Friday, February 1, 2013

15 Thing Friday

1. This is my new favorite website. Ok, maybe not favorite... but, I'm obsessed. LOVE celebrity fashion.

2.  Speaking of celebrity fashion and the above website... here's some of my favorite looks this week... (both from this cite)
Amanda Seyfried and Viola Davis both look amazing in different shades of blue.  Love Amanda's necklace. Viola looks amazing-- the color compliments her SO well and she looks freaking BUFF as hell. Love, love, love.

3. And, of course-- let's talk about some bad looks.
 (Juliannes pic from this site. Ashley from this one.)
No. Just no. WTF was Julianne Moore, a BEAUTIFUL woman, thinking?? Unflattering and what is that pattern? And, PS- it's took long. I think Ashley Tinsdale is adorable, but this is just ugly. I get where she was going with it and it's not like the worst thing ever invented... but, she's far too cute to wear this. Far.

4. In my quest to both save money and try new recipes at home more, I've been doing a lot of online recipe searching (see #6!!). I stumbled across this article for 77 Health Crock-Pot Recipes. Great ideas. Here's my thing though... who needs so many breakfast recipes?? Seriously. Do people make that big of a breakfast so often they need FIFTEEN recipes? And, one of them was for Greek yogurt. Who's making their own Greek yogurt via their crock pot??? There are also TEN dessert recipes and THIRTEEN recipes for "Snacks, Drinks, and Sauces". Who makes drinks in the crock pot??? Seriously. 

5. EVERY TIME I spelled the word recipe in the above I misspelled it the first time I typed it. I typed "receipe" each time. Side note: spelling was my WORST subject in grade school. Only B I ever got before high school.

6. OMG. I want to try this recipe SO INCREDIBLY BAD. Just look at this...>
Puppy Chow (I call it puppy chow... I hear others call it Muddy Buddies... no way. It's puppy chow.) is DELICIOUS. And, I love, love, loooove s'mores. Add the 2 together??? GIMMIE, GIMMIE, GIMMIE!!!!!!! It will take ALL my self control not to make this (and then eat the whole batch thus giving myself a huge tummy ache) immediately. I need to find an excuse to make this. Soon.
7. Haha. This is funny. Even if I am that person who doesn't eat the heels of bread. Btw, who knew it was called the heals of bread??
8. Welcome to Indiana.
This has been my week. Mid 40*s one day. Almost 60* the next. Back to 40*s the next. Then, oh ya know... 20*. And the teens the next day. Awesome. PICK A TEMPERATURE, Indiana!
9. My favorite quote of the week: "Never underestimate the power that one good workout will have on your mind. Keeping the dream alive is half the battle." -Kara Goucher (aka: my girl crush)
10. Have you tried this flavor of Chobani yet?
It's Pear flavored and delicious! I'm a pretty big fan of basically all the flavors I've tried so far, but this is definitely up there in my top 3 (other 2: pineapple and apple cinnamon).
11. Super interesting article. What do you think? Would moving lunch to AFTER recess make a difference? I grew up with lunch before recess and while it certainly didn't make me eat less it did make me RUSH through lunch, eating as quickly as possible... which actually probably caused me to eat MORE.
12. I freaking FINALLY finished One Tree Hill.
Loved the series overall, but OMG. I was so, so, sooooo ready to be done with it. Not sure if you knew this or not... but when I get into something, I go big or go home. So, I legit did not watch ANY other TV except One Tree Hill from Christmas to yesterday when I finally finished it. I was beyond over it, but I just couldn't turn it off or stop til it was done. I was so invested! Me = CRAZY. I know.
13. Speaking of TV, now I'm finally done with One Tree Hill, I'm catching up on some other long lost loves. Like Biggest Loser.
Clearly, I'm a bit behind. Anyway- I just watched the episode "Pay It Forward" and all the contestants had to run their very first 5K. Seeing them each finish and explain their process and their feelings was AMAZING. Seriously. It reminded me SO MUCH of the things I thought and felt when I first started running and really reminded me how AMAZING it feels to accomplish something you didn't think you could do. It also reminded me how freaking BA and powerful a runner's high truly is. LOVE running.
14. Pandora, why are you advertising companies that are selling the free "Big 'O' Kit"?? I listen to you at work. Can you imagine if my boss saw my computer screen and saw this?? Come on, now. Way to stay classy, Pandora.
15. Told you today is Friday. I only had to check a calendar like 10 times before saying that with confidence. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. It is definitely puppy chow!! Can I have Viola Davis' arms??

  2. #4- breakfast is easy, you don't really need 15 recipes. I have like 4. Haha.

    #5- Muddy buddies are like crack. So freaking good!

    #13- I have been obsessed with BL forever! Just caught up on Hulu last night. I am still trying to pick my favorites in this season. I am not in love with any of the contestants yet....