Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 9/7-9/13

Weekly Workout Recap: 9/7-9/13
Sunday, 9/7: 4 mile run & 7 mile walk (split into 2 walks)
Monday, 9/8: JM30DS & 3.5 mile walk
Tuesday, 9/9: 8MA8MA
Wednesday, 9/10: None 
Thursday, 9/11: None
Friday, 9/12: 3 mile run w/ the jogging stroller
Saturday, 9/13: 3 mile walk
I'm back!! And, starting the week with a run was great! Unfortunately, running 2 days in a row (Saturday and Sunday) left my hamstrings really tight. But, it still felt great. I'm still feeling a little under the weather... this damn cough just won't quit! But, I feel well enough to workout again, so that's great. Sadly, every time I take a week plus off, I feel like I'm starting from ground zero, which I know is crap, but it's what it feels like! Ugh. Oh well. Gotta get back into it to move off ground zero!

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