Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap (2/18-2/24)

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Weekly Workout Recap (2/18-2/24):
Monday, 2.18: 50 minute elliptical (kinda an active rest day)
Tuesday, 2.19: 60-minute Signature Strength class & 2.5 miles & 4.5 miles (speed intervals) & 15 minute elliptical
Wednesday, 2.20: 60-minute Spinning class
Thursday, 2.21: 6 miles (speed/hill)
Friday, 2.22: Rest
Saturday, 2.23: 3 mile run, 60-minute Unleashed class
Sunday, 2.24: 3.33 mile walk w/ Hubs and Sadie
Totals for Week:
16 miles running
65 minutes on elliptical
1 Spinning Classes
1 Signature Strength Classes
1 Unleashed Class
3.33 mile walk
I got nothing. I can't even believe how low my milage was this week. I'd love to offer some grand explanation or even blame the weather, but I have neither. Truth is, Sunday the weather was almost perfect for a long run. And, Saturday I had PLENTY of time at the gym... I just didn't feel like it. Sunday night the Hubs and I were watching some movie and there was a scene when they were running and the Hubs asked if I was jealous (b/c any time I see a runner I usually get jealous that they're running and I'm stuck doing x, y, z) and I honestly wasn't even a little. I didn't WANT to run last week. So, I didn't. SIMPLE. Don't worry... I already ran 8 Monday morning, so this little running-hate didn't last long. I'm back to my normal self already. Goes to show... when you don't feel like running, don't run. I mean- not ALWAYS. But, definitely don't FORCE it. Takes the fun away. And, the fun comes back. Promise.

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  1. It sounds like you just needed to take a break this week. 16 miles is better than no miles. :-)