Thursday, February 7, 2013

$10 Bill

So, here's the thing. Last night the Hubs and I were at PetsMart for Sadie's Obedience School Training (of which I've taken no pics. Blogger fail.).

We're all told to spread out at the store to practice loose leash walking (of which Sadie is still failing miserably at). I have Sadie and the Hubs ran back to the school area to get our treats.

Imagine my surprise when I stumble across this right in the middle of an aisle.

Clearly this is a reenactment shot. This is actually on my office floor from about 10 seconds ago. But, it is in fact the same exact bill and basically crumbled up the same way. Now, just imagine the carpet is the slick tiled floor at PetsMart in the middle of the crate aisle. OK, good. Glad you're still with me.
Right when I pick it up, the Hubs catches up with me. I go ask 4 different people who were all semi-near the area if they dropped it. They all say no. Now, keep in mind it's a Wednesday night. There were probably only 4 people in the whole store, so I felt pretty good about asking everyone I could visually see if it belonged to them. All no's. 
Crap. What do I do now? I consider myself a pretty good samaritan and I genuinely wanted to give the money back to whoever dropped it. But, they all said it wasn't theirs. Where does that leave me?
So, I ask the Hubs what I should do now. He says: "Well, I don't know. I don't know why'd you'd pick it up in the first place. Now you gotta deal with it because no one claimed in."
Say whaaaaat?!?!?!? Would anyone seriously NOT pick up a $10 bill just sitting on the floor? Come on! I'm human! Was I a BAD person because I picked it up? I mean-- I was actually TRYING to help, but since no one claimed it-- here I was. Stuck. Feeling GUILTY because I had this $10 bill burning a hole in my hand.
Was I supposed to put it back on the floor? Turn it into PetsMart? What???
Doesn't help that I'm a firm believer in what goes around, comes around. So, I felt like if I didn't find who it belonged to, then I'd have to keep it and since it wasn't MINE-- something bad would happen to me. Logical? No. But, in my head-- I promise, it makes perfect sense. Still does.
So... what did I do?
I kept it.
I mean... I TRIED to find the owner. I really did. I asked everyone I could see if they dropped it. I WANTED to return it to the owner. No one would claim it! I wasn't going to just put it back on the floor. That seemed silly. And, I mean-- really? Turn it in? It was loose cash! If it had been a wallet, I'd turn 100% turn it in (And, I have done that-- NUMEROUS times). But, loose cash? How would they identify or find the owner any more than I had?
So, now I have it. I'm $10 richer. But, I still FEEL guilty! What do I do with it?? What would you have do with it? Was the Hubs right-- should I have just left it on the ground?? What would you have done-- picked it up? Left it?
In non dog-related or ethical dilemma-related news, I ran today. 7 miles of speed work- Yasso 800s. Very close to this workout. Turns out, I kinda love this workout. It makes me CRAZY sweaty (sorry I'm not sorry, co-workers) and CRAZZZZZY hungry, but I love it. The time FLIES by because I'm constantly jumping from the treadmill to the track, so I'm never anywhere for longer than 5 minutes. LOVE. I'm 100% addicted to it right now. Not sure if it's actually making me any faster, but I love it. Plus, I won't lie-- it feels GREAT to be running so FAST on the treadmill when the people next to me aren't going as fast, even if just for .5 mile increments. I'm just being honest here.
So true.
Sorry this post ended up being so word heavy and picture light. I tried thinking of some pics to add to spice it up, but came up with nothin'. 


  1. I would have picked up the $$$ too! I also would have kept it if nobody claimed it. What are you supposed to do- throw it back on the floor?! I don't think so. :-)

    Great job on the Yasso 800s! I actually kind of like that workout too. Something about 800s, they seem like the perfect distance for speed work.

    1. Glad I'm not alone!!! I plan to use it for some fro yo tonight! :)

      I used to think 800s were SO FAR to run "fast" (for me), but I'm really into the challenge right now. Juuuust when I think I can't go any further, it's over and I can go slow for a while! PERFECTION!