Friday, September 26, 2014

15 Thing Friday

1. Woah, ho! Look at me posting so often this week! I'll give myself a solid A- in blogging this week.

2. After our boob talk earlier this week, imagine my surprise when I opened up a book I grabbed from the library (Yes, I pick books out for B without even opening them. So?) and saw this...
You can't see it. That's a nursing momma right there. I can't lie-- I'm tempting to buy the book off Amazon.
3. Seriously, JLo.
How is this possible? Isn't she like a senior citizen by now? How does she look younger than me? And how does she get more fit and hotter everyday? But also, seriously, JLo-- maybe put some clothes on?!?!?
4. Thanks for your incredible attention to detail, app.
Now, if you could just be RIGHT about the forecast more than half the time, we'd be in business.

5. I went to FOUR different stores looking for invitations that said "1st Birthday" on them for B's birthday (WOAH! HOW IS IT TIME TO PLAN HER BDAY PARTY ALREADY?!?!). Strike out. How?? Well, I did find them at ONE place for $8/8 invitations. WHAAAAAT???? Meanwhile, the ones I went with were $1/8 invitations.

6. Guess who learned to climb up the futon in her room?
Any takers on how long it'll take her to fall on the floor and crrrrry like a baby???
7. Bailey had her first hot dog this week. Where's the baby book when you need to document monumental moments like these?? #momoftheyearrighthere
8. Seriously. Stop reading, get in your car and go to your nearest grocery store and buy this ice cream. You won't regret it.
You're welcome in advance.

9. While we're talking about food-- want a crazy easy, super yummy receipe? 1 can of pumpkin + 1 box of spice cake mix. Mix together and bake as cupcakes. Pumpkin Spice Muffins. Crazy easy and super delicious. Boom.

10. OK, I only made it to 10 and like 2/3 of the points were about Bailey. Whatever. I'm obsessed with my kid. #guiltyascharged

Happy Friday!

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