Friday, February 8, 2013

15 Thing Friday

1. Let's start with the most important thing. DAWSON'S CREEK.

Why yes, this is the sorta thing I tweet about. Nothing but A+ material here.
I'm re-watching the entire series on Netflix Instant. Seriously, not sure why we pay for cable lately when I've been 100% obsessed with Netflix Instant. Don't tell the Hubs I asked that. Anyway- I'm obsessed. Seriously-- it's just good 90s TV. And, yes-- I am 100% Team Pacey. Dawson's too whiny for me.

Told you. WHINEY. I mean... come on!

2. Check out this blog post. That shit is funny.

3. Haha! Speaking of funny shit-- read this one too. Especially #11.
Now you really, really want to read it, don't you?? Do it. You'll thank me.

4. Ready for good celebrity look of the week??
I could take or leave Kelly Osborne and I hate her grey/purple hair nonsense, but this dress is killer on her.

5. And the bad.
Love you, SJP. Like, LOVE you. But, come on. WTF is this? A trash bag with strands of shredded up newspaper hanging out?? Come on. No. Just no.

6. I went to the dentist this week.
Blew. I hate the dentist. I never did before, but since I had to get a root canal last year, I now HATE the dentist. And, I don't care what anyone says. EVERYTHING they do at the dentist hurts. Doesn't matter if they numb you or not. I can still feel that shit and it hurts and I ALWAYS have a sore jaw the next day. Stupid dentist.

7. So, Sadie is shedding like a BEAST lately. I legit can't wear black anymore and my coat looks like I sleep in her cage. The Hubs and I are at a loss. We got the great hair trimming-tool thingy that everyone on the internet recommends. The dog trainer said last night it's because we're feeding her dog food that doesn't have a meat listed as the first ingredient (ie: we're feeding her cheap crap and she needs better food). Is this true? Anyone? I mean... would changing her food really make her shed less? If so, I am so in. It's outta control. She's lucky she so darn cute.

8. Speaking of Sadie-- the pet trainer suggested a different collar/harness thing to make her stop pulling on the leash when we walk her. Whatever- that's not what I wanna tell you about. Here's the thing-- the one she brought over to us was pink. Are you telling me even DOGS have to play to gender stereotypes??? Really???? I get it-- she's a girl. But, she's a girl DOG. And, it's not like I'm a big girly girl or she comes in to class every week with a pink collar and pink leash and her nails painted for goodness sake. She has a RED color and leash currently. Am I treating her un-lady-like because I didn't cover her head to toe in pink??? If I had a baby girl (a legit baby, not a dog-- and, NO I am not preggo. Settle down.), sure-- I'd buy some pink shit. But, not EVERYTHING. And, SADIE ISN'T A BABY! I really shouldn't be this worked up about this. I know that. Rant over. Promise.
Clearly not a pic really related at all. Except that it is of Sadie and you can see her RED collar. And, no-- the Hubs isn't trying to eat Sadie. He's doing homework with her! We were working on SIT in this pic. See! She's got it! Best dog ever.

9. I'm still obsessed with speed workouts. All I want to do is run fast or run long. Recovery runs? Meeeeeh. Those aren't exactly IMPORTANT, are they????

10. OMG. I am so over the LeAnn Rimes/Brandi whats-her-butt story. She cheated. No, SHE cheated. WHO CARES?!?!?!??! Both of you-- just SHUT THE F UP. Seriously.

11. Not sure if you follow college basketball or not-- but, if you do you probably heard a certain #1 team was upset by my Illini!!! I was more than a little excited.
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12. I went the gym this morning. Even though I really, really, realllllly didn't want to. When the alarm went off at 4:55am, I turned it off and turned on my 6:40am sleep-in/sick-the-gym alarm. I had every intention of sleeping more. My body had other intentions. When I was still up at 5:05 I decided to just get up and go. Stupid body. Somehow I managed to not be late and make it to the 5:30am Spinning Class. Then, I did 2.5 miles of "hills" (started at 0 incline, changed it by .5 every 30 seconds up to 2.0, then back down, then back up to 2.5, then back down, then back up to 3.5, then back down, then back up to 4.0). KILLER. Didn't help that my favorite treadmill had a sign of death on it and I had to use one of the others. Got it done though. I'm actually kinda really enjoying pushing myself on my runs this week. Who am I?!?!?

13. TV Shows I'm Currently Obsessed With: Biggest Loser, Top Chef, Revenge, Dawson's Creek (see #1) and Nashville. Love them all. I almost never watch TV series as they are actually happening and I am right now. Ok, ok-- not LIVE... I watch them online or on OnDemand, but still!

14. Speaking of TV, I watched a few episodes of the Real Housewives of NYC Season 1 when Style was having a marathon a few days ago. WOWZA. They all look so different! It's kinda crazy to watch that KNOWING what happens to them and that they're "REAL" people. Love bad, trashy reality tv. Love, love, love.

15. I got nothing left. TGIF.


  1. I have never been a fan of SJP. I think she is unattractive and a complete train wreck. I also don't like Kelly Osburn, but you are right. That dress is killer. I would love to wear it!

    My dogs shed like crazy too. I have rollers every where to get the hair off my black pants. They eat good food, I think that is just the way that cavaliers are. As for the collar thing, I think that harnesses work better. Maisy used to pull a lot until we got her one. Now we are all happy.

    LeAnn Rimes? Hate her too. She has a cat face, LOL.

    Excited for you and your speed work. You are doing awesome! Pushing yourself (even though it hurts) will eventually pay off.

  2. Oh my gosh - so much to comment on! Okay, I have never seen Dawson's Creek but think I might have to add this to my "shows to watch" while running. Simon sheds like a beast too. I do think the more $ food does help but only to a certain degree. Have you heard of the "Forever Sticky"? It's a roller that stays sticky and you just wash it off. It works REALLY well - I strongly recommend it. It has this rubber comb-thing that helps to get the hair that is really attached to you!! Get it at PetSmart. I hate the dentist now too. It's just a money pit at this point. :(

  3. Dawson might be my new watch as I fall asleep on the couch at night show. Thanks for the idea. I cannot believe you get up so early to hit the gym. I hand it to you girl!