Thursday, January 3, 2013

A little this, a little that

I have been crazy all of the place lately. My mind is moving far faster than my ability to type so this might not make much sense. But, let's just go with it. So, while I snack on these, let's play crazy Meagan catch up.
Why are these SO good and SO bad for you? And why does my boss insist on buying them in BULK for the office? TOO GOOD TO RESIST. Damn you, Amos! 

Anyway... life's been busy! My first day back to work since 12/21 was yesterday. 2 glorious weeks off. Still seemed to short. I've already recaped some of that vacation, but there was lots more. Christmas, for one! I got spoiled with way too many nice gifts. I got lots of running clothes, a RoadID bracelet, a necklace, gift certificates, candy, and more! Two of my favorite gifts (other than the purple jacket I already told you about) were a medal holder from the Hubs (love the running girl and her cute pony tail on the right) and hot pink compression sleeves from the in-laws. Love. I am loved and the luckiest girl in the world.
Right when we got back from our holiday travel extravaganza, we got Sadie!

She's seriously the cutest dog in the world. We're in LOVE. She and I have already gone on two runs together, too many walks to count, and endless cuddles and kisses! LOVE her. She's SUCH a good dog too! She is already crate and potty trained and has no issues with either. She is SUCH a lover... her favorite thing to do is cuddle up with you on the couch. She'll seriously just lay her head right on our laps and just sit, perfectly content. It's beyond adorable. She's also the QUIETEST dog in the world. Seriously-- she has yet to bark. At all. Not even once. She's whimpered a little-- once when I went for a run without her (broke my heart!) and yesterday when I got home from work and was changing into running clothes before taking her out of her crate. But, even that "whimpering" is SO QUIET. Seriously-- we were a little worried at first.
Yep, we even Googled it. But, I think she's just quiet. She's a lover, not a barker. And, I'm 100% more than OK with that.
Anyway, like I said- there's been lots of walks and even a few runs with Sadie.

She does pretty good with both... she's a BIG sniffer and would spend the entire walk with her nose to the ground if we let her. She LOVES to run with me. I think 3-4 will be her limit, but I love that I now have an even bigger reason to go for a few quick miles after work. Can't wait to take her on even longer walks when there's not 10000 feet of snow on the ground, too!
Speaking of running, there's been some of that. The above 3 miles was from yesterday and that actually pre-the end of the run. We got .33 more in. I thought she was over running and wanted to walk, so I snapped this pic, but she wanted more, so we ended with 3.33. Going back to the weekend I did an 11 mile run, then 2 mile walk (w/ Sadie and the Hubs) to make it 13 miles on the first day of 2013. The running part was at 9:12/mile average pace. For it being as cold and icy as it was, I'm calling that speedy! Then, this morning I did 4 miles solo. I went out saying I'd do 6. Within steps told myself "Ok, F 6. Just do 5." and that quickly became 4. I just wasn't feeling it. My knee hurt. It was cold. My legs felt so heavy. Just OVER it. Oh well. Can't win them all!

The 11 miler had some not-so-great parts too... CHAFFING! On my neck. Who gets it there? I usually get it all over my chest, but that high onto my neck? Never! Bogus. I legit have like NO shirts that cover it. One of my student workers asked me if the 2 marks were hickeys. AWESOME. Then, I got a bloody ankle too. I have no idea how that one came about, but it freaking hurts! It's just in that perfect spot where my shoes keep rubbing against it. Ouch!

So, that's pretty much what I've been up to. Some runs. Lots of puppy love. Work. Went to Spinning on Wednesday morning and even got some elliptical time in. Oh, and I had a doc appointment today about a weird lump behind my ear that popped up. The doc said that didn't look too worrisome, so that's good. We're just keeping an eye on it. While I was there I asked about my knee, since it's been 3 solid months now and it's still being a whiny little bitch. She asked me a million questions, moved it around in every direction imaginable, and then ordered an x-ray.
Well, the x-ray was all clear and showed no signs of any BONE issues. Basically, she said the same thing the athletic trainer said, so it's back to foam rolling and icing for me. Oh well. At least now I have an adorable puppy to watch me and wag her tail at me while I do it!
So, that's that. Back to reality. Vacation's BEYOND amazing... but, reality's not so bad either. :)

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