Friday, February 15, 2013

15 Thing Friday

1. STOP WORRYING! The Hubs and I got the dog hair situation under at least semi-control.

My life, obsessed with Sadie. My friend Kara's life, obsessed with her new baby. Why do I feel her obsession is more legit than mine????
I know, I know-- you were SO worried. It was priority number 1 in our household for a solid week. Clearly we lead exciting lives. Anyway-- turns out the quality of dog food WILL make a difference. The $12 bottle shampoo and $12 bottle of conditioner-- not so much. Lesson learned. I mean, she still sheds. For sure. But, at least I don't feel like I'm COVERED in her hair 24/7 anymore. Progress people. 

2. Let's talk some celebrity fashion (all thanks to this source)! How about getting the not-so-good out of the way first...

Beyonce. Come on, girl. You're beautiful, but what on earth is this?? No, no, no.

Oh, Maria Menounos. No. Just no. That slit. Those shoes. The belt. Noooooo.

3. Moving onto the good (still thanks to this source)...
Katy Perry, you are gorgeous. I know this look was controversial and some people hated it. I don't care. I love it. The color, the sleeves, the embellished neckline, the dark hair. Love. Oh, and her boobs look amazing. I mean- I'm just saying. And, OK-- I admit, maybe it's not the BEST, A+ look of the night. But, I think it's better than people gave it credit for.
And, now an A+ look-- Rihanna. Freaking a-mazing. Just perfect. Hair, makeup, flowy red dress. Flawless.  
100% over her and Chris Brown... ew, just ewww... but, she looks amazing.

4. The following songs are currently on repeat on my iPod:
"Hey Ho" - The Lumineers (Obsessssssed. There are no words.)
"Highway Don't Care" - Tim McGraw ft. Taylor Swift (yes, it is country. I don't even know who I am anymore.)
"Girl on Fire" - Alicia Keys (I'm late to this party, I know. I just discovered this song and I love it. Great song to run to!)

5. Surprising NO ONE, I'm still obsessed with Dawson's Creek on Netflix Instant. CAN'T STOP WATCHING.

6. The Hubs and I only spent $35 on going out to eat last week.  All week. Including fro yo trips. #winning

7. Um, Kelly Clarkson KILLED it at the Grammy's. Girl can SING. I loved Fun.'s performance too. And the Alicia Keys/Maroon 5 performance?!?! Speechless. Flawless. Love. And, I don't care what anyone says-- I dug T-Swifts performance to. I clearly didn't stay up watching it all (you know I have a 9[m bedtime), but I did catch the performances online.

8. I start this post every Monday just kinda adding a thing or two every day or whenever I find something. This week I was over half done by the end of the day Monday. Then, I wrote nothing til Thursday. This week has been BRUTAL. I am BEAT.

9. I'm proctoring another ACT for young kids Saturday. Let's see if one of them asks me permission to blow their nose again. Good times.

10. People find blogs all sorts of weird ways sometimes. 1 lucky person found mine this week by searching "Should I Workout Today". YES! You should. Just don't ask me if I have worked out yet today. :) 
Oh, and that knee tape totally didn't work. At least for me. I'd say save your money and just keep up that damn RICE-ing. Turns out it actually works.

11. The Hubs bball team, Purdue, and my bball team, Illinois, played each other this week. I only bring this up because my Illini WON!!! WOOWOOOOOO!!!!! Even better more interesting, Purdue's head coach got thrown outta the game with a Technical. Wah, wah. I'd be lying if I said I actually WATCHED any of the game, as I was passed out before the first point was scored. Nonetheless, we WON! I-L-L-I-N-I!!!

12. Because of said win (see #11), the Hubs has dish duty for a solid week. We make this bet for every basketball and football game our teams play. This is the FIRST time in our entire marriage RELATIONSHIP that I've WON that bet. I plan to take FULL advantage. Ya know... using a plate just for like 1 chip and then making him wash it. True love, right there.

13. WTF? Really!??!!? This is what TV has come to?? Whyyyyyy would anyone watch this? And, I kinda liked Kendra. Wtf is she thinking??? No, no, nooooo.

14. Remember when the Hubs and I went on a cruise? Can you imagine if it were this cruise instead?? Those poor people. I wonder if I were in that situation if I would be able to keep a semi-cool head and just kinda say "Hey! Extended vaca!!" or if I'd totally freak out and be 100% miserable. I feel like the vomit and feces everywhere would push me far over the edge to miserable-ville.

15. I mean-- it's funny because it's true.


  1. 3. Love both Katy and Rihanna's dresses. The color of Katy's dress is my new favorite. They both look beautiful. I am over the Chris Brown thing too, but seriously I don't get her thought process...

    4. Girl on Fire is totally my new theme song! It is the BEST song to run to, I swear. Love it.

    12. That is hilarious. I would take full advantage too!

    13. Seriously?! Just wrong. Totally wrong!

    14. I read about that yesterday and was shocked. I feel so bad for those poor people. Never been on a cruise and that makes me not want to ever book one.

    15. Awesome, I feel that same way. TGIF.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. LOVE that song!!! I've definitely made sure I hear it on each run for the last week.

  2. Okay, #12 cracked me up - totally use any and every dish possible because sometimes being a brat is just plain fun!

    I also really liked Katy's dress. The color is different but completely makes her look touchable... does that sound as weird as I think it does?

    Seriously, try my suggestion for Tumeric (sp?), I think it will be way better than any other solution (that I have given you, haha!)

    1. I'm def taking full advantage!!!

      Try Tumeric for what?? I'm confused! LOL.