Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekly Workout Recap: 9/14-9/20

Weekly Workout Recap: 9/14-9/20
Sunday, 9/14: 7 mile walk w/ fam (split into 2 walks)
Monday, 9/15: Jillian Michael's 6 Week 6-Pack (30 minute strength and cardio workout)
Tuesday, 9/16: 3.5 mile walk w/ fam
Wednesday, 9/17: JM's 6 Week 6-Pack & 3 mile walk w/ the fam
Thursday, 9/18: 3 mile walk w/ the fam
Friday, 9/19: 3 mile walk w/ the fam
Saturday, 9/20: None
Pretty good week! JM's 6 Week 6-Pack is another no joke workout DVD. And, yes- still loving the free workout DVD's from the library. I do think I'm going to ask for a few Jillian DVD's for my birthday or Christmas so I don't have to worry about returning them on time and such. Without a gym membership, Jillian's DVD's are keeping me sane & sweaty. :)

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