Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap (2/11-2/17)

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Weekly Workout Recap (2/11-2/17):
Monday, 2.11: 8.5 miles (speed: Yasso 800s) & 45 minutes elliptical
Tuesday, 2.12: 60 minute Signature Strength class & 2 miles & 40 minutes on elliptical
Wednesday, 2.13: 7.5 miles (speed: Yasso 800s) & 2 mile walk with Sadie
Thursday, 2.14: Rest Day
Friday, 2.15: 7 miles (hill repeats-ish)
Saturday, 2.16: 11 miles (split into 5.5 miles, then 5.5 miles after driving from 1 gym to another. Stupid Saturday hours.)
Sunday, 2.17: 4 mile TM run & 50-minute Spinning class (I ducked out 10 minutes early b/c I had bread baking at home! Priorities, people.) & .5 mile walk with Sadie and the Hubs

Totals for Week:
40 miles running
85 minutes on elliptical
1 Spinning Classes
1 Signature Strength Classes
2.5 mile walk
This week was very run-heavy and gym-class light... basically for no other reason than because I was too f-ing lazy to get my booty outta bed for the 5:30am classes and because it's WAY too easy to run at lunch now that I'm not teaching a class during lunch this semester. I love how I can get runs in at lunch. Amazing. And, now that I've found the boredom buster that is speedwork, it's even better. Anyway-- relatively non-eventful week. Glad I got double digits in on Saturday, even if it was a little broken up.

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  1. Running at lunch would be awesome! That looks like a stellar week :)