Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Signature Strength, a hole, and leash walking

This is how I felt this morning. Working out was the LAST thing I wanted to do. It was COLD and I didn't sleep great and all I wanted to do was stay curled up in my bed... but, I got up and made it to Signature Strength by 5:3oam. 

Class was BRUTAL... again. Kicked my ass. It always kicks my ass. How is this possible? Wouldn't it start getting EASIER the more I go? Maybe I need to go or do any sort of anything resembling strength training more than just once a week? Huh. Rocket science, I tell you.

Anyway-- the warm-up was:
-30 sumo squats til your butt hit the step
-20 push-ups (I did them girl style)
-10 squat thrusters (I used 10-pound weights) 
Repeat 3 times, followed by a 2 minute plank

Kills me every time. Just call it the start of the workout. Don't LIE to me and call THAT a "warm-up". There's nothing small enough about that to warm UP to. It's up. Way up. Rant over. After the warm up we did a bunch of rows, bicep curls, russian twists, planks, push ups, squats, reverse lunges, squat thrusters, chest presses, swimmers, cannon balls, tricep dips, and more. If I didn't feel like the deathly pic above shows before the workout, I sure as shit did after it. I walked up to the treadmill to do my usual quick run and just couldn't even get the energy/motivation to step on it. I walked right back to the locker room and sat in the sauna for 20 minutes instead. #fail Hopefully I can get a run in later today during my lunch hour... but, I kinda doubt it. Oh well. At least I got some strength in.

After class I showered and stuff and it wasn't til I got to work and that I realized I have a hole in my shirt!
Oh no! I look like a slob today! Oh well. It's a small-ish hole, but it is right in the middle of my tummy-- no hiding this sucker. At least I'm wearing a tank top under the shirt so I'm not showing any skin. :)

I'll leave you with a cute pic of Sadie because I can and because she's just so damn cute. 

We're working on leash walking right now. She pulls like CRAZY when we walk. She just wants to sniff and smell everything and does not want to stay right next to either of us. She's so stubborn! So, we're trying to keep her on a shorter leash and give her treats for staying near us... it's a sloooow process. We're thinking about doing an obedience class, but that's seriously the only issue we're having. She's potty and crate trained. She doesn't bark. She doesn't jump up on strangers (much). She did great at the dog park with other dogs. She's SUCH a good dog, we'd just like her to stay near us a little more when we take her for walks. We'll see. Stay tuned.  


  1. I despise warm ups that are hard enough to be the actual workout. I kill that torture!

    An obedience class might be a good idea. If anything you will learn some tips and tricks and Sadie will get social time. We took our first dog to one, but not our second. I wished that we would have!

    1. AGREED! Just call it part 1 of the workout!!! It's 100% mental.

      We're really considering the class. She's not a BAD dog, but we just want to kinda know we're doing the right thing. We're such nervous dog parents!

  2. Lol @ that hole in your shirt...gonna be one of those days! You're right, that doesn't sound like a warm up at all! My dog pulls so much but she is only 14 lbs so we ignore it. I know we are bad pet owners!

    1. ARGH! It was just one of those days!! BOOOOO!!!

      Aw! Your dog sounds cute and I'm sure you're not bad pet owners! Sadie is about 35 pounds so when she pulls, she pulls YOU too! Strong lil' girl!

  3. Sadie is so cute! Super happy I was able to meet her and I think you all are lucky to have each other. No, that is not a warm up - that's a bit of torture before the REAL torture starts! My bro-in-law always says it doesn't get easier, you just get stronger and faster so you are able to do better. Not helpful much is it?! I so admire your discipline!

    1. THANKS! I'm glad you got to meet her too!!!! I admire YOU too! :)