Sunday, March 3, 2013

15 Thing Friday... Late

1. The Oscars was this past weekend, so clearly we have some fashion to talk about. Bad news first? (Source for both pics)
Let's start with Jennifer Aniston. Girl is beyond beautiful. And this isn't even that bad of a look. It's a pretty dress. She looks just fine. But, that's the thing. Why is she looking "just fine" when she could look AMAZING? She's too hot to keep doing the same. exact. thing. over and over and over. Now, Anne Hathaway. Poor, Anne Hathaway. First, apparently you could see her nipples through that gown. FIRE YOUR STYLIST RIGHT NOW. Next, just no. This is the OSCARS. And you're NOMINATED. This dress isn't even "OK"... it's baaaad. And you KNEW the world would be watching you. No, just no.

2. Ready for the good news?? (Source for both pics)

Jennifer Lawrence, you can do no wrong. Love her. The dress is SUCH an Oscar dress. Where else can you wear something like that to? Beautiful. Flawless. Love. And, Jennifer Garner. SUCH a beautiful woman. I LOVE this look on her. I could do without the matchy-matchy shoes and a different clutch, but other than that-- LOVE. Great color, great jewels, great hair and makeup. Love.

I have a serious girl crush on both these women. Also-- how did either of them SIT in those dresses?!?! No, but seriously... how??

3. Honorable mention below. (Source for pic)
Kerry Washington looks stunning. The color works for her. The bling. The simple hair. She looks great. Love it.

4. In non celebrity fashion news-- I ran this week. For my lack of running last week, that funk sure ended quick. By the end of the day Monday I ran more JUST in that 1 day than I did all of last week. That's normal, right??

5. Speaking of running, my baby (she's like 26... not so baby anymore! Tear!!) sister and I are gonna run a race together this year! I'm beyond excited.
She is too. Promise. Even if her email doesn't have as many "!!!!" as mine did. She's excited. And, even if she's not-- we're doing it (hear me, Nat?!?!)!

6. Let's get back to some celebrity talk. I already talked about how I have a serious girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence. This article is BRILLANT. Please watch number #11. "What went through my mind when I fell down? A bad word that I can't say that starts with F." Love her.

7. And because this whole post is seeming to revolve around celebrities, can we talk about Britney Spears for a second. Now, anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Britney. LOVE. Her music is catchy and fun. My friend Minnette and I are full believers that if we met Britney in real life we'd all become BFFs. Clearly- love her. OK, ok-- she had a rough patch. A really rough patch. Agreed. But... look at her now!
I AM LITERALLY SPEECHLESS.Wait, oops. Correction: A flawless BRUNETTE legend made a surprise appearance at Elton John's party. (source)
Girl is HOT! She looks the best she has in YEARS and I couldn't be happier for her. Keep it up, Britney! And, can you put out a new CD too? I need some more mindless bubblegum pop in my life.

8. YES, Pandora. I am still here and I am still listening. I am ALWAYS still listening. STOP ASKING ME.
I must hit the "I'm still listening" button 15 times a day. MINIMUM.  

9. I'm traveling this weekend to Indianapolis for a conference. 2 words: TRADER JOES.

10. Clearly I was beyond late in this post and I'm on to ten things... so, maybe we should re-word this post to 10 Things Friday??? But, that just doesn't have the same ring to it. So, we'll leave it at 15 and just say the last 5 items are just written in white ink on a white background. PERFECT. 

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