Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap 1/14-1/20

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Weekly Workout Recap (1/14-1/20):
Monday, 1.14.13: 30 min. elliptical & 1 mile walk w/ Sadie (Kinda an active rest day)
Tuesday, 1.15.13: 60 minute signature strength class & 5 miles & 2 mile walk
Wednesday, 1.16.13: 60 minute spinning class & 2.5 mile run
Thursday, 1.17.13: 5.5 mile run
Friday, 1.18.13: 60 minute spinning class & 2.5 mile run
Saturday, 1.19.13: 8 mile run, 50 minute Unleashed class, 60 minute Power Yoga class, 2 mile walk with Sadie
Sunday, 1.20.13: 7 mile run and 30 minute elliptical

Totals for Week (1/14-1/20):
31 Miles Run 

2 Miles Walked
2 Spinning Class
1 Signature Strength Classes

1 Power Yoga Class
1 Unleashed Class
30 Minutes Elliptical
1-ish Rest Day

Nothing really to report on this week. Saturday's crazy workout day WORE ME OUT. I spent the rest of that day horizontal on the couch freaking BEAT. But, it felt good. Definitely got a great sweat session in, despite not getting a quality long run in.


  1. Saturday was intense, girl. Although all of the days look challenging to me at this point in my fitness!

    1. It was intense, but felt good! Today's a rest day, thank goodness!!!!!

  2. Saturday was a crazy workout day! I got tired just reading it, great job and great week! You are awesome!

    1. Thanks!! :) I'm SO happy today's a rest day, though! :)