Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sadie Graduated!!

Our little girl is growing up so fast!

Wednesday night was our last dog training class for Sadie.
We enrolled Sadie in an 8-week beginner obedience training through our local PetsMart. Each class was 1-hour and there were about 8 other dogs in the class. The cost was $100. We got $20 off because we got Sadie through an adoption event that was held at that PetsMart, so we paid $80 for the 8-week course. We also got a coupon book which includes a free nail trimming ($10 value), among other things. So, it wasn't cheap... but, we'll definitely use some of those coupons, so it wasn't TOO bad. Not really too much else to say about the class... I wish there weren't SO many dogs in the class and that it had been in a more enclosed area so there were less distractions. Overall, I'd say it was worth it and I'd suggest it to someone else, but I don't think I'd do it again for another dog... rather, I'd just use the knowledge I gained and self-train.
So, back to class... each week we covered a different area(s): barking, loose leash walking, sit, lay, roll over, play dead, hand shake, stay, an obstacle course, and take it/leave it.
Sadie was totally not into any of the training during the actual classes... waaaaay too much distractions and things to do and smell, but it was good that the Hubs and I learned things and then we'd go home and practice with her.
She seemed to get sit, lay, and even a little hand shake. Girl wanted NOTHING to do with roll over or play dead. She doesn't "take" things-- like at all-- so, the whole leave it/take it thing was a lost cause. She also doesn't bark... pretty much ever... so, barking was nothing to work on.  The loose leash walking was our biggest issue and the one we really wanted to learn how to do... but, alas-- Sadie just isn't having it. We bought a special harness thing recommended by the trainer which helps a TON, but we only use that for longer walks. She still pulls like a beast when we don't use it, but at least now we have an option for longer walks.
Anyway-- class ended this Wednesday. She "graduated" and everything!
We're so proud of our little girl!! 

Yup, she even got a little graduation cap, which she was NOT a fan of and tried to get off like crazy the second we put it on her.

She's too cute for words. Love the girl. We're proud puppy owners! :)

And, yes-- we proudly have her certificate displayed on our refrigerator now. Duh.


  1. Yay Sadie! Those pictures of her in her little cap are too adorable!
    We went to our first petsmart puppy class last week... just our 5 month old retriever and a tiny 2.5 month old hound pup. I was so relieved to get out of there without Teddy (unintentionally) trampling the other dog!

    1. HAHA! Congrats on getting out without any major issues! LOL.

  2. Aww Sadie is such a sweetie. Well she looks like it anyway!

  3. Congratulations to Sadie!!!! We put Tia through a puppy class at Petco. I wish that we would have done the same thing for Maisy.

    1. :) Thanks!! I don't think we'll put a future dog through training... but, definitely use the knowledge we gained and try to self-train a little.