Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap (3/4-3/10)

Weekly Workout Recap (3/4-3/10):
Monday, 3.4: 60 minutes elliptical
Tuesday, 3.5: 6 miles (speed intervals)
Wednesday, 3.6: 7.5 miles (speed intervals, but different kinds-- I swear!)
Thursday, 3.7: 60-minute Signature Strength
Friday, 3.8: Rest Day
Saturday, 3.9: 7 miles and 20 minutes elliptical
Sunday, 3.10: 2 miles &
 60 minute Spinning class

Totals for Week (3/4-3/10):
22.5 Miles Run

1 Spinning Class
1 Signature Strength Classes

80 Minutes Elliptical
1 Rest Day

BUSY week. Not a lot of time for great workouts. Really seems like this trend of 1 week being a BA workout week and the next week being pretty low-key and crappy has been happening for a while. Oh well. Work's crazy busy and it is what it is. Getting in workouts when and where and how I can, but 2-a-days were NOT happening this week. Oh well. I think it was a pretty solid week overall.

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  1. I like that quote! I need to remember that sometimes when I really want to give up.