Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cookie Dough for 1

Thank goodness it's Thursday. This week has been BRUTAL.

True to form, after my post about getting up in the morning and working out I most definitely didn't get up this morning and go to the gym. I honestly don't even remember making the decision and turning my 4:55am alarm off and the 6:40am alarm on. Like, legit no memory. I must've been more than half asleep. Anyway- so, I didn't go. Just like that. I did, however, get up yesterday morning and go. That's 2 of the 4 mornings so far this week. I'll call that a win. And, I plan to go tomorrow. Double win.

Since I didn't get my booty outta bed this morning, it was imperative that I drag my ass over to the gym at lunch and get something in. I wasn't really feeling running, but knew I needed to get some miles in. Last week I hit 40 miles and before today my total this week was all of 7. Ouch. Anyway, I already did 1 speedwork session this week, so I decided today to do kinda a mix of more speedwork (ala intervals) and a little hill work too.

I am so, so, so glad I have access to both a treadmill and an indoor track so easily. Best job perk ever.

In other news, my eating habits have been less than stellar lately. Every night after dinner I get the biggest sweet tooth and crave something sweet. I legit Gooled "Recipes for Cookie Dough for 1" the other night.

Not only did I Google it, I also made it and devoured it. Btw, it was delicious. Definitely dangerous too. Now all I can think about is COOKIE DOUGH, COOKIE DOUGH, COOKIE DOUGH all. day. long. I'm outta control. Hopefully today I can reign it back in a bit. We'll see.

Anyway, that's all I got today. Boring, I know.


  1. Cookie dough for one? I might be making that tomorrow and I will devour it all by myself too. This week actually hasn't been awful, just busy. Busy, busy! Have a HAPPY FRIDAY!