Monday, February 18, 2013

Stop, drop, and roll

This about sums up my weekend...

The song "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys is playing on the radio.

Me: I love this song! It makes me run faster, like I'm on fire!
The Hubs: That shouldn't make you run faster. It should make you stop, drop, and roll.

He thinks he's soooooo funny. Ok, maybe he kinda is. Sometimes.

In other news, this weekend I also....

No one asked me for permission to blow their nose this time. Drat! I did get to read the newest Women's Running issue and inhaled some pretzel M&M's though.

ran and went to spinning,
 Saturday after proctoring the test I decided I'd just stay on campus and run at the campus gym. 5 miles in they start turning off all the TVs and I notice I'm the only person there. Turns out they closed at Noon. WHO CLOSES AT NOON??? Anyway, I had juuuust enough time to squeeze .5 more miles in if I BOOKED it. So, I did-- in 3:27!! I was dyyyying, but I made it through! I almost called it a day, but decided to just drive to my OTHER gym and get a few more in. There, I did 5.5 more to total 11 for the day. Done and done. Sunday I ran 4 and went to spinning, even though I loathe the Sunday spinning teacher. The things we do for a good sweat.

Friday nights dinner: TJ's Chile Lime Chicken Burgers (SOOOO good) and a random Quinoa Mac and Cheese thing I got at TJ Max or something. Pretty good... even though I had to improvise not having milk... turns out plain greek yogurt mixed with water will do in a pinch. Who knew??
So, then Saturday I decide I want egg salad. I've NEVER boiled an egg. Ever. So, my friend Kara sent me a website with directions. I was SOOO nervous. Yes, I'm a freak.
 Turns out-- Kara was kinda right. It wasn't hard. They turned out great. I had a delicious (and easy!) egg salad (boiled eggs -- I pitched about 1/2 of the above egg's yolks-- and some light chipotle mayo we had. DONE.) for lunch all weekend and today! YUM!!

played with Sadie,
Lucky dog! One of my best friends, Mal, sent Sadie (OK, well technically the card said it was from Mal's dog, Hester) a puppy card! That was the card and it's made out of raw hide. SO cute!! Sadie wasn't sure about it at first, but then LOVED it. Thanks, Aunt Mal and Cousin Hester!!

and watched WAAAAY too much Dawson's Creek.
No pic to help you visualize this, but I think you can imagine what it looked like. Couch & TV. Done.
Exciting stuff, huh?


  1. You did more on your weekend then I did! I was a lazy bum, minus my long run on Saturday.

    College gyms have the strangest hours. The gym where we used to go didn't open until 9 am on the weekends and closed at 1 or 2:00 pm.

  2. Oh, Dawson's Creek.. takes me back.. lol.

    I love hard boiled eggs and make at least a dozen weekly. I have a similar recipe, but it's a bit more complex.. but can totally understand the nervousness in doing it! ;)