Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pup Cup, a lost Hubs, and a broken hair dryer

It's been a LONG ass day. And, it's not even 11am yet. Awesome.

Before we get to all that-- let's rewind a bit.

First up-- the weekend. Nothing really to note about the weekend, except that we took Sadie to her first ever vet appointment. Nothing really exciting there. She's a healthy, happy doggie! $200ish later for her heart worm and flea pills (for the whole year) and the price of the visit, we were on our way. Oh! But, before the vet we did have something exciting! We stopped by Starbucks because I had a coupon for a free drink.

Skinny iced vanilla late for me.

Pup cup for Sadie.
So cute!!! Who even knew s-bux did "pup cups"??? It's just a little dixie cup filled with whip cream. Sadie was skeptical, but after she tried it, she LOVED it and slurped that shit up in like 3 seconds!

Yes, the most exciting thing about my weekend was giving Sadie a pup cup. No shame.

The rest of the weekend was filled with a HUGE top-to-bottom house cleaning (I'm talking 4+ hours straight of cleaning!), a movie, pizza, and a whole lot of not-running. It was cold and snowy and I was just... not feeling it. I did make it to the gym for 45-minutes on the elliptical Sunday, but that's it. Whatever. I'm OK with it. Not every weekend has to be some crazy workout filled weekend. I enjoyed being lazy at home with the Hubs. No regrets.

Anyway, the week has been off to a brutal start. I haven't been sleeping well... 3am on the dot each night I'm WIDE awake. BOO. Yesterday I was too exhausted to get up at 5, so I skipped the morning gym. I did get a quality workout in during my lunch hour, though.

(from my DailyMile)

7 miles of Yasso 800s. BRUTAL. Kicked my ass all over. Felt like it SHOULD HAVE felt easier, seeing as how I basically sat on my ass all weekend. Oh well. I got it done.

Today, I did get up for 5:30am Signature Strength class. KICKED MY ASS. Why do I feel like I always say that??? I mean, I guess I do-- but, DAMN! It does! My arms are already sore. Not a great sign for things to come tomorrow.

After class, I went to my locker in plans of skipping my 2.5 mile TM run in favor of 20 minutes in the sauna. I HAPPENED to look at my phone, which I never do, and see 4 missed calls and a voicemail from the Hubs. I quickly called him back and the poor guy was lost and didn't have access to a GPS (he doesn't have a smart phone).
Yup-- 11 calls (all before 7:34am, mind you!) later and we finally had him un-lost. Turns out trying to guide someone who doesn't know where they are and somewhere you've never been just from using the Maps app on my iPhone while in the gym locker room with a bunch of women chatting about menopause is not an easy task. Who knew?!?
So, that was a less-than-calm start to the day. I had to skip the sauna after dealing with all day and rush through my shower. As I start to dry my hair, my blow dryer starts making crazy crackling sounds, followed by a big boom and then started smoking! DANGER! It's completely shot. Done-zo. Poor lil' guy. Never stood a chance with my thick hair.  

I swear, I go through at LEAST 1 blow dryer and 1 straightener a year. At least.

Anyway-- so, that sucked. Luckily, the gym has dryers, so I don't look like a crazy person at work today. But, again-- definitely less than a calm start to the day.

So, that's been my day so far. I cannot believe it's only Tuesday.

Now... let's just hope neither me nor the Hubs gets lost on the way home from work today. Finger's crossed.

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  1. My girls love "pup cups" from sbux! I usually take them once a week and they go crazy. It is pretty cute too!

    Glad Sadie is a healthy pup. She looks so happy to have her forever mommy and daddy now. :-)