Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Going Crazy

Reasons I Might Go Bat Shit Crazy Today:

1. There has been 1 single fly in our apartment for 2 days. I have tried to kill it & just can't get the sucker. It's driving me freaking BONKERS. DIE, FLY, DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE.

*Edited: I finally got the sucker! SUCCESS!!

2. Pandora Kids radio.

They play "What Does the Fox Say?" like 10 million times. I hate that song. No matter how many times I hit the down thumb button, it still plays. Over and over. I don't care WTF the fox says. They also play like every Lion King song and, confession, I kinda hate the Lion King songs. GASP! I know. I just don't like them. Give me Beauty and the Beast or Little Mermaid songs ANY DAY.


Whaaat? I know. I'm shocking myself with being mad at Target too. But, seriously, Target. I'm pissed at you. I placed an order online and forgot to update shipping, so I called 20 minutes after hitting order and cancelled the order since they couldn't just update the address (also stupid). Then, I reordered it. Well, we got charged for both, so I called. Apparently the first order was never actually cancelled (wwwwtttttffffff??? That was a 30 minute phone call! They told me it was cancelled!!). So both identical orders were shipped, so they can't refund for the first supposedly-cancelled-but-not-actually-cancelled order. The first order was shipped to Matt's old office, which clearly he doesn't work at anymore, so we'll never see that package. Maybe it'll get returned to sender. Maybe. Blearh. That's why I called to cancel it!!!! Stupid Target. It's only $18, but STILL. I'm pissssssed. 

I spent over 40 minutes on the phone AGAIN with them arguing about the order not being cancelled but them saying it was cancelled. Who has time for that? After them telling me I'd have to CALL THE POST OFFICE and try to hunt down the package, I finally talked to a supervisor and they're refunding me the $18. So, I suppose I should be happy but I'm still annoyed and over you, Target. Will I never shop there again? BWAHAHAHA! Yeah right. Of course I will. But, not today. Today, I'm over you.

4. Medical Insurance. Seriously. Does anyone ACTUALLY understand medical insurance? I got a $15 bill for a doc visit for when I went to get my birth control shot, which I have to get every 3-months. First, getting the prescription shot is a pain in the ass because the insurance company has to reimburse me for it and somehow every month my claim is initially denied and I have to call and bitch and then it's approved (WHHHHHYYYYY??!??!!). Now, I get a bill for actually getting the shot injected after they tell me it's covered 100%. So, I call and they assure me it's not covered and I owe the doc office the $15. Ok. Fine. STUPID, but whatever. So, I pay the bill. The insurance company calls me 15 minutes after I pay the bill all "Oh, we made a mistake! It IS covered!!". Yeaaaah. Of course it's AFTER I pay the bill. And instead of the insurance company dealing with the doctor's office to get me a refund, I have to. Yeah, that's fair. So, now I have more annoying phone calls in my future. I'm beyond irritated. Again-- medical insurance. Does anyone actually understand it?? Stuuuuupid.

5. Bailey.

Nooooo. Never! Really, it's more like me. I'm driving myself crazy. She's still not babbling (or at least not the doctor approved babbling) and I'm driving myself crazy looking up things on the internet that basically say if she's not babbling then something is seriously wrong and I'm the worst parent in life ever. I'm giving myself a hernia with all the worrying and I just. can't. stop. Who knew kids could cause so much stress?? ;) Good thing they're so stinkin' cute.
I realize this pic is blury... but, that tongue. I can't-- it's just so cute.

What's making you go crazy today?

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