Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nuun: Hood to Coast

By now I'm sure all you blog stalkers out there know all about the fact that applications for Nuun's Hood to Coast team were out and the deadline has now past. Bigger news? NO repeat Nuun-ers are being taken back on their team, which leaves rooms for lots of newbies.

Which newbies??? Well, maybe me! That's right-- I applied.

<Side note: No idea what Nuun is? Definitely check them out! And then go buy a tube. My favorite flavor is grape, but I guess you can try whatever kind you want. I guess.>

<Side note 2: No idea what Hood to Coast is? It's an AMAZING 197-mile relay race from Mt. Hood down the Oregon coast that I would give my left nut anything to run. It looks AMAZING. Hello. You run down a mountain. SIGN ME UP.>

Anyway-- I haven't said anything about it because I'm kinda shy (Woah-- me?!?! Shy?!?! Kinda. Sometimes. This time.) about it. Anyway-- I applied!

I wasn't sure if I wanted to apply... I mean, I love to run and I love Nuun and I would LOOOOOVE to run H2C, but I just wasn't sure. I guess I doubted I'd get on the team. Then, I decided--- WHATEVER! You never know if you don't try. So, I'm trying!

To apply you needed:

  1. Have not run Hood to Coast with Nuun in the past CHECK!
  2. Are female Um... yeah, got that one covered-- CHECK!
  3. Have an active blog CHECK!
  4. Love Nuun CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!
  5. Are really fun! CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! I mean... I'm just saying... I'm totally fun. Totally.

I don't have the biggest blog (obviously), but you never know where life may take you and I didn't want to at least thrown my name in the hat. So, I applied!

You can go here to check out my video application if you want and if you promise you won't make fun of me. Deal? I mean, I look like a spaz, but what else is new, right!?!!?

The blogger's selected to run on Nuun's H2C team are supposed to be announced next week, so wish me luck!! Good luck to all those other bloggers who applied!!


  1. Yahooooo! I am so excited for you and keeping my fingers crossed for your selection! I so want to do this but it's in August. Maybe some time in the future. I loved my relay experience and think you will be a true asset to the team! GOOD LUCK!