Friday, April 5, 2013

15 Thing Friday

1. I had Monday off this week and it was still a crazy, hella long week. I could not be happier it's freaking finally Friday. Took long enough to get here.

2. I want to eat these. ALL of these. Someone make them for me? Any takers?? I'm totally not joking.
3. You all know my love for Taylor Swift. It's no secret. Please go watch this video. That shit's funny.
4. Guess who went to Signature Strength TWICE this week?!?! THIS KID DID! I don't even know who I am. ANNNNND, the instructor came up to me, mid-class, and told me I was killing it and needed to go up in weight because it was too easy for me. WOAH. Goodbye 10 pound weights, hello 12. Well, at least for part of class... some of the time. Ok, ok-- I'm gonna try. But, HOT DAMN! Those 2 pounds legit make a difference! I had jello arms like all week and I kinda loved it.
5. This article. It's funny because it's true. 
6. It's a slooooow week for celebrity fashion, but here's one of the stand out looks for the week:
Love Keri Russel (FELICITY!!!) and am SO glad she's back on TV. I've heard nothing but amazing things about her new series (The Americans), though I haven't checked it out myself. Waiting for it to make it to Netflix Instant. Anyway-- the dress is HOT, but not revealing. Love the shoes with it. She just looks classy, while still smokin'.
7. Speaking of TV... I watched the entire season 5 of True Blood on OnDemand this weekend because they were having their all-shows-free all week last week. Legit, the whole season. Just when I think that can't get any more gross, BAM. It does. Yet, I keep watching. Me=Dumb. All I'll add... BILL, NOOOOOOOOO!!!! That's all I'll say.
8. Who is buying this dress??
Girl looks like she's wearing an apron. And, it's not even a little figure flattering. I'm not a huge pattern-mixer... but, even if I were-- this is taking it to a whole new level. Wtf?!?
9. While we're talking about clothes... I kinda love the idea of this outfit for work.

Clearly you can't see it all, but the basic idea of a slim fit, straight leg bright color pant with a patter shirt and then a classic jacket. Love, love, love. I still haven't had the guts to pull off the bright pants look. I did try some on at the Limited the other day... they were red and on super clearance and I actually LOVED them... but, they were a smidge too big and they didn't have them in a smaller size. Boooooo.
10. PLEASE go watch this adorable video of Kara Goucher (aka: my girl crush) and Shalane Flanagan. They are so cute.
11. I have two big programs going on at work Friday at the exact same time. It's going to be a really fun game of trying to be two places at once. Bring it.
12. Have you heard of the website ? While I haven't actually bought anything from this site, it's amazing! Super cheap deals on super cute stuff. For example... does it get any cuter than this:
I don't even have kids and I want one! Little froggie rain coats!!! TOO cute!!! And, for $6?!?!? Anyway-- the site has tons of great deals of lots of random stuff. Purses, necklaces, shirts, kids stuff, picture frames, cell phone covers-- whatever. Check it out.
 13. Um, gross, Dunkin' Donuts. I will NOT be running on this.
This may look innocent enough... a bacon, egg sandwich. Yeah, except that it's made with a glazed donut bun. EWWWWW. Am I the only one that doesn't find that even a little appealing?!?!? Gross. PASS.
14. I'm heading to Chicago this weekend for one of my BFF's bachelorette party/bridal shower AND that means I get to see (& stay with! Thanks, M!!) our other BFF, too. BEYOND pumped!!!!!!
15. And, on that note... it's Friday. Finally.


  1. Oh yeah, that donut breakfast san looks disgusting. I am not a fan of using my donuts as any kind of actual breakfast - it's a treat. That website looks dangerous... I am in love with the bright colored pants and recently purchased a couple of pairs from Target. A) They were $12 and B) again, I love the bright colors. I found them online if you want to take a gander. They fit a bit weird on me but I'm taking on water like the Titanic so that might be the cause...

    1. $12 for a pair of pants?!?!? Can't beat that!!!