It had been SO long since I toed a start line, I forgot how to do it! Case in point? I completely forgot about the whole "Oh yeah, you get a race packet with a bib and shit" thing. Luckily, I remembered juuuust before the pick-up was over the night before. Yeah, I could have done the late pick up that morning, but I never do that. Well, at least back when I remembered how to run a race I never did that. Now, who knows.

Anyyyyyway- after remembering I was in fact running a race the next morning and trying to pull my head out of my booty and remember HOW to race, I did get my packet and all was right in the world. There's no "expo" with this race, just getting your bib and t-shirt.

Later that night, I kept trying to remember how to be a runner and laid out all my crap. Well, almost all my crap. I forgot my shoes. Ya know. Just shoes. NBD. It really wasn't a big deal, as I was home and they were simply in my closet instead of on my dresser with the rest of my race outfit. Still. How could I forget shoes? I'm a dummy.

The logistics of a race get significantly more complicated when you have a baby. Add about a gazillion complicated points when you're nursing that baby. The race started at 7:30am and Bailey usually gets up at 6:30am and nurses right away. Perfect, right? No so much, as I was petrified about the parking situation (I heard everywhere that the Popcorn Fest is a BIG DEAL and parking is like impossible) so I wanted to be out the door by 6:30am, even though the start line was literally 2 miles from my apartment door (spoiler: that was totally unnecessary). So, I woke up at 6am and got dressed and ready (aka: made coffee) and then nursed B at 6:15am, handed her off to the Hubs, and was out the door by 6:30am.

I made my way to the downtown area, again worried about parking. To my surprise (and a little irritation, though better than the alternative), there was ample parking (to be fair, a few hours later, you'd be lucky to park 2 miles away, so it did get crazy, crazy crowded). I parked, headed to the start line, did the porta potty thing, and waited. Luckily, it was a BEAUTIFUL morning. 60*'s and overcast. Beautiful.

7:30am rolled around quick and we were off, right on time. The plan was for the Hubs and Baileybug to meet me at the 3 mile mark (literally a hop, skip, and jump from our apartment), so I was looking forward to that almost right from the start.

Mile 1-2 were 100% up a slow and steady hill. Not a great way to start, but I knew we'd hit them on the way back, so that was reassuring. I was going slower than I liked, but keeping steady. I think mile 1 was about 10:40 and mile 2 about 10:30. I felt slow and sluggish and my legs felt realllllly heavy. Not ideal, but when you've barely run in months, what can you expect? Didn't help that I am still getting over this damn never-ending cold and had to hack up a lung every few minutes. Turns out breathing while running is hard when you can't stop coughing. Who knew?

Anyway-  the Hubs texted me right before mile 3 and told me he wasn't going to make it in time. B had a poopy diaper explosion and it just wasn't gonna happen. Boooooo. I felt deflated and lost a bit of energy. But, what can ya do? I also knew I was over half way there and just told myself to push through, get done, and then you can see them at the finish.

Mile 3 and 4 were mostly downhill (yaaaay!!). I seemed to catch a bit more of my rhythm there, as well. I think they clocked in at about 10:20 and 10:00. It was nice to be passing people instead of getting passed the whole race. I kept steady/speed up for some nice negative splits, which has never been my race-day-strength.

Mile 5 was uphill-- boo. My legs were getting tired and it was starting to warm up a little. I was ready to be done, but my competitive side came out and I made it my goal to beat a few people ahead of me. I really picked it up the last half mile and pushed myself out of my comfort zone with speed. I was huffing and puffing and coughing like crazy. I'm sure I looked and sounded like a lunatic. Usually I only sprint the last quarter mile or so, so this was definitely pushing it for me. I was SPENT by the end. I'm not really sure, as I forgot to hit my garmin for a few seconds, but I think the last mile was about a 9:40. Fast? Noooope. Fast for me right now? Yep.

(Ignore the pace-- that's just what I was at when I stopped the Garmin)

It was slower than I wanted and expected. I was hoping to keep a solid and steady 10:00 pace. Oh well. What can ya do? Interestingly, the next day I went out for a 4-mile run and finished in exactly 40 minutes. Legs, you're funny. Anyway, it was a good, small, local run. I'd definitely do it again, though likely only because we live right here and it's convenient to then go to the festival and already have parking and such. It wasn't exactly a fun and beautiful/scenic race, but I dug it.

It was nice to get back to a start line and I'd be lying if I said I didn't spend last night looking online for another (short) race.

Running, it may be time to start seeing each other again. We'll see. :)