Friday, January 25, 2013

15 Thing Friday

1. I DID IT! Woah. I really shouldn't be THAT excited about this-- but, whatever. I am! I DID IT! I got up this morning and dragged my ass outta bed and got to the gym for the 5:30am Spinning class. AND I did 2.5 miles after. Take that, bad week!

2. Speaking of bad weeks... am I the only one who feels like THIS this week?

All I want is candy. And more candy. And more and more candy. It's been a BAD week (and not just for all the reasons I bitched about listed yesterday) eating wise. I'm not really all that sorry either.

2. Guess who registered for their next race?? This kid did!!
I'm now officially registered for the Fifth Third 25K River Bank Run. I did this race last year and LOVED it, so I'm pumped to do it again this year. Last year I finished in 2:27:22, so I hope to beat that time and average closer to a 9:15/mile pace. We'll see.

3. Oh! And, that's not the only race/running news! I registered for ANOTHER race this week too! My runnaversary race: the Sunburst. 
At the Sunburst last year. CLEARLY beyond ready to be done.

I did this race (as the half) last year, and finished with a half marathon PR of 2:06:55. 
 And, now I am done! THANK GOODNESS!!!

I love this race. It's local. I can pretty much WALK to the start line and home from the finish line now. The finish is on the Notre Dame 50 yard line which is pretty cool. I did NOT love that last year I did much worse than I was hoping. This year, I got plans. And a plan. Sub 2:00 plans, to be exact (assuming weather isn't a hot, sweaty bitch... it is a race on June 1 after all). Bring it, Sunburst. Bring it.

4. I just re-read my post on the Sunburst re-cap from last year (see post here) and OMG I was a whiney B. Seriously. Can't believe how seriously I took myself. Worst part... I'll be even WORSE this year if it goes the same way. Consider yourself warned.

5. I own none of these. Apparently I am not a "serious chef". What??? You mean making the same pepper and onion stir fry at LEAST twice a week doesn't qualify me?? Blasphemy!

6. WTF are these pants?? Seriously. What are those stripes? And, they cost $70??? Seriously. Who would buy this??

7. I'm currently not "training" for anything and feel all outta sorts. How long am I supposed to run today? I need a plan to tell me! A nice, neat OCD excel sheet that breaks it down nice and clear. I'm no good at this no-plan thing. Speaking of running and no plan-- I very likely won't have time for a long run this weekend. And, I didn't do one last weekend. WTF, Meagan? Who are you? Shouldn't I be freaking out right now that all my endurance is gonna go to shit? Somehow, I'm surprisingly OK with it.

8. So, there's this guy in Florida who just moved all his shit into a vacant mansion and now the cops can't kick him out because it's not illegal. In fact, he's 100% within his legal rights to be squatting there. I'm sorry.... say what??? Why am I paying rent right now then?

9. Continuing on my bad week (even though it has gotten better), I managed to completely break our snow shovel while trying to clear a path to our door. Like, totally 100% non-fixable break. 
That'll teach me to every try to shovel snow again. Hubs, you're officially on all snow-related duties. Lucky duck.

10. I have an 8:30am appointment with a student to talk about their resume today and a 4pm appointment with a student today to talk about their major (among many other appointments and meetings scattered throughout the day). Who are these students? 8:30am?? Why are you awake so early?? And, 4pm on a FRIDAY? Are you crazy???
Yes, I felt the need to bitch about it via social media. Duh.

11. My Illini haven't been doing so hot lately. And, Purdue lost last night. It hasn't been a happy household.

12. Seriously, JLo. WTF aer you thinking lately? Who told you this was an appropriate outfit for you to wear? Everything about it looks trashy. Fire your stylist. Please.
13. Read this quote on a friends (love you, K!) Twitter today as a RT from Real Simple Magazine, loved it, so thought I'd share: "Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking together in the same direction." —Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry

14. I want to make these. YUM. They just look so good!! Thank you, Pinterest, for yet another delicious looking recipe I'll probably actually never make.

15. For a 4 day week, this week's been SO LONG. Beyond happy it's Friday. I have big plans for the weekend--- working a SAT tomorrow morning, then meeting up with some amazing girlfriends for a girls night. Sunday, maybe a run and then errands and a movie with the Hubs. TGIfreakingF.


  1. TGIF. This day couldn't have come faster. I am so over this week!

    I saw JLo on a cover of some magazine the other day and almost didn't recognize she looked old and ugly. Yikes. Not a fan of her anyways.

    Sorry about your snow shovel! Looks like you won't have to shovel snow anymore :-)

    1. AGREED! About the Friday thing AND the JLo thing. Oh, and about the not having to shovel again!!!!! :) :) :)

  2. I love Natalie Dee! It's like she looked in my brain and drew a picture :)
    Haha, the snow shovel is a direct result of your strength - love it! I'm signing up for the Riverbank either this weekend or Monday. I have some plans for that sucker for sure. And I love the idea of you being my Jillian! Maybe it will help your non-training plan situation! Can't wait to see you!

    1. YAY for Riverbank and YAY for me being your Jillian and YAAAAAAAY for seeing YOU!