Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap (1/28-2/3)

Weekly Workout Recap (1/28-2/3):
Monday, 1.28: Active Recovery Day-- 30 min. elliptical
Tuesday, 1.29: 60 minute Signature Strength class, 2 mile run (recovery)
Wednesday, 1.30: 60 minute Spinning class, 2.5 mile run (speed) & 4.5 miles (easy)
Thursday, 1.31: 7 miles (easy)
Friday, 2.1: 7 miles (speed: Yasso 800s)
Saturday, 2.2: None (Rest)
Sunday, 2.3: 45 minutes elliptical
Totals for Week:
23 miles running
75 minutes on elliptical
1 Spinning Classes
1 Signature Strength Classes
Definitely a slower, unplanned cutback week. Roads were too snowy and icy to go outside and even to make it to the gym on Saturday. Oh well. Still got a couple solid workouts in, including a speed day. Hope to get a good long run in this coming week for sure.

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  1. Cut back weeks are good sometimes! I'm sure your body will be extra ready to go this week.