Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday does not equal Friday

I mean... seriously. Is it Friday yet??

I am so beyond ready for the weekend. I legit thought yesterday was Thursday ALL DAY yesterday, which makes no sense as I knew we had obedience school for Sadie last night which I also know is on Wednesday's. No sense. Regardless, when it finally clicked that yesterday was Wednesday, thus making today Thursday and NOT Friday like I thought-- I was pisssssed. BLEAH.

Speaking of Sadie's obedience school. Girl just does not wanna listen! Plus, she doesn't have any interest in treats. How do you train a dog that could care less about treats?

Yup- I googled it. Didn't really help. Turns out there are some realllly dumb people who respond to discussion boards. Who knew. Anyway-- she's a good dog, but sometimes it feels like we're not making much training progress. Leash pulling is the one big thing we wanted to work on and we covered that in class yesterday and girl was having NOTHING to do with it. She tends to do better at home, as there are less distractions there, so we'll practice a lot at home this week and see.

And, yes. Yes I did just talk about my dog and her obedience school for pretty much this entire post. You're welcome. Hey, at least she's cute.
Other than dog training and getting days confused (that whole calendar thing gets me every time!), not a lot has been going on. Wednesday I went to my 5:30am Spinning class, did 2.5 speed miles (8:03 average pace!) on the treadmill right after class, and then did another 4.5 sloooower miles during my lunch hour.

Told you it was slower. Like 90+ seconds/mile slower.
We got some crazy weather last night so I decided to skip the AM gym session (and the crazy icy 5am not-yet-salted roads). I'm hoping to get a run in during my lunch today. I'm still not really "in training" for anything at the moment so my workouts are very scattered, unstructured and kinda all over the place. I'm OK with it. I do have to kinda start deciding just how I'm going to "train" for my upcoming half and 25K. Do I try to focus on speed and forgo loooong long runs? Do I just keep doing what I'm doing? I could certainly go out and run a half right now so it's not like I need to "train". Meh. We'll see.

I'll leave you with a little good news: I checked... ok, double checked... TOMORROW is actually Friday. And then, the weekend is here. Promise. I looked on a calendar and everything.

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