Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekly Workout Recap (3/25-3/31)

Weekly Workout Recap (3/25-3/31):
Monday, 3.25: 40 minute elliptical and 15 minute stair climber and 2 mile walk

Tuesday, 3.26: 60 minute Signature Strength class & 2 miles on TM & 4.5 miles & 15 minute elliptical
Wednesday, 3.27: 60 minute Spinning  class & 2 mile walk

Thursday, 3.28: 2.5 mile walk & 1.5 miles on TM (hills)
Friday, 3.29: Rest

Saturday, 3.30: 15.5 mile long run & 3.5 mile walk with Sadie and the HubsSunday, 3.31: 3 mile walk with Sadie and the Hubs

Totals for Week (3/25-3/31):
23.5 Miles Run

1 Spinning Class
1 Signature Strength Class
15 Minutes on Stair Climber
55 Minutes on the Elliptical
13 Miles Walked
1 Rest Day

It wasn't the greatest week, but I did get a SOLID long run in on Saturday (15.5 miles w/ sub 9:00/mile average pace!), so I'll definitely take it. I also got a TON of walking in because I'm helping a co-worker do the Couch25K program, so I'm not running as much during my lunch hour, as last week we just walked and this week we're starting our run/walk intervals! LOVE helping get other people into running! :)

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