Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIAW - Saturday Style

No big hurah today. Tired. Grumpy. Just not my day. So, let's just skip the chit chat and jump right in...
What I Ate Wednesday brought to you by our host, Jen. I thought I'd mix it up and change the day I logged to a weekend day so below is a rough outline of my diet/exercise from Saturday, 1/12/2012.
Saturday morning started off with a long run. 13.5 miles in a 9:00 pace-ish. I didn't eat or drink anything before I left. I honestly have no explanation for why... just didn't think aout it. FAIL, I know. Anyway, while running I had 4 Gu Chomps which is 1/2 a pack. I'm REALLY had with fueling properly. A lot of times I don't even fuel for anything under like 14ish. Stupid, I know. Anyway, I DID fuel this time. 4 chomps have 90 calories. I had 2 at mile 7 and 2 at mile 10. It made a NOTICABLE difference. Who knew fueling properly (or at least better than not fueling at all) would help? Wow. SHOCKED.

Anyway, I got back from my run at about 11:30am. I knew we planned to take Sadie to the dog park that day so I decided not to shower then (GROSS, I know) since I figured I'd get dirty and sweaty at the dog park (I was right, just for the record). So, I changed into some clean clothes and then stormed the kitchen for lunch. To be honest, I wasn't even hungry, which is pretty normal with me post-long run. My tummy's just always kinda MEH and nothing sounds good. BUT, like a good little runner, I knew I needed to eat something. Enter: breakfast/lunch of champions. 2 scrambled eggs with a sprinkle of low-fat shredded cheese and a banana. Random and weird, yes. Tasty, absolutely.

After eating the above and watching a few YouTube videos on how to take your dog to a dog park (we're so weird), we were off to the dog park! We played and ran around with Sadie for about an hour and a half. Turns out, that's EXHAUSTING! I swear, I was more worn out from that than the 13.5 mile run! 

We got back home at about 3:30 and I was hungry! But, I knew we were going out for dinner at 5:30pm so I didn't want to eat anything tooooo substantial and ruin my appetite. Clearly I was delusional as when have I ever "ruined my appetite"?!!? I can eat. A lot. All the time. Anyway- clearly there was only 1 food to grab to hold me over. ICE CREAM.
I actually only had a few spoonfuls because I got distracted playing with Sadie. It was damn tasty though!

The Hubs and I left at about 5:30 for dinner. We had big plans to use a gift card we got for Christmas and go to Carrabbas. When we got there and there was a line out the door and a 45 minute wait we had to go to plan B. MEXICAN! I chowed down a crap-ton of chips and salsa and then had about 1/4 of this MASSIVE burrito mess that was filled with chicken, chorizo, rice, and beans and topped with queso. I also had 1/4 of the (unpictured) chicken and grilled onion quesadilla the Hubs ordered. SO, SO, SOOOO good.

After eating WAY too much mexican food we walked around the mall for 20 minutes and then headed to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I am physically incapable of seeing a movie at the theatre without some sort of snack. Obviously. Enter SOUR PATCH KIDS!
And, yes- it was the big bag. And, yes- I did eat the whole thing. Ok, ok-- the Hubs had a few too. But, I did have a few (unpictured) handfuls of his SmartPop white cheddar popcorn too.

And, with that-- happy Wednesday. Hope your day isn't as suck-tastic as mine. :)


  1. I am bad at fueling on the run, but always eat before longer runs. Oh my goodness, that Mexican food looks heavenly!! And of course the ice cream does too :)

  2. My day is totally sucktastic too. In fact, I am wondering why I even got out of bed this morning. Oh well... nice miles, my dear! Yes, you are bad at fueling! It's called FUEL for a reason! I am happy you are making progress though and maybe in 10 years you will be a fantastic fuel-er. I'm working on my silver lining...

  3. I hope your day got better! At least it was hump day! :-)